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HQD Vape Not Working

Why Your HQD Vape Not Working? 5 Easy Ways Fix It

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There is nothing more frustrating than a vape that isn’t working. Disposable vapes, such as the HQD brand, might sometimes face these issues. However, there are a few simple ways to fix an HQD Vape that’s not working. Please see below:

  • Clean the Mouthpiece
  • Replace the HQD Vape’s Charger
  • Avoid Covering the Air Holes
  • Take Apart Your Vape
  • Consider a Return

Today, we’ll categorise HQD Vapes into rechargeable and non-rechargeable types and then delve deeper into the reasons why they might malfunction.


As one of the leaders in the e-cigarette field, HQD pays more attention to quality. Whether it’s from the material, ingredients or technology, HQD always puts quality and safety first. Therefore, HQD Vapes are increasingly popular.

But there will inevitably be some special circumstances. Specifically, instances where the HQD Vape doesn’t work. In this article, I’ll help you find out why your disposable vape is not working and what you can do to fix it.

Reasons for Issues with Rechargeable HQD Vape

Rechargeable HQD Vape Not Working
Reasons For HQD Vape Not Working

It’s a very rare situation to see the HQD Vape not working. Unfortunately, if you are in this situation, don’t worry. Let’s take the rechargeable Cuvie Bar as an example. Let’s explore the reasons behind the malfunction of the HQD Vape.

The Battery is Dead

At the bottom of the HQD Bars, there is an indicator light. When you inhale, the indicator light has no reaction. It’s possible that the battery is dead, leading to HQD Vape not working.

Further tips: If you overuse the vape, the battery will run fast. It’s likely that the battery runs out before the E-liquid.

Broken Charger

Maybe the dead battery is not the source of the problem. A broken charger also makes the HQD Vape not working.

Since the HQD Cuvie Bar is rechargeable, you can simply recharge the device to get it working again. But if your charger is old and broken, there is a high possibility of poor contact with the charging cable.

Therefore, if the HQD Bar isn’t charged in time, it’s likely to malfunction.

The Atomizer is Malfunctioning

The atomizer is a key component of a vape. It is responsible for turning the E-liquid into vapour. When the atomizer is malfunctioning, HQD Vape not working too.

The HQD Bar Vape utilises high-end atomisation technology. But if the atomizer is screwed loose or overtightened, the device will malfunction.

Since it’s not recommended to open the HQD Vape 7000, any issue might be due to a manufacturing error.

E-liquid Leaking

Although the HQD Bar has been pre-filled with 18ml E-liquid, if you use the vape incorrectly, it’s easy to have E-liquid leaking. For example, you vape too hard or vape in the wrong position.

If the E-liquid seeps into the battery and damages its wiring, the device might stop working.

Reasons for Issues with Non-Rechargeable HQD Vape

Non-Rechargeable HQD Vape Not Working
Reasons For Non-Rechargeable HQD Vape Not Working

The reason why the HQD Vape not working may also be related to whether the vape can be charged. In the following, I’ll take the non-rechargeable HQD XXL Vapes as an example to explore why it’s not working.

Out of E-liquid

The most common reason why a HQD Vape not working is because it’s simply out of E-liquid. The HQD 4500 puffs can satisfy you with up to 4500 puffs, but the puff count depends on whether you inhale extremely deeply or vape so often.

Clogged Mouthpiece

A clogged mouthpiece is a primary reason the HQD Vape might not work. Just like HQD Vape XXL, it’s so light and small that it is usually in and out of pockets or bags. It’s easy to make some debris stay on the mouthpiece.

Once the mouthpiece of HQD Vape 4500 puffs is clogged, the vapour won’t come out.

Blocked Air Holes

HQD XXL Vape has an adjustable airflow at the bottom of the device. Due to the air holes are not very large, it’s easy to block.

When the air holes are covered, the airflow cannot enter the XXL HQD Vape while inhaling and the airflow sensor cannot detect whether you’re taking a puff. It’s a common reason why HQD Vape not working.

A Faulty Device

Normally speaking, a new HQD XXL 4500 puffs can inhale large vapour. If there is no vapour produced and no blinking light when you use the XXL HQD the first time, then, unfortunately, the device is a dud. The HQD 4500 puff doesn’t have any value anymore.

How to Fix Your HQD Vape?

How to Fix Your HQD Vape?
Is HQD Vape not working? Below I will cover five easy ways to get your disposable vape working again.
Clean the Mouthpiece
Clean The HQD Vapes Mouthpiece
How To Fix HQD Vape Not Working: Clean The Mouthpiece

To fix HQD Vape not working, remove the cap at the mouthpiece and then check the mouthpiece to make sure there is nothing clogging it. If you notice a clog, use a swab to remove the debris to free up the airflow.

Replace the HQD Vape’s Charger
Replace HQD Vapes Charger
How To Fix HQD Vape Not Working: Replace The Charger

If your charger is broken, replace a new one and remember that the charging cable should fit the charging head.

Once all the charging tools are ready, you can plug the charging cable into the device. Once the device is fully charged, you can vape again.

Please note that only rechargeable vapes can be charged.

If you want to know the HQD Vape charging process in detail, please click this article: 👉 How To Recharge A HQD Vape In 2024: A Useful Guide

Avoid Covering the Air Holes
Avoid Covering The HQD Air Holes
How To Fix HQD Vape Not Working: Avoid Covering the Air Holes

In order to make the device work again, you need to have airflow that goes from the mouthpiece all the way to the tip of the vape. If you don’t have airflow, you won’t be able to inhale from your vape.

Take Apart Your Vape
Take Apart The HQD Vapes
How To Fix HQD Vape Not Working: Take Apart Your Vape

Sometimes, there may be a mechanical problem with your vape. If you’re willing to take the risk of not vaping again and have the skills to fix things yourself, you can take it apart and try to figure out what’s wrong.

However, we advise against dismantling the device as it may compromise its integrity. If you insist on doing this, you will bear all the consequences yourself.

Consider a Return
Return A New Vape
How To Fix HQD Vape Not Working: Consider a Return

If you have tried almost everything without any success, it is probably not your fault. Maybe you get a dud vape.

Given the influx of disposable vapes into the market, it’s unrealistic to expect every one of them to be of good quality.

So when you receive a dud vape, return it to the store you purchased from and explain what happened, the store will likely give you a refund or an exchange.

Where to Buy an HQD Vape?

There are various channels you can buy an HQD Vape, such as online stores and offline retail stores. However, in order to prevent purchasing fake disposables, you should buy through regular channels.

For example, in the VapePenZone, you can buy a high-quality vape and the price is also very affordable.


In a word, the reasons for HQD vape not working are various, so you should take measures according to the actual situation.

But if you want to buy a new HQD Vape, remember to choose a trusted brand with a good reputation for quality control or a reliable platform, like VapePenZone. That way, you have less chance of buying a device that won’t work.

HQD Vape Not Working: FAQ

How do I know if my disposable vape is damaged?

  • Indicator light blinking
  • Burnt Taste
  • No vapour
  • Diminished flavour

What to do when the disposable vape stops hitting?

  • Check the mouthpiece isn’t blocked
  • Avoid covering the airflow holes
  • Avoid long and hard inhales
  • Avoid overheating
  • Give it a tap

Why is my disposable vape dead but still has juice?

Because the battery runs out before the E-liquid. especially if you often use the device.

How to prolong the vape battery life?

  • Keep your battery out of extremely high/low temperatures
  • Keep your battery out of contact with direct sunlight
  • If your device is a rechargeable vape, fully charge it every time after it depletes
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