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If Your Juul Pods Liquid Is Expired In Hot?

I stored my Juul Pods liquid in a hot environment for a while and noticed that the vape e-liquid didn't taste quite the same as the original, is it expired?

The expiration date of Juul Pods liquid is based on the expiration date indicated on the package, but e-liquid may be affected when stored in hot environments.

Here are the possible effects of storing Juul Pods liquid in hot:

  • Nicotine Degradation

High temperatures can lead to nicotine degradation in e-liquids, reducing the potency of nicotine and the overall vaping experience.

  • Flavour Changes

The flavourings in e-liquids can undergo chemical changes when exposed to high temperatures, resulting in a fading or altered flavour compared to the original flavour.

  • E-liquid Dilution

High temperatures may cause e-liquids to become thinner, which can affect vapour production and throat hit, potentially leading to a less satisfying vaping experience.


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