The Elf Bar BC3000 is a groundbreaking rechargeable disposable vape in the Elf Bars series. It offers a wide selection of over 15 indulgent flavours.

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Elf Bar 3000 Nicotine Content

Elf Bar 3000 is a nicotine vape. It contains 50mg/ml nicotine content, allowing you enjoy the strong throat hit provided by the vape.

Elf Bar BC3000 Charging Time

The battery capacity of Elf Bar 3000 rechargeable vape is 650mAh, which can give you a long-lasting vaping experience. Every time when the battery is running low, you’d better charge the device for 30 minutes to 1 hour to get the best vaping experience.

Elf Bar BC3000 Price

The price of Elf Bar BC3000 can vary depending on the specific product.

FAQ OF Elf Bar BC3000 Puffs

This impressive vape allows users to enjoy approximately 3000 satisfying puffs from a single device.

Blue Razz Ice flavour offers a remarkable and classic vape flavour. With its unmistakable blue raspberry flavour and refreshing icy vapour, it brings a revitalized quality to a flavour that’s commonly found in the market.

The number of hits in an Elf Bars can vary depending on the specific product and its design.

  • Elf Bar BC3000 Puffs – 3000 hits
  • ELFBAR Lowit 5500 – 5500 hits
  • Elf Bar TE6000 Puffs – 6000 hits