UWELL Caliburn

UWELL Caliburn is one of the most popular and trustworthy brands for pod vapes. They’re famous for a reason – their Caliburn vapes with the best quality.

What would surprise you is that you don’t have to spend a lot to get an excellent vape. UWELL specializes in making vapes. They’re trying their best to satisfy every customer, both product-quality-wise and price-wise.

Is UWELL Caliburn Good?

The Caliburn is a far superior device. The 11 w Caliburn not only gives you a much more substantial hit with less nicotine but a much better flavour. UWELL Caliburn is the first gen of the Caliburn series vapes. It’s small, convenient, and lets you use your vape juices.

Also, if you don’t know how to use Caliburn, click here to read the Caliburn using manual.

They have two different coil resistance pod choices, 1.2-ohm pod and 1.4-ohm pod, making it easier to customize your vaping experience.

Is UWELL Caliburn A2 Good?

The Caliburn A2 is one of the latest generations of the UWELL Caliburn series vapes. The Pro Focs tech brings out the best flavour of your vape juice. The layout design is much better than the former generations. Caliburn A2 Review: Best Vape For 2022?

Is UWELL Caliburn AK2 Good?

UWELL Caliburn AK2 is the latest vape of the Caliburn Koko series. Its pods are fully compatible with the Caliburn A2. The layout design is much cleaner and smoother than the OG Caliburn Koko. And it also feels nicer to hold. With no buttons to push, you can use it right after the filled pod is ready.

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Quality product. Same as in the description. Would get again 👍👍

5 months ago
Hallie S.

Love it

10 months ago
Sarah Morales

Good cartridges

10 months ago