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What are vape salts

What Are Vape Salts?

Vaping has become a popular way to consume nicotine, and with that comes a variety of options for e-liquids. One such option is vape salt, which has gained popularity in recent years. But what exactly is vape salt, and how does it differ from traditional e-liquids? In this article, we’ll explore what vape salt is and why it’s become a popular choice for vapers.

Definition Of Vape Salt

Definition of vape salt

Vape salt, also known as nicotine salt, is a type of e-liquid that contains nicotine in its natural state. Unlike traditional e-liquids, which use freebase nicotine, vape salt is made by combining nicotine with an organic acid. This results in a smoother and less harsh vaping experience, allowing for higher nicotine concentrations to be used without the throat hit typically associated with high-nicotine e-liquids.

How Do Vape Salts Differ from Typical E-liquid?

Typical e-liquids utilize freebase nicotine, which has a different absorption profile compared to nicotine salts. While nicotine salts can provide a quicker and more robust nicotine hit, the efficiency of absorption varies based on several factors. On the other hand, vape salts use a type of nicotine that can be vaped at a higher temperature and is more easily absorbed into the bloodstream.

Pros And Cons Of Vape Salt

When considering nicotine products, it’s important to understand the pros and cons of vape salts.


  • Overall Satisfaction

When individuals who vape try conventional freebase e-liquids for the first time, they may not experience the same level of satisfaction as they would with regular cigarettes. This can lead to relapse and starting smoking again, which is not ideal. Nicotine salts, due to their design, make it easier to satisfy cravings and avoid relapse.

  • A Smoother Hit

For newcomers to vaping, traditional freebase e-liquids can be too harsh on the throat. While some tobacco companies may use additives like menthol to modify the sensation, the harshness of freebase nicotine e-liquids stems primarily from the nature of the nicotine itself, leading to a less smooth vaping experience. In contrast, vape salt liquids are much smoother, resulting in a significantly improved overall experience.

  • No Impact on Flavour

Freebase e-liquid flavours are usually affected by the addition of freebase nicotine, but nicotine salt has little to no impact on overall flavour. This results in a much richer and more enjoyable vaping experience, as the flavours are not hindered.

  • Increase Nicotine Intake

When using regular e-liquid, many individuals find that solutions with a nicotine strength above 18mg/mL produce a harsh hit. However, nicotine salts offer a solution for those who can handle lighter nicotine liquids (e.g., 3mg/mL – 9mg/mL) as they can handle nicotine salts up to 25mg/mL – 50mg/mL. This option is ideal for individuals who have difficulty satisfying their cravings through freebase nicotine e-liquids without causing damage to their throat.


Vape salts aren’t perfect, though. These are a few of the disadvantages:

  • Fewer Options

Nicotine salt e-liquids have fewer device options compared to conventional e-liquids. Nicotine salt e-liquids are primarily formulated for low-wattage devices like vape pods. Using them in high-wattage devices or sub-ohm setups could lead to excessive nicotine intake.

  • Less of the ‘Wow’ Factor

Nicotine salts are perfect for people that want function over form and aren’t too fussed about creating large clouds of vapour. If all you need is a strong dose of nicotine and are looking for something that mimics the cigarette-like experience, nicotine salts are fine. For others, like cloud chaser, not so much.

Who Should Use Vape Salt?

  • Pack a day smokers
  • People highly dependent on nicotine
  • Heavy smokers
  • Mouth-To-Lung vapers

Best Devices for Vape Salt

It’s important to note that vape salts are intended for use in smaller, low-wattage devices like pod system vapes. High-powered devices, including sub-ohm or box mod devices, are not suitable for vape salts due to their chemical composition, and using them in such devices may cause damage.

When it comes to low-wattage devices, there are two options currently available:

  • Open System: These devices can be manually refilled by purchasing nicotine salt e-liquids.
  • Closed System: These devices come with cartridges/pods pre-filled with e-liquid, usually in packs of 4, without any mess.

Is Vape Salt Safe?

Vape salt is a form of nicotine that can be found in tobacco. It’s often believed that nicotine is the primary danger in cigarettes. However, while nicotine is an addictive chemical, tobacco is the main culprit for health risks associated with smoking.

Vape salts are produced by blending natural nicotine with liquid to create e-liquid that’s suitable for vaping. Compared to distilled nicotine found in standard e-liquids, the nicotine in vape salts is absorbed better into the bloodstream. This is possible because the “salts” modify the pH level of the liquid, which makes it more compatible with human physiology and results in improved absorption.

While the improved absorption of nicotine in vape salts may appeal to some users, it’s important to note that the high nicotine concentration in these products can lead to a more intense and potentially dangerous addiction. Additionally, the long-term effects of using vape salts are still unknown, and more research is needed to fully understand the potential health risks associated with their use.

It is important for individuals to be aware of the potential risks associated with nicotine consumption and to carefully consider their options. Those who are looking to quit smoking or vaping should consider speaking with a healthcare professional to determine the best course of action for their specific needs and circumstances.


Vape salt is a popular choice for vapers who are looking for higher nicotine concentrations without the harsh throat hit associated with traditional high-nicotine e-liquids. As with any e-liquid, it’s important to use vape salt responsibly and follow all manufacturer instructions.

Vape Salts: FAQ

Are salt vapes better for you?

If you’re looking for a straightforward answer, nicotine salts aren’t any safer or less safe than regular e-liquids. The only difference is that nicotine salt e-liquids include additional benzoic acid, which may lead to throat and lung irritation in some cases. Other than that, there are no known side effects.

What’s the difference between vape and vape salts?

Nicotine salt is different from Freebase, as it is not chemically altered. This makes it more stable and requires higher temperatures to vaporize. Since they are not chemically altered, salt-based liquids can be vaped with higher nicotine percentages. This results in a less harsh vaping experience, compared to freebase liquids.

Are salt vapes stronger?

Vape salts are commonly considered to be stronger than regular nicotine vapes due to their more efficient delivery of nicotine to the body. Nicotine salt is absorbed more easily and effectively into the bloodstream, resulting in a more potent and satisfying hit.

What are vape salts made of?

Vape salts are created by combining a nicotine base with a weak acid like benzoic acid or levulinic acid. Among the 23 nicotine salts available for purchase, the three most popular acids used for their formation are lactic acid, benzoic acid, and levulinic acid.

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