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What Is Vape Dual Coil?

In recent years, the vape coil technology has been advancing rapidly.

Acting as an essential element of the vaping experience, coils used in heating systems have been key to technological breakthroughs in vaping.

Starting with dual coils, the vaping coil innovation race was followed by mesh, ceramic, and other new coils.

As an initial attempt at vape innovation, the dual coil embodies a vision of upgraded efficiency in the atomization technology field.

What Is a Vape Dual Coil?

As the name suggests, a dual coil consists of two coils, which distinguishes it from the traditional single-coil structure of vapes.

With two coils working together, the surface area contact with e-liquid is doubled. In this way, the atomization efficiency is also increased.

Compared to the traditional single coils, the dual coils offer twice the amount of surface area to heat up the e-liquid. Thus, the atomization efficiency of dual coils shows significant advantages over single coils.

By utilizing e-liquid with dual coils, vapers can enjoy denser clouds and a more intense flavour.

What Are The Pros Of Dual Coil?

EfficiencyWith 2 coils working together, the coils heat the e-liquid faster and hotter.
Vapour ProductionWith twice the amount of e-liquid being vaporized at the same time, the vapour is thicker.
IntensityDual coils utilize the e-liquid at most, generating a much more intense throat hit.

What Are The Cons Of Dual Coil?

OverheatingWith one more coil working, the vapes require higher power, leading to overheating and potential injury to the hands.
Higher priceThe advanced dual coil technology can make vapes slightly more expensive than others.
More Battery Cost​Dual coils require much more power to run on than conventional single coils, requiring a higher battery capacity.​
Bulkier VolumeThe dual coil leads to more volume in appearance design, which may affect the experience of holding the device.


What is the advantage of a dual coil vape?

The advantages of a dual coil vape are as follows:

  1. High atomization efficiency: The increased surface area contact with e-liquid results in twice times of atomization efficiency.
  2. Thick vape cloud: The increased heat power generates more vapour while exhaling.
  3. Intense throat hits: The flavour in the e-liquid is stimulated more by the increasing coil heating power.

What is the difference between single and dual coil vaping?

Single vaping involves using one coil while dual-coil vaping uses two coils. Dual-coil vaping results in a stronger throat hit and thicker vapour, which is more suitable for experienced vapers.

Is a dual coil better than a single coil?

When it comes to the comparison of Single coil and dual coil, it depends on your vaping demand and vaping habits.

  1. If you prefer intense flavour, chase for a large amount of vapour and do not care about frequent coil replacement, dual coil is your better choice.
  2. If you prefer a balanced flavour and lessened throat hit and chase for cost-effective vape options, a single coil is worth to be considering.
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