RELX Essential Vape + Pods (2 Packs)


Package Content

  • 1 Essential Device + 1 Type-C Cable + 1 User Manual
  • RELX Infinity Pods 2 Packs (1 pod pack / 2 pods pack)

RELX Essential Vape

Infinity Pod - Flavour 1

Infinity Pod - Flavour 2


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Package Content

  • 1 Essential Device + 1 Type-C Cable + 1 User Manual
  • RELX Infinity Pods 2 Packs (1 pod pack / 2 pods pack)

What Is RELX Essential?

RELX Essential is a cutting-edge vaping device from the renowned brand, RELX. As an industry leader, RELX Australia has consistently strived to blend modern aesthetics with advanced vaping technology. This Essential RELX product is no exception, bringing quality vaping to those in Australia and beyond.

Why Choose Essential RELX?

Choosing the Essential RELX isn’t just about getting a vape; it’s about choosing an experience. Here’s why the Aussie community is raving about it:

  1. Super Smooth technology ensures every puff is consistent and pleasant.
  2. With its unique RELX Essential device black and RELX Essential device white designs, it stands out in style.
  3. The all-inclusive Relx Essential starter kit makes transitioning to vaping a breeze.


  • Battery Capacity: 350mAh
  • Charging: USB Type C Fast Charge
  • Compatible Pod: RELX Infinity Pod Pro
  • Performance: Super Smooth


The RELX Essential vape is packed with features to enhance your vaping experience:

  1. Leak-Resistant Maze: Minimizes internal leaks and condensation.
  2. Ergonomic Mouthpiece Design: Tailored for comfort and to prevent air leakage.
  3. Symmetrical Pods: Hassle-free pod insertion regardless of orientation.
  4. Available in diverse colours, including the mesmerizing RELX Essential bundle options.

RELX Infinity vs RELX Essential

RELX InfinityRELX Essential
Compatible PodRELX Pod ProRELX Pod Pro
PerformanceSuper SmoothSuper Smooth
Leak ResistantLeak-resistance MazeLeak-resistance Maze
ChargingBuilt-in Pogo pin
USB-C Charging
USB-C Charging
DesignRed Dot Award 2020/
Other AccessoriesInfinity Charging Case 1500mAh/
Pod DesignSymmetrical PodsSymmetrical Pods
Intelligent FunctionSmartPace Vibrate Alert/
Battery Capacity380 mAh350 mAh

FAQ About The RELX Essential Device

What is RELX essential vs infinity?

While both belong to the RELX family, the Essential focuses on simplicity and affordability, whereas the Infinity has added features like SmartPace Alert and extra battery life.

What is the difference between RELX essential?

RELX Essential is distinct due to its sleek design, Super Smooth technology, and emphasis on affordability and functionality.

How many puffs in a RELX Essential Pod?

Each RELX Essential Pod (Pod Pro) typically offers up to 600 puffs, although this can vary depending on usage.

How long does RELX Essential pod last?

Depending on the frequency of use, a pod can last anywhere from 1 to 3 days.

Does RELX Essential have nicotine?

VapePenZone offers nicotine salt RELX Pods in 30mg/ml, 35mg/ml, and 50mg/ml concentrations. Always check the pod specifications before purchasing.

Can I use RELX Infinity pods on RELX Essential?

Yes, the RELX Infinity Pod Pro is compatible with both the Infinity and RELX Essential devices.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What Is The Expected Delivery Time For My Order?

For most Australian regions, delivery occurs within 2-5 business days. For remote areas, it may take an additional 2-3 days. Contact our support with your postal code for precise timings.

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Orders made from Monday to Friday are processed within 24 hours. A tracking number will be sent upon dispatch.

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Changes to shipping details are possible prior to dispatch. Post-dispatch, use the tracking page for redirections. For assistance, contact us immediately.

Do I Need A Prescription For Nicotine Vape Products?

A prescription is needed for nicotine vape purchases. Visit the Nicotine Prescription Application for quick approval, ensuring seamless future orders.

Any Implications Of Australia’s New Vaping Policy?

Australia is vigilant about policy changes. Subscribe for the latest updates from us.

When Will Out-Of-Stock Products Be Available Again?

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What If My Vape Product Is Defective?

A 30-day warranty is provided from the purchase date. Reach out with specifics, and relevant media, for swift resolution.

What Should I Do If My Order Is Incomplete Or Lost?

Contact us with parcel details for an immediate investigation. We’ll ensure replacements for confirmed missing items.

Is My Parcel’s Packaging Discreet?

Absolutely, we value your privacy and ensure discreet packaging.


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