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how to fix a leaking Vuse pod

How To Fix A Leaking Vuse Pod: 5 Efficient Steps To Help You

Are you still struggling with how to fix a leaking Vuse pod? Say goodbye to the hassle!

As a 5-year experienced vaper, I am here to provide you with a comprehensive guide to solving all leaking situations of Vuse Vape. Here are 5 steps of this guide:

  1. Clean the affected area
  2. Check the seal
  3. Don’t overfill
  4. Ensure proper storage
  5. Replace damaged pods

What are you waiting for? Join me now and swiftly navigate through this detailed guide!


Vuse is a leading brand in the pods vape industry, with a strong presence through the Vuse Global subsidiary.

It maintains a 30%-35% market share, known for its stylish design and top-notch quality, appealing to both experienced and new vapers.

Keep reading to unveil the mystery of why Vuse Pods leaking!

Signals Of Vuse Pods Leaking

There are a few signals to warn you the Vuse ePods are leaking:

  1. The sticky e-liquid adheres to the outside of the pod or the vape.
  2. Gurgling and spitting sounds while vaping
  3. Burnt taste while vaping
  4. Bad electrical connections

Generally, it is distinctive enough to notice the pod leaks in most situations.

Why Do Vuse Pods Leak?

Vapers often encounter frustrating Vuse Pods leaking. To learn how to fix a leaking Vuse pod, let’s take the Vuse ePod 2 Vape as an example.

The common causes of Vuse ePod leaking include the follwings.

why do Vuse pods leak

1. Wrong Vaping ways

If your vaping strength is too hard, a large amount of e-liquid may be drawn out. Still, there is not enough time for vaporization, causing the remaining liquid to leak.

2. Wrong Refilling And Inserting Ways

  • Overfilling: During the ePod 2 refill, filling the container beyond the recommended level can lead to Vuse ePod2 leaking and a poor vaping experience due to excessive pressure.
  • Not closing it properly: The seal of the pod has yet to be closed tightly.
  • Not enough space for the pod-stopper: If the pod is not inserted with enough room for the stopper, it can cause reverse pressure, resulting in the pod coming apart and e-liquid flooding and leaking from the vape.

3. Wrong Preservation

  • High altitude or high pressure: The large air pressure difference between the inside and outside of the pod causes the e-liquid to be pushed out, leading to the Vuse Vape leaking problem.
  • High temperature: It would cause the e-liquid in the pod to start decomposing. A changed chemical property would lead to a change in mass or volume, causing pod leaking.
  • Damp environment: The high humidity can cause water drops to form inside the vape, which can loosen the seal.

4. Blockage Problem

Suppose the air inlet is blocked or restricted. In that case, the pressure inside the pod becomes imbalanced, which can force the e-liquid to find alternative escape routes.

This situation can result in leakage in the pod, causing a messy and inconvenient vaping experience.

5. Low Battery

When the battery level is low, less power is available to vaporize e-liquid in a pod system. Then, the e-liquid lacks enough vaporization efficiency to become vapour.

If you continue to inhale, the unvaporized e-liquid will flow out of the vape device due to the high air pressure.

6. Manufacturing Standards Inconsistency

After eliminating the previous possibilities, the only remaining cause could be the occasional inconsistent standard while manufacturing. However, it rarely occurs.

Please get in touch with our customer service to confirm if you find a defective Vuse pod.

Tools and Supplies Needed

Before learning how to fix a leaking Vuse Pod, you need to prepare some tools and supplies:

  1. A pair of pliers: To tear down and open the pod from the vape device
  2. Pod substitute: To solve the pod leaking once and for all
  3. Cotton swab: To clean the narrow place of the vape
  4. Paper towels: To clean the pod, device and your hands
  5. Gloves: To prevent the e-liquid from sticking to your hands and avoid any electrocution risk.

It is important to wash your hands after handling e-liquid since the e-liquid is not food-grade.

How to Fix a Leaking Vuse Pod
Here is a step-by-step guide about how to fix a leaking Vuse Pod.
Clean The Affected Area
  • Use a paper towel to wipe any visible e-liquid on the pod or vape device.
  • Remove the pod from the device immediately. Use a cotton swab or paper towel to clean the pod and the battery connection.
Check The Seal

The rubber seal is an essential part of the vape. It could help to stop the e-liquid leaking from the pod.

  • First, carefully examine your Vuse ePod pods for visible damage or wear to check the seal.
  • Ensure no cracks, tears, or gaps could weaken its structure.
  • For a more accurate evaluation, cleaning and drying the pod before examining it to0tally is recommended.
check the Vuse pod seal
Don’t Overfill

It’s crucial to fill the pod up to the recommended level without exceeding it for optimal results.

At the same time, it’s important to leave enough space for the pod-stopper when refilling the pod to avoid any accidental leaks caused by pressure differences and to ensure a proper vacuum seal.

not to overfill Vuse pod
Ensure Proper Storage
  • Keep it upright
  • Not setting it in extreme temperatures
  • Avoid sunlight and heat source
  • Avoid damp environment

If your Vuse ePods 2 is already damped, place it in a zip-top bag with a few desiccant packets to revive your pod system for a day or two. The packets will absorb moisture from the air and might help restore your device.

If you don’t have any desiccant packets, you can use dry rice instead by sealing it with the device in a bag.

Replace Damaged Pods

Regularly maintaining and replacing pods will ensure an optimal vaping experience. If the pod is too leaky to fix, consider replacing it.

You can purchase the pod replacement from the Vapepenzone Store, where you’ll receive hassle-free after-sales service.

Prevention is Better Than Cure

Besides learning how to fix a leaking Vuse pod, the best practices for preventing leaks are as follows:

  1. Ensuring seals are tight
  2. Leave some space in the pod while refilling
  3. Not exposing the pod to rapid temperature changes: 20-25℃ would be best for Vuse Vape pods.
  4. Not placing the pod in a damp environment.

Regular maintenance would be more useful than repairing, providing a good vaping experience and the battery life or pod life of your Vuse Vapes.

Safe Disposal of Vape Waste

Vuse has always been concerned about global environment protection and tries to fulfil corporate social responsibility. The “Vuse Take Back” program is the commitment of Vuse brand to protecting the global environment.

If you are unsure about how to dispose of e-waste from your Vuse devices and pods, or if you do not wish to learn how to fix a leaking Vuse pod, please reach out to the Vuse Take Back Program and follow their instructions:

  1. Enjoy it: Have a great time using your Vuse ePod.
  2. Bag it: Collect your used Vuse products, such as a leaking vape pen, in a bag provided at participating locations.
  3. Return it: You can drop off your filled bag at any participating location.

Once the pods are transported to the suppliers’ recycling facility, the plastic components will be incinerated to generate power. The batteries will be dismantled and recycled for reuse.

Any remaining metal materials will be repurposed to create new products. Additionally, the e-liquid is mixed with flammable fluids and used as cement production fuel.

In addition, if you want more e-waste recycling solutions, the “End of Life” Collection Solution promoted by the Local Council would suit you.

With over 100 trucks on the road, the “End of Life” collection program offers highly experienced and skilled e-waste collection and recycling services throughout Global.

safe disposal of vape waste


That’s all we have to say about this guide on how to fix a leaking Vuse pod.

In addition, it is important to remember that maintaining and fixing your ePod Vuse can enhance your vaping experience and prevent unwanted issues.

Have you been able to fix your leaking Vuse Pod? If yes, you can help fellow vapers by sharing this article. With just a click, you can contribute to the vaping community and help everyone stay informed and safe.

If you want more information about fixing Vuse or other vape introductions, please visit the official website Vapepenzone.

FAQ About How To Fix A Leaking Vuse Pod

Why is my Vuse pod leaking from the bottom?

Here is a short guide about how to fix a pod leaking from the bottom:

  1. Wrong refilling and inserting ways
  2. Wrong preservations
  3. Blockage problem
  4. Manufacturing standards inconsistency

Or you can refer to this guide on how to fix a leaking vuse pod from the bottom or search How To Fix A Leaking Vuse Pod Reddit on the Internet.

How do I stop my Vuse from leaking?

The following are ways to stop the situation of Vuse pod leaking into mouth:

  1. Tighten the seal
  2. Keep it cool and dry
  3. Use a cotton swab to clean the pod

Why is my Vuse cartridge leaking?

Vuse cartridge leaking could be due to the following reasons:

  1. Overfilling
  2. The pod-stopper is pushed out due to high-pressure
  3. Broken pod due to cracking

If you need more detailed personal experience, you could also find Vuse Pods Leaking Reddit by searching “how to fix vuse pod not hitting” or “how to stop my vuse from spitting” online.

How much nicotine content is in a Vuse Vape?

Taking Vuse ePod 2 Vape as an example, it contains 3% or 4% nicotine in each ml of e-liquid.

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