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How To Open A HQD Vape

How To Open A HQD Vape: 7 Easy Ways To Operate

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The world of e-cigarettes is filled with numerous products, but HQD Vapes is one of the best. However, many people are struggling with how to open a HQD Vape. In this blog, I have provided 7 simple ways to help you quickly open an HQD.

  • Grab the tools
  • Remove the mouthpiece
  • Slowly pry open the device
  • Take off the atomizer and battery
  • Check and replace damaged parts
  • Put the components back
  • Test the vape

Besides, is there anything that needs attention when opening HQD Vape? If you want to know more, please read on!


In HQD Vapes Global, HQD Vapes has become increasingly popular due to its high performance and attractive design, occupying a significant position among younger generations.

Therefore, it’s necessary for us to look inside the HQD Vapes. So, let’s begin with its components.

Components Of An HQD Vape

Although HQD Vapes are small, some delicate parts are inside. Usually, an HQD Vape consists of three parts.

  • Mouthpiece: This part is the connection point between the user and the device, so it is necessary to clean the mouthpiece regularly.
  • Atomizer: Responsible for heating the e-liquids, turning them into vapour.
  • Battery: The larger the battery capacity, the more puffs you can take.

How To Open A HQD Vape Safely: A Detailed Guide

How To Open A HQD Vape Safely: A Detailed Guide
How to open HQD Vape? It’s a question that bothers a lot of people. While we are not experts, there is still a simple and safe way to open an HQD. In the opening, you must take great care to prevent damage to the device.
Grab the tools
How To Open A HQD Vape: Grab The Tools
How To Open A HQD Vape: Grab The Tools

To begin opening an HQD Vape, gathering the necessary tools is important. Due to its disposable and integrated design, it can be challenging to open it by hand. It’s recommended to have a sharp blade and a screwdriver on hand for an easier opening process.

Remove the mouthpiece
How To Open A HQD Vape: Remove The Mouthpiece
How To Open A HQD Vape: Remove The Mouthpiece

Inspect the exterior of the vape and unscrew the mouthpiece without needing any tools, which is usually easy for most disposable HQD Vapes.

Slowly pry open the device
How To Open A HQD Vape: Slowly Pry Open The Device
How To Open A HQD Vape: Slowly Pry Open The Device

Sometimes, different types of vapes have different opening ways. For example, the square HQD Cuvie Bar requires a sharp blade to pry open the casing from the side slowly.

But for the pen-shaped HQD XXL, you cannot pry open the side casing. This time, you need to use a screwdriver to pry open the bottom of the vape to see its internal structure.

Take off the atomiser and battery
How To Open A HQD Vape: Take Off The Atomizer And Battery
How To Open A HQD Vape: Take Off The Atomizer And Battery

Use a screwdriver to remove the battery and atomiser carefully. Remember that some parts are fragile, so be more careful. Avoid pushing the device too hard to prevent damage.

Check and replace damaged parts
How To Open A HQD Vape: Check And Replace Damaged Parts
How To Open A HQD Vape: Check And Replace Damaged Parts

Check to see if the e-liquid is leaking, the battery is aging, or the coil is damaged. If you find the above conditions, please replace the parts in time.

Put the components back
How To Open A HQD Vape: Put The Components Back
How To Open A HQD Vape: Put The Components Back

Put all the parts back in the original position. To avoid short circuits, remember to pay attention to the positive and negative directions of the battery. Also, tighten screws to prevent loosening of parts.

Test the vape
How To Open A HQD Vape: Test The Vape
How To Open A HQD Vape: Test The Vape

After reassembling, test the vape to ensure proper functionality. If issues persist, it is time to seek professional help.

Safety Tips

Battery connection

When opening a vaping device, ensure the battery’s positive and negative directions are connected properly to prevent short circuits.

Placement of parts

Keep the parts away from water. Exposure to water can cause battery short circuits and parts corrosion.

Don’t push the device too hard

The HQD Vape contains delicate and fragile parts that require careful handling to avoid damage from excessive force.

Disposal Of HQD Vapes

When it’s time to dispose of your HQD Vape, it’s important to do so in an environmentally responsible manner.

Disposable vapes cannot be thrown in the regular trash bin. Instead, take your vape to a local recycling centre or participate in a mail-back program. Remove the battery and recycle it separately. If not, recycle the entire vaping device together.

Why Open An HQD Vape?

There are three main reasons for e-cigarette lovers to open an HQD Vape.

  1. Curiosity. E-cigarette lovers want to explore how HQD works by looking inside the structure.
  2. Try charging the device. Since many disposable HQD Vapes have no charging port, you must remove the whole vape and charge the battery separately.
  3. Replace the damaged parts, such as an aging battery or damaged coil.

However, we must emphasise that opening the HQD Vape alone risks your safety and the device. In reality, it’s not recommended to open an HQD.


You already know how to open a HQD Vape, but avoiding doing so is advisable for your safety. If you want uninterrupted vaping, consider purchasing a new vape from VapePenZone or HQD Vapes Global. They offer a wide variety of premium quality vapes for you to choose from, making it a more efficient option.

FAQ About How To Open HQD Vape

Does HQD have a battery?

Yes, HQD Vapes have a built-in battery. The large battery capacity can last a day if you vape regularly.

Do HQD Vapes have nicotine?

Yes, disposable HQD Vapes contain nicotine. Most HQD products have 5% nicotine content, offering an authentic and intense taste. The strong throat hit can provide you with an excellent vaping experience.

How to recharge a HQD Vape?

For disposable vapes, it’s not recommended to charge. Instead, if the vape is rechargeable, the detailed charging process is as follows:

  1. Using tools to remove the device’s bottom
  2. Locate the battery and connect the wire to it
  3. Connect the wire to the charger
  4. Plug in the charger
  5. Reassemble the vape

For more details, you can click this: 👉 How To Recharge A HQD Vape In 2023: A Useful Guide

How do you use an HQD rechargeable vape? 

  1. Open the HQD rechargeable vape out of the box
  2. Press the activator button or take a few puffs to activate the device
  3. Enjoy your vaping

How many days does HQD last?

On average, most disposable HQD Vapes can last for a day or two, but it mainly depends on how you use the device.

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