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What is MTL, DTL, RDL: For You To Improve Your Vaping Life

What’s up, vapers!

For today’s VapePenZone Blog post, we’re going to talk about some professional vape nerd knowledge –

what is MTL, DTL and RDL?

This might sound a bit confusing for beginners. Or if you’re an OG vaper, you might have known what these are. Don’t click away tho, I have some more information to offer.

The first question to answer is, what are these three exactly?

Well, long story short, they are the ways of you inhaling the vapour.

And how you inhale the vapour usually depends on which device you have.

Now let’s look at the details.

What Is MTL

What Is MTL, DTL, RDL: Mouth-To-Lung

MTL stands for mouth-to-lung, which describes the method that you inhale using an MTL device. What is MTL? Basically, it’s similar to how you would use a cigarette, delicately drawing vapour right into your mouth, before you inhale it down into your lungs. We could also call these devices plus-ohm devices.

An MTL vape is usually smaller than a sub-ohm device, run at lower setups, generate less vapour, and really feel a bit more like a cigarette. When taking a look at MTL coils, they mostly all have a resistance close to or above 1 ohm. As an example: 0.8 ohms, 0.9 ohms, 1.2 ohms, 1.6 ohms, 1.8 ohms and so on.

Most MTL coils at this sort of resistance would not need a great deal of power (wattage or voltage) to fire up. Generally, most will work in between 8-17W. If you check the side of your coil, it should say the resistance, and also the recommended wattage range. But this is just an open-system-vape feature. Most closed-pod-system vapes don’t write the resistance and the wattage range on the pods.

Vape Juice For MTL Vapes:

Freebase Nicotine Juice

Salt Nicotine Juice

MTL vapes:

UWELL Caliburn A2

UWELL Caliburn AK2

UWELL Gabriel Freedom Disposable

UWELL Gabriel Respect Disposable

What Is DTL

What Is MTL, DTL, RDL: Direct-To-Lung

After knowing what is MTL, now you can take a guess on what is DTL.

Direct-To-Lung (DTL) is also a style of vaping, also known as “sub-ohm”, which entails inhaling the vapour from a vape directly right into the lungs, much like taking a typical breath. This is normally favoured by even more knowledgeable vapers as the vapour is denser as well as can be a little overwhelming for new users.

DTL vaping can be a little tricky for beginner vapers as, unlike mouth to lung vaping, this isn’t normally just like how you would certainly inhale smoke from a cigarette. That being claimed, mouth to lung vaping is often favoured as a result of the thicker clouds and warmer vapour. If you’re totally new to vaping and believe that mouth to lung vaping will fit you much better, there are some terrific entry-level sub-ohm kits which you can discover more about below.

Unlike MTL style kits and pods, DTL devices will require coils with a resistance listed below 1 ohm. The reduced resistance enables the coil to heat up vape juice at a higher temperature level and as a result, produces warmer thicker clouds. This is otherwise referred to as “sub-ohm” vaping (figure out more concerning that right here).

Sub-ohm devices are usually larger than traditional, MTL devices and also commonly include an LED display with various wattage and also other settings that can be altered by the user to customise their vaping experience. This implies they can often be a bit extra difficult to use and are normally suited to even more skilled vapers. Nonetheless, there are some excellent entry-level sub-ohm devices such as the Aspire PockeX that are best for beginner vapers who want to try DTL vaping.

What Is RDL Vape / What Is Restricted DTL

Restricted-Direct-Lung (RDL) is like in between of what is MTL and DTL. The draw resistance and the coil resistance of RDL vapes are also in between of MTL and DTL vapes.

RDL vape kits let you use higher-PG vape juices and also 70% VG juices. You can have more different styles of vaping. The RDL coils provide a stronger flavour than DTL devices and thicker clouds than MTL devices. Thus much less battery life and much less e-liquid would be used to accomplish more delicious and fuller vapour.

If your selected RDL kit has an option of coils. The resistance of RDL coils is normally from 0.5 ohms to 0.8 ohms. Restricted-Direct-Lung (RDL) coils produce even more vapour than MTL coils and also use less power and vape juice than DTL vapes. RDL coils are a good option if you are looking for thicker vapour and richer flavour than MTL and much less nicotine in each puff.

What’s The Difference Between DTL And MTL

What is MTL, DTL, RDL: For You To Improve Your Vaping Life

Airflow: A DTL vape’s airflow is usually much looser than an MTL vape.

Wattage: The wattage set for DTL is from 30w-200w while for an MTL vape is usually from 8w-20w.

Coil resistance: The coil resistance for DTL vapes is usually around 0.2ohm-0.6ohm while for a MTL vape is usually around 0.8ohm-1.6ohm.

Size: A DTL vape is usually larger and bulkier than an MTL Vape.

Is MTL Or DTL Better

Out of both methods, mouth-to-lung is better for you to produce a smooth sensation simulating cigarettes, you would know after learning what is MTL. One of the most recognisable strategies of both for ex-smokers, you will not battle as much to change.

To start with, direct-to-lung vaping will certainly feel “bad for you” since it might make you cough more. Breathing in too much pure nicotine will certainly do that – some ex heavy smokers specifically who will require to vape often to reproduce that high nicotine fix will start to choke if the concentration is too high.

Usually, heavy cigarette smokers start with 12mg e-liquids, trying to function their means to absolutely no, while social cigarette smokers are suggested to begin on 6mg.

Because of that, novice vapers ought to attempt mouth to lung vaping making use of nic salts. This prominent form of e-liquid has gradually taken over the vaping sector in the past couple of years, alleviating freebase pure nicotine remedies away.

With greater amounts of nicotine which are less complicated to take in because of benzoic acid, you can obtain your solution and decrease the frequency you vape. A great reward for chain cigarette smokers attempting to quit.

Advantages to MTL Vaping

  • Inhale similar to you would a cigarette, yet with more health benefits when you vape!
  • Keeping vapour in the mouth before reaching the lungs develops more flavours, accessing approximately 10 thousand taste buds!
  • Much easier and supplies a smoother throat hit, as you develop suspense for the lungs which require more oxygen after the vapour sits in the mouth briefly
  • Thinner consistency to enable stealth vaping generating less cloud
  • Vape at a lower temperature level
  • Expenses much less to run
  • A lot more narrow mouthpiece than DTL, which is better for a tighter draw similar to smoking cigarettes

Advantages to DTL Vaping

  • Cloud chasers hoping to develop large shapes will certainly love the vapour production from a powerful DTL device
  • Many DTL devices have adjustable airflow, so you can customize your airflow
  • Sweeter flavours with a higher degree of VG when you vape DTL
  • When you have thicker vapour, it produces a smoother structure, while allowing much less nicotine stamina with each draw for equivalent pleasure
  • Vape at a higher temperature



For freebase nicotine juices (nicotine level lower than 18mg/ml), the flavour DTL devices provide you with would be a lot stronger than MTL ones. But for salt nicotine juices (salt nic level over 20mg/ml), it’s definitely not recommended to use them with DTL vapes. But for a mouth-to-lung hit, MTL devices are pretty enough.


The most salt nicotine juices on the market are over 20mg/ml. And I wouldn’t recommend you use them with a DTL device unless you’re looking to be over niced out. MTL devices, on the other hand, are perfect for salt nic juices.

Is Direct To Lung Vaping Dangerous

There’s no scientific evidence to prove that DTL vaping is dangerous.


Alright, that’s it for today’s blog post! I hope you’ve learned something from this post, and know what is MTL, DTL and RDL.

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