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How to Keep Relx Pods Flavors In Summer?

Hey, how’s it going guys, this is Vapepenzone – Relx Vape Online Vape Store again,

today we’re going to be talking about some keeping Relx pods flavors tips that you need to know.

It’s in the hot summer, right?

With the summer heat in full effect, it’s important to take proper care of your setup and avoid any potential harm you can pose to your set up.  

All right, with the great weather, it’s the perfect time to be outside and enjoying the sun. One of the perfect companions to a nice summer day is a pod filled with your favorite flavor. However, while the sun may be enjoyable, it may pose some harm to not only your device but it can also heavily alter your e-liquid.

To kick off this summer vaping tip blog, Relx pods have to avoid sunlight. The sun and UV rays can actually alter the flavor of your e-liquid if you’ve ever left a bottle of a liquid via a window, or in a hot car, you’ve probably noticed that it changed colors. This is because the UV rays from the sun actually alter the compound in a liquid. Some other things that you may notice are that the flavor may change, and be very muted and the Nicotineitself may not be as potent. So if you are traveling with your e-liquid, try keeping it in a shaded spot kind of like in a bag or something to avoid any changes.

But on top of your e-liquid, the same goes for your Relx vape. Devices running hot can definitely affect battery life, making them not last as long as they were intended to. This is because heat affects the lithium ions within the battery, and if they get too hot they won’t perform nearly as well as they’re unable to hold a charge as easily. You may notice a shortened battery life in the heat, but you can also permanently damage the cells if they get too hot, or worse they can go into thermal runaway and vent. So whenever you’re not using your device, it’s definitely recommended to keep it in a shady spot where the summer heat won’t affect it. And definitely don’t leave your mod or a liquid in your car. 11 Vape Battery Safety Tips You Should Know

The next tip is to keep extra napkins or cloth on you as the heat can also cause your Relx pods & vape to leak. This is due to the heat also making a liquid much thinner thus flooding your coils. Another reason why could cause leaking is also abrupt temperature changes. Going from the hot summer heat to say an air-conditioned room can cause pressure changes within the tank. This would also lead to leaking tanks or pods, so definitely keep a few extra napkins on you just to clean up the mess. Vapes Leaking And Spitting: How To Fix It?

And to end off the list, we actually have a bonus tip. That’s to try experimenting with summer flavors. This one didn’t quite make the full list because I feel like it’s not as detrimental as the previous tips, but it’s something that I personally do. I find that I personally change my flavor profile depending on the season. For example in the winter, I mainly vape kind of deserty flavors as they bring almost a warm feeling. However in the summer I almost exclusively vape fruity flavors, like Mint, Waterlemon, Fruit and so on. Relx pods flavors review please click here. I find that they’re much more refreshing in the summer heat, rather than like a cupcake or some. Also pairing flavors with your favorite summer drink is quite enjoyable.

These are just a few summer vape tips to keep your Relx vape experience smooth and easy. But with that said do you guys have any other summer vape tips if so leave them in a comment in the comment section down below. If you like this blog please be sure to subscribe to stay up to date with our latest news and weekly sale.

As always I’ll see you on the next blog.

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