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What Is Acid Vape?


Nowadays, acid vapes are gaining popularity. A variety of sour vape flavours are everywhere.

But recently, I’ve noticed a very interesting topic. Many people think e-cigarettes have a sour flavour because the e-liquid has gone bad. But is it true? Let’s read on to find out!

What are Acid Vapes?

What Are Acid Vapes-Introduction

The sour flavour in e-cigarettes doesn’t necessarily mean the e-liquid has gone bad. Instead, it can be due to ‘acid vapes,’ a term referring to e-liquids with acidic additives that produce a sour taste.

To improve the flavour and quality of e-cigarettes, acid vapes are popular. There are two kinds of common acid vapes.

For example, the citric acid vape and malic acid vape. Sometimes only one acid is added to the vape juice or both.

Citric Acid Vape

Citric acid vape means that citric acid is added to the vape juice, giving a tinge of sourness to the e-liquid. The citric acid additive can enhance or add citrus notes to your e-liquid mixture.

Besides, citric acid is a natural flavour enhancer that adds a tangy and refreshing zest to e-liquid. It is particularly effective in bringing out the best in fruit-based flavours, making them more vibrant and realistic.

Citric acid vape can give you a strong sour taste pleasure. Its sour taste is pronounced, sharp, and immediate upon inhalation but tends to have a shorter aftertaste.

Malic Acid Vape

Malic acid vape means adding malic acid to the e-liquid to balance the flavour. When vaping an e-liquid with malic acid, the sour sensation is primarily felt on the tip and sides of the tongue.

Malic acid offers a pleasantly sour, fruity taste in your e-liquids. It gives a very fresh apple flavour to every mix. Meanwhile, it can be used to suppress the irritant of vapour, letting every puff become very smooth.

The sour taste of a malic acid vape is stronger than the citric acid vape. Malic acid vape gives you a pungent, refreshing and sour taste and stays in the mouth longer than citric acid.

What Acid Is In Vapes?

Some e-liquids may contain acids like benzoic acid. Benzoic acid is occasionally added to nicotine salts in vape liquids to lower the pH, making the nicotine more easily vaporized and absorbed by the user.

The Effect of Acid Vape

Vaping e-liquids with acidic additives may stimulate saliva production, potentially alleviating dry mouth and sore throat symptoms that some vapers experience.


In a word, citric acid and malic acid are two of the most common acidic additives. They can be combined with other fruit flavours to give you an unparalleled vaping experience.

If you’re curious about exploring diverse e-liquid flavours, try acid vapes for a unique sour experience.


What acid is in vape ingredients?

Lactic, benzoic and other acids.

Is sour E-liquid safe to vape?

Because most e-cigarettes are acidic because of the addition of citric acid or malic acid additives, and citric acid and malic acid are naturally acidic and available for human use, it is relatively safe to use.

Does vape juice have acid?

Yes, most e-liquids contain benzoic acid.

Why does vaping cause acid?

While vaping, the heat in the mouth increases, causing a decrease in saliva pH and making it more acidic.

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