RELX Phantom

RELX Phantom 5th Gen (Infinity Plus) new launched! Vaping experience: Battery, leakage prevention, inhalation, product safety, service life, product feel, and other ten performance improvements and upgrades.

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RELX Phantom Vs Infinity

The RELX Phantom (Infinity Plus) has an angular bottom while the Infinity has a rounded bottom. Also, the RELX Infinity Plus does not have pogo pins, which means it is not compatible with wireless charging boxes.

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RELX Phantom Review

The new RELX Phantom looks almost the same as the RELX Infinity, with a smooth metallic layout that is so nice to touch. The size of the Phantom is very close to the Infinity Device since they’re both compatible with RELX Pods Pro.

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FAQ Of RELX Phantom

The RELX Phantom is an upgraded version of the Infinity, also known as the RELX Infinity Plus, which is the fifth generation of RELX devices, and unlike the Infinity, charging the Phantom gives you a clear indication of the power level.

December 8, 2021 RELX new launch vape device: The RELX Phantom (Infinity Plus) 5th generation.

About 45 minutes you can fully charge the RELX Phantom device.