IQOS 3 DUO, a cutting-edge heated tobacco device, stands out with its remarkable features.

It works with IQOS HEETS tobacco sticks and can be used twice in a row for a long, uninterrupted and innovative tobacco experience.

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IQOS 3 DUO Price

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No, for now you can still buy IQOS 3 DUO for a satisfying nicotine experience.

IQOS 3 DUO allows for two consecutive uses without the need to recharge the holder.

This is signaled by the presence of two white LED lights on both your Holder and pocket charger. Every time it is used up, a light goes out.


The IQOS DUO is a device from the IQOS brand that can be used with the IQOS HEETS tobacco stick to provide you with a strong nicotine experience.

As tobacco is the primary component, IQOS releases chemicals in its aerosol akin to those found in cigarettes and vapes.

However, the process of heating tobacco, instead of burning it, may result in fewer cancer-causing substances being produced.