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What Is Vape Coil Watt

What Is Vape Coil Watt?

It seems that both novice and experienced vapers often overlook the impact of vape coil wattage on their vaping experience, and some vapers may have never even heard of this term before.

In this article, I will provide a comprehensive understanding of vape coil wattage to help you enhance your vaping experience.

The Basics Of Vape Coil Wattage

As vapers take a draw, the battery powers the heating system, and the coil consumes electricity to heat the e-liquid, producing vapour. The vape coil wattage represents the power used by the vape coil for heating.

A higher vape coil watt means the coil will consume more power per second to heat the e-liquid and vice versa.

The Role Of Vape Coil Watt

Vape coil watt primarily affects four aspects of a vape: vapour production, flavour, throat hit, and battery life.

  • Vapour production

The coil watt influences the amount of vapour produced. Higher wattages result in faster coil heating, generating higher temperatures and producing more vapour.

  • Flavour

Coil wattage directly impacts the flavour by determining how efficiently and quickly the e-liquid is heated.

Lower wattages can create milder flavours, and appropriate wattages can ensure even flavour distribution, while excessively high wattages might overheat the e-liquid, affecting accurate flavour representation.

  • Throat hit

Throat hit refers to the sensation felt in the throat while vaping.

Vapes with higher coil wattages tend to deliver a stronger throat hit because the e-liquid is heated more rapidly and thoroughly, potentially intensifying the flavour experience.

  • Battery life

Higher coil wattages demand more battery power.

Consequently, high-wattage vapes could deplete the battery faster, leading to a shorter battery life. Conversely, low-wattage devices consume less battery energy, potentially extending battery longevity.

Difference Between Low And High Vape Coil Wattage

AspectsLow vape coil watt High vape coil watt
Wattage7-15WOver 50W
Vapour productionRelatively lowRelatively high
Throat hitMildStrong
Battery lifeLongShort

The categorization of low and high wattages in the table is meant as a general reference, as some mid-range or high-end vapes might have a low wattage mode that surpasses the 7-15W range by a significant margin.


Now you should definitely know what a Vape Coil Watt is and its crucial significance!

Remember to consider this factor next time you buy a vape, as it is vital in enhancing your vaping experience!


What is the best wattage for a vape coil?

There isn’t a definitive “best” wattage, which depends on your specific preferences and needs.

Generally, if you aim for a perfect balance of vapour and flavour, choosing a wattage ranging between 50 to 100 watts is advisable.

Does higher wattage burn coils faster?

Yes, higher wattage can burn out coils faster.

When you use higher wattage, the coil heats up faster and to higher temperatures. This increased heat can cause the coil material to degrade more rapidly, leading to a shorter coil lifespan.

Is it better to vape at high or low wattage?

If you’re a beginner vaper, I recommend trying out a low-wattage vape initially. You can explore high-wattage vapes if you’re looking for more vapour production and a stronger throat hit.

Is 60 watts a lot for vape?

A 60-watt vape falls under the category of medium to high-wattage vapes.

If you enjoy a strong throat hit and ample vapour production, you’ll have a satisfying vaping experience with this type of device.

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