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What Is Zeroing A Vape?

What Is Zeroing A Vape


“Zeroing a vape” is a term used in the context of vaping or using e-cigarettes. 

It refers to the practice of taking a puff and then holding in the vapor for an extended period before exhaling, with the goal of having little to no visible vapor when it is finally exhaled. 

This technique is often used by individuals who wish to be discreet about their vaping, especially in public places or in situations where they prefer not to draw attention.


Here are a few key points about zeroing a vape:

Technique: The user inhales the vapor and holds it in their lungs for a longer time than usual. The idea is that the lungs will absorb more of the vapor, reducing the amount that is visible upon exhale.

Effectiveness: The effectiveness of zeroing can vary based on several factors, including the type of vape device, the composition of the e-liquid, and the individual’s lung capacity. Some users report that it can significantly reduce the visibility of the vapor, while others find it less effective.

Health Considerations: Holding in vapor for extended periods may increase the exposure of the lungs to any harmful substances in the vapor. While e-cigarettes are often marketed as a safer alternative to traditional smoking, they are not without health risks. The long-term health effects of vaping are still being studied, and practices like zeroing could potentially increase any associated risks.

Stealth Vaping: Zeroing is a form of “stealth vaping,” where users try to vape in a way that minimizes attention. However, it’s important to be aware of local laws and regulations regarding vaping, as it may be prohibited or frowned upon in certain public places, regardless of how discreetly it is done.

Respect for Others: Even if zeroing reduces the visibility of vapor, users should still be considerate of others around them, especially in public or shared spaces where vaping might not be welcome or could be a nuisance to others.


In summary, zeroing a vape is a technique used to minimize the visibility of exhaled vapor. While it can be effective for discretion, it’s important to consider the potential health implications and to be mindful of the social and legal context in which vaping occurs.


How do you zero in vaping?

  • Get a small vape device.
  • Take a small puff of vapour and hold it in your mouth for a few seconds.
  • Take in a little air through your nose and mouth, but without exhaling the vapour, let it all go into your lungs.
  • Repeat the steps of inhaling the vapour and then inhaling the air several times.
  • Exhale slowly with pursed lips.

How do I change my vape to zero nicotine?

  1. The best way is to reduce your nicotine intake gradually, for example, first, from smoking 3 grams of nicotine per day to 2 grams of nicotine, and gradually finally into zero nicotine vape.
  2. Make your own e-liquid. You can choose the ingredients of e-liquids.

How can I make my vape quieter?

  • Take short puffs.
  • Change coil resistance.
  • Reduce the power of the device.

Can you get a Vapourless vape?

Yes, any type of vape is available in the current e-cigarette market.

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