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Why Is My Juul Hot? How To Fix It?

Whether you will feel your Juul become hot during charging? Do you have this situation that your Juul vape pen stops working during vaping? Whether your Juul vaping device can’t produce vapor after long working hours?

Today, we will talk about how to fix my Juul after it becomes hot? What’s more, these ways are also suitable to solve the heating problem of other brands such as Relx. Of course, Relx and Juul are different. If you want to learn more, pls read Relx VS Juul.

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The battery of Juul exists to provide power to a coil, which transforms a section of that energy right into warm and also because of this, sending out a stream of vapour up the mouthpiece for you to inhale.

But when you’re brand-new to vaping, it’s natural to be a little bit anxious if you discover excessive amounts of heat originating from your Juul vape device. Your finger could drift up to the base of your container and also make you feel like you just grazed the edge of a hot frying pan.

Or maybe you’ve listened to one of the many scare-stories regarding exploding vapor cigarettes and ended up a bit concerned when your battery ended up being noticeably cosy. The danger of something really failing with your battery being used is very low, however, it isn’t quite absolutely no, so also skilled vapers could get a little worried if they notice heat originating from the battery area of their tool.

The essential piece of recommendations is “don’t panic.”

Similarly, you would not worry if an electric heating unit was warm to the touch or if your mobile phone battery obtained a little warm when you were on a call, your e-cigarette being warm is not a sign of foreshadowing catastrophe.

Your vape getting hot is rather much nothing but you obtaining a little zealous in your vaping, yet especially if it’s the battery instead than the pod that’s obtaining warm, it could be an indication of a genuine issue, so it’s worth looking right into and sorting out.

this topic will be divided into two blogs. therefore, if you want the most comprehensive ways to solve your problems, pls continue to read.

When Your Juul Kit Become Hot?

Our customers tell us their Juul will stop to work after become hot. It seems that it becomes a common problem. The primary step when your vape is fuming is to think about what the problem is as well as try to work out exactly how severe it’s likely to be.

If your vape pen is fuming, it will either be coming from the battery or from the pod, especially around where the coil is linked. Obviously, heat originating from one area will certainly emit to the other, so it isn’t constantly that simple to exercise where it’s coming from. Feel the base of the storage pod where the coil is and also around the battery area– the location where it’s hottest will be the resource.

The other thing to consider is just how warm it’s getting. In most cases, the warm will be originating from around your coil, but even with your juice as well as the outer body of the pod in between the coil and your hand, it can still fume to the touch. Typically talking, you’ll be able to touch it to check where the heat is originating from without issues but you would not precisely want to hold it for a long period of time.

If it’s too warm to also touch briefly, it’s possibly an indication of an extra major issue, and it’s worth getting hold of fabric or covering your hand with your sleeve and removing the storage pod in instance it’s auto-firing. If the warm is originating from the battery area, this might be an indicator of a major problem and in the most awful case circumstance, you may require to take action quickly.

Why Is My Juul Hot?

there are many reasons that cause your Juul vaping tool to become hot, usually for the following reasons:


Chances are if you have a hot vape, it’s mosting likely to have a pretty usual (as well as frankly almost dull) reason. It all boils down to that part of your mod or vaping tool is actually designed to get hot. Power mosting likely to your coil and also heating it up is what transforms your e-liquid right into vapour, as well as the large majority of the time, a hot vape is mosting likely to come down to this straightforward point.

As an individual with a temperature level control gadget will know, the coil itself will certainly frequently reach temperature levels of 300 ° C/ 570 ° F and potentially a lot higher. While the outside of the pod won’t obtain this hot, this source of heat is one of the most likely reasons your vape is fuming.

If you’re “chain-vaping,” i.e. blowing rather a lot continuously for a prolonged period of time, your coil will definitely get hot, and also this will usually make the exterior of your storage pod visibly warm too (specifically at the base where the coil is typically located). This warm will be fairly concentrated, but it usually still makes the body of your mod feel warm also.

Even a Clapton coil (made from a main core of wire with an outer wrapping that looks a guitar string) obtains hotter than a conventional coil. Generally talking, if the coil is a lot more challenging than a basic injury wire it will probably create more heat than a fundamental kind.

In the large majority of situations, either chain vaping or vaping with a higher-performance coil at high wattages will be the reason for your vape getting hot.


One possible cause is gunk around your coil avoiding it from absorbing juice as efficiently. When this occurs, the coil gets hot, however, every one of the energies your device is producing doesn’t have as much juice to absorb it, and so the temperature enhances much quicker. You’ll most likely see “completely dry puffs” when you’re vaping if this holds true, because the wick product isn’t totally saturated, causing slight burning of the wick as well as overheating of the juice.


The problem caused by coil cruds basically come down to wicking, since crud reduces the ability of the wick surrounding your coil to saturate up e-liquid. Some containers also have “fluid flow control,” which generally allows you close off the course from the pod to the wick, as well as if you have this collection also low it can cause the exact same problem.

In either instance, the outcome is much less wicking, burnt hits and also the possibility of your vape fuming around the container and coil area. When comes to E-liquid, we recommend some ways for you to fix your compatible Juul pods when they stop to work 

How To Fix My Hot Juul? 

In this part, we will teach you how to fix your hot vape pen.

MEASURES ONE: The bright side is that this is by far the simplest problem to fix, truly since it’s not truly concern in all.

Simply stop vaping for 10 minutes approximately as well as the problem will arrange itself out. Since the coil isn’t being heated, it will all merely dissipate as well as cool off fairly promptly.

MEASURES TWO: The quickest and most convenient method to fix this problem is to change to a new coil. If you don’t have one or wish to get the most out of your existing coil, you can attempt to clean your coil to remove the gunky e-juice deposit. This won’t always be successful (there’s only a lot you can accomplish with cleaning– eventually the coil is simply dead), and it does take a while to allow the coil dry once more after cleaning, but you can generally eliminate gunk by soaking the coil in cosy water or grain alcohol.

MEASURES THREE: This is an additional simple repair. If you have fluid flow control on your container, simply open it back up as well as the trouble ought to fix itself.

If you’re using high-VG e-liquid yet you’re discovering a great deal of heat as well as dry smokes when you’re vaping, your container may not be up to the job. Either switch to a sub-ohm container and use the exact same e-liquid or grab some e-liquid with much less VG and also stick to the same pod.

Nevertheless, in both these situations, the wick you were making use of can have been burned currently, so if you’re still getting completely dry puffs you might need to switch to a brand-new coil.

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