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VapePenZone provides GENUINE RELX products & discount Sales, RELX Version, with free EXPRESS Shipping for orders over $100 and responsive after-sales service. (Must read before you get started 👉  From Classic to Phantom, which RELX vape should I choose?)

RELX Products:

  • RELX Classic (more than 20+ different flavours in stock)
  • RELX Alpha & RELX I
  • RELX Infinity starter kit & Infinity pods with the latest flavours
  • RELX Phantom vape & pods (The latest-gen)
  • Compatible pods for RELX
  • RELX refillable pods
  • RELX Accessories

relx classic

the 1st gen

relx infinity

Super Smooth

RELX Classic

RELX Classic pod vape features a buttonless design and magnetic suction technology. To get a start, you just need to insert the pod and throw them away when the pods are used up. The automatic trigger is sensitive, take a puff and you will be there. It is the best-selling gen of all products at present as the JUUL alternative. (Juul vs Relx, which one should you choose?)

RELX Alpha

RELX Alpha can be considered a concentrated expression of technological progress. The appearance is more business-like, the treatment of oil leakage prevention and condensate is innovative, and the taste and texture are enhanced. RELX Alpha vape review


The Relx i is currently the most technologically advanced Relx product. On the basis of the second-generation, anti-leakage and anti-condensation technologies have been greatly improved. What’s better is the more advanced sense of science and technology. RELX i – Bluetooth enabled vape

RELX Infinity

RELX Infinity is produced more like an enhanced version of the Classic (RELX Infinity vs RELX Classic), cost-effective and certainly has a lot of bright improvements! Infinity is also one of the top-selling products of RELX.

RELX Essential

When it comes to the total design, Essential is sleek, stylish as well as easy to use. The balanced cases make it very easy to change out in seconds. And, if you’re ever running low on power, the sign light comfortably allows you recognize when it’s time to recharge. All facets of RELX Essential were developed to supply an instinctive experience, a Super Smooth ™ mouthfeel and everyday integrity. (RELX Infinity vs RELX Essential)

RELX Phantom

RELX Phantom still uses RELX’s labyrinth airway, an 11-layer labyrinth structure, which blocks condensate, ventilates and isolates liquid, and further independently isolates and finely control the air exchange and pressure compensation modules in the atomizer pods.

After undergoing brutal negative pressure and thermal shock tests, the Phantom’s liquid leakage prevention capability has increased by 40% compared to previous products. In order to have a stable, soft and smooth experience, RELX designed the air passage for air transmission through liquid mechanics and dynamic analysis. RELX Phantom Review

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Showing all 16 results

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