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What Is A Vape Pod Tank

What Is A Vape Pod Tank?

This post will help you understand the pod tank, an important vape component that plays an important role in customizing the vaping experience.

Pod Tank Definition

A Pod tank is a key component located at the top or bottom of a vape primarily used for storing, atomizing the e-liquid, and delivering vapour to vaper.

Pod tanks are containers that store vape e-liquid inside that are usually refillable and can be added by the vaper.

Parts Of A Vape Tank

Vape tanks come in various designs and configurations, but their basic construction typically includes the following components:

  • Mouthpiece

The mouthpiece is part of the vape tank you put your mouth on. It’s usually made of heat-resistant material like plastic, Delrin, metal, or wide-bore glass.

Some mouthpieces are removable and can be replaced with custom ones.

  • Top Cap

The top cap is the uppermost part of the tank. It can be unscrewed to provide access to the tank for refilling e-liquid. Some tanks have a sliding or swivel top cap for easy refilling.

  • Fill Ports

These are openings in the pod tank, usually located under the top cap, where you pour e-liquid into the tank.

  • Reservoir

The reservoir is a transparent or semi-transparent section that holds the e-liquid. It allows you to see how much e-liquid is left in the tank. Depending on the tank’s design, it can be made of glass, plastic, or metal.

  • Coil

Pod tanks also contain coils. The coil is a replaceable heating element, but some coils may not be replaceable.

When the coil is heated, it vaporizes the e-liquid. Coils have different resistance levels, measured in ohms, which affects the vaping experience.

  • Base and Airflow Control Ring

The base of the pod tank houses the coil and connects to the battery or mod. It also contains an airflow control ring that allows you to adjust the amount of airflow through the tank.

This affects the draw, vapour production, and the vapour temperature.

  • Chimney

The chimney is a tube that runs through the centre of the pod tank and connects the coil to the mouthpiece. It helps channel vapour from the coil to your mouth.

Understanding these structures can help you better perceive the pod tank.

Pros And Cons


Refillable Nature

Pod tanks are refillable, meaning you can easily add your favourite e-liquid.

Moreover, in the long run, you can refill and use them repeatedly, unlike disposable pre-filled vapes which need to be discarded after use.

Large E-Liquid Capacity

Pod tanks typically have a larger e-liquid capacity compared to pod cartridges, allowing for longer usage without frequent refills.

Replaceable Coils

Most pod tanks have replaceable coils. This means you can replace just the coil rather than the entire atomizer, reducing maintenance costs.



Using a pod tank can be more complex for beginners in vaping than using disposable vapes.

If you want a personalized vaping experience by using a pod tank, you may need to learn the basics of vape usage, such as how to fill e-liquid, replace coils, and perform maintenance.

Requires Maintenance

Pod tanks require regular maintenance, including cleaning and coil replacement, to ensure optimal performance.


In summary, pod tanks have a significant impact on the performance and flavour of vapes.

Vapers can choose to use a vape tank based on their needs and preferences, allowing them to customize their vaping experience for the best possible outcome.


What is a vape pod tank?

The inside of the pod tank contains mainly coils and e-liquid, which are mainly used for storing, atomizing the e-liquid and delivering the vapour to the vaper.

What’s the difference between a pod and a vape?

The term vape is typically used to encompass all vape, including various types of vape devices.

A Pod refers to a type of cartridge, which is a vital component of a vape. Its main function is to store, vaporize e-liquid, and deliver vapour to the vaper.

Are pods or tanks better?

If you prefer a customized vaping experience, tanks are better for you. If you are new to vapes and focus on convenience, pods would be a better choice.

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