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what is filter pod vape

What Is Filter Pod Vape?

A filter pod vape, known as a filter pod system or filter pod mod, is a vape device that includes a filter to simulate a cigar-like vaping experience for vapers.

Different filter pod vapes use different filter materials, including paper filters, cotton filters, glass filters, ceramic filters, carbon-activated filters and biodegradable filters.

What is the functioning of filter pod vape?

The filter pod vape incorporates a filter-like mouthpiece to simulate smoking a traditional cigarette.

This feature offers a familiar sensation for those who switch from smoking to vaping, helping them reduce the difficulty getting used to vaping.

Additionally, the filter can lower the temperature of the vapour, purify the e-liquid vapour and provide a smoother inhaling experience.

How to use the filter pod vape?

Filters in filter pod vapes are usually pre-located and do not require assembly. Here are the ways to use the filter pod vapes, similar to the usual ones.

  1. Insert the pod: Attach or click the pod into the device.
  2. Activate the vape: Some filter vapes require pressing a button, while others are draw-activated by inhaling from the filter.
  3. Inhale from the filter: The device will heat the e-liquid, converting it into an inhaled vapour.
  4. Enjoy the cigar-like experience: When the filter is in use, it can create the sensation of smoking a real cigarette, satisfying the needs of individuals using a combination of vaping and smoking.

Differences between filter pod vapes and usual vapes

Filter pod vapes have several differences compared to other usual vapes, such as traditional box mods or refillable tank systems.

  • Cigar-like vaping experience: Filter pod vaping focuses more on the cigar-like vaping experience, while other usual vapes will not.
  • Soften mouthpiece: Some filter vapes have a paper-made filter, creating a softer vaping experience than usual mouthpieces made with resin or plastic.

Pros of filter pod vape

Enhanced Flavour 

Filters purify harmful toxins, enhancing the smoke quality and preserving vapers’ favourite flavour for an optimal vaping experience.

E-Liquid Leakage Removement

Continuous usage of vapes can lead to e-liquid blockage inside the pod, which would lower the heating efficiency. The filter can stop the blockage flowing through from the vape to the mouth, preventing vaping safety problems.

Temperature Control

The filter acts as a vapour barrier to cool the vapour from reaching a too-hot temperature. This function helps regulate the temperature and prevent triggering the overheating-shutdown system in the vape.


They are designed to be user-friendly and often have a simplified operation similar to traditional cigarettes, making them suitable for novice vapers.

cons of filter pod vape

Limited flavour and nicotine options

Filter pod vapes may have a limited selection of flavours and nicotine strengths compared to others.

Higher cost

Filter pod vapes may have a higher initial cost compared to traditional vapes due to their premium features and the cost of replacement filters and pods.

Appropriate Audiences For Filter Pod Vape

Filter pod vapes are suitable for the following 4 people.

  1. Novice Vaper: Filter vape could provide a moderate temperature and advanced flavour, which could help the novice vaper get used to vaping gradually.
  2. Pure flavour chaser: If vapers want a great vaping experience, use the filter. It removes blockages and toxins in the mouthpiece, making the vapour pure and giving users a superior flavour.
  3. Environmentalist: Pod vapes with carbon-activated filters or biodegradable filters would be much more suitable for environmentalists


In conclusion, the filter pod vape is a new vape that attaches a cutting-edge filter to simulate the cigarette-smoking experience.

Filter pod vape has become popular in the vaping market by offering moderate temperature, pure flavour, smooth vapour, and a safety guarantee.


What does vaping with a filter do?

Vaping with a filter can offer a filtration function that eliminates the toxins and blockage in e-liquid to a certain extent, moderates the heating temperature in vape and purifies and enhances the flavour.

What is the difference between vape and vape pods?

Vape usually means a whole box-mod device or vape pen device. Furthermore, the vape pods usually refer to the tank or cartridge to store e-liquid.

What is the vape with filter called?

A vape with a filter is often called a filter pod vape.

What are pod vapes for?

Pod vapes typically come with a pre-filled pod, rechargeable battery, and coil heating system that can be refilled in battery and pod, becoming a popular choice of many experienced vapers.

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