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Switching From Tobacco To RELX: Everything You Need To Know

Hey! I’m happy for you since you clicked in, which means as a smoker, you’re making the first step to switch your life healthier by planning to quit tobacco. Every smoker knows that tobacco is bad for health. Some of them (like you) are considering quitting. E-cigarette (also called as vaping) has become the 2020 most trending way of quitting smoking. There already are many popular brands now, like RELX. But is it healthy enough? Will it work for you? Rather than saying there must be a reason for its popularity, I’m going to explain everything you need, for you to decide whether to switch from traditional cigarettes to RELX.

Which type of e-cigarettes you should choose

There are many types of e-cigarettes in the market now, such as tanks & mods, disposable e-cigarettes, and rechargeable e-cigarettes.

First up, tanks & mods

This type of e-cigarettes is more complicated than you think. It’s a larger device than rechargeable e-cigarettes (like RELX Australia, I’ll explain this one later). To use tanks & mods, you’ll have to go through a lot of steps like filling the e-liquid in, put the elements together, changing the coil, and so on. If you just want to quit smoking, tanks & mods are not really for you. But after some time when you get more interested in this culture, you can try tanks & mods, because with time and interest, they’re actually pretty fun to play with.

Next up, disposable e-cigarettes

The prices seem cheap, they look convenient and it doesn’t look like a bad choice for trying vaping for the first time, right?

Well, yes and no. First, yes it is pretty convenient, you unbox it, get it out, then you can just use it right away. And yes the prices are low, per disposable e-cigarette. But when you decide to replace traditional cigarettes with it, it might cost more than it looks afterward.

So, if you’re new to e-cigs, and haven’t decided to switch from traditional cigarettes to e-cigs yet, then a disposable e-cig is probably a good choice for you to understand how vaping feels like. But make sure you do some research before you decide which brand or type to buy.

And the last one, rechargeable e-cigarettes

I used to be a smoker for almost 5 years, tried to quit maybe 6 times. But I was still thinking about smoking while trying to control myself not to. You’d know that it’s pretty hard if you’ve tried quitting. And finally, it is this type of e-cigs that had me stop smoking. Though it’s only been 42 days, I’m feeling fine and not craving traditional cigarettes anymore. The brand of e-cigs I’ve been using is RELX Australia, so I’m going to explain what RELX is and how it’s been helping me.

RELX rechargeable e-cigarette usually comes with a device and a pod. A RELX device includes the battery, the integrated control circuit, and the pneumatic pressure switch (which turns the thing on when you vape from the mouthpiece). A RELX pod includes an e-juice holder, a mouthpiece, a heating element, and an atomizer (which turns the e-juice into vapor). It’s also quite easy to use. RELX is designed for simplicity, with no buttons, no switches. You pop the pod into the device and just vape through the mouthpiece, then you’re done. Simply as that. The reason I think RELX is better than disposable e-cigs is that you just have to change the pods, you don’t need to buy the whole thing again. Also, there are more than 20 flavors of RELX pods for you to choose from. If you don’t like the flavor, just change to another, pretty easy. It’s more environmental and it costs less.

And about the taste, the original RELX pods have 3 % Nicotine in the e-liquid. The amount of Nicotine you could get from each pod is close to the amount of Nicotine that 3 packs of cigarettes contain. The Nicotine in e-liquid gives you the feeling of traditional smoking (and it’s not the reason why tobacco can cause cancer, I’ll get into this in the next part of the post). I can’t say that using RELX feels the same as smoking, but it really satisfies me and keeps me from thinking about smoking.

I won’t say that it’ll work for everyone but it works pretty well for me so far. Of course, it’s up to you whether to try them out. If you want to give it a try, scroll down till the end of this post to get a discount code in RELX.

Comparing RELXing with traditional smoking

Even though there have already been tons of people using RELX to quit smoking, but is it really better or healthier than traditional cigarettes?

Absolutely yes!

Calm down, I’ll explain why right now.

To understand how RELX is better than traditional tobacco, the first thing you need to know is why traditional tobacco is bad for you.

You probably have heard that traditional tobacco can cause cancer, bronchitis, and it’s also bad for your heart or circulatory system. But what is it exactly in tobacco that’s doing all the bad things to your body? Nicotine? Not really. According to MedicalNewsToday, Nicotine can cause addiction, but most experts agree that it does not directly lead to cancer. Traditional cigarettes contain around 7,000 different chemicals, and many of them are bad for your health. Among those chemicals, tar and carbon monoxide that come from the heated tobacco are the main reason why smoking causes cancer. Then what does Nicotine do? Nicotine makes it hard for you to quit smoking—it’s addictive. So, what RELX does here, is to put the Nicotine into the e-juice with flavors, which ease your addition when you vape but without inhaling tar and carbon monoxide, and other toxic chemicals from heated tobacco. But don’t vape for too much each time, a large amount of Nicotine coming inside of your body within a short time can also higher the risk of cancer and other diseases. Now you understand why I say RELX is better and healthier than traditional cigarettes.

Now let’s talk about Nicotine-free pods. To simulate the feeling of traditional smoking, Nicotine is added to e-juice for you to get the punch in the throat feeling when you vape just like when you smoke. But after you get used to vaping, you won’t need the throat hit feeling as much. That’s the time when you know you can move to non-Nicotine pods. It’s easy to understand that non-Nicotine pods are not addictive. By getting used to them, you’ll be free from smoking for good! And there’s more. I found that RELX Au provides some compatible RELX pods shipped to which are Nicotine-free at lower price. (Looking legit? Click RELX to check them out.)

“Can I use RELX if I don’t smoke?”

To be honest though, there are still many unknowns about e-cigs that scientists are trying to find out. So I won’t recommend you to overuse RELX even when it’s better than traditional cigarettes. But for some people, it’s not safe to vape.

If you are under 18 or a non-smoker, especially, that’s a no for you to start using RELX. Becaue e-cigarettes contain Nicotine, and Nicotine is highly addictive. According to the CDC, youth are more sensitive to Nicotine than adults, and it’s not safe for kids or teenagers to use any Nicotine contained products. And a study about e-cigarettes use among youth done by U.S. Department of Health and Human Services shows that Nicotine has more significant and durable damaging effects on adolescent brains compared to adult brains, the former suffering more harmful effects. And according to Wikipedia, it’s not recommended for pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers, and the elderly to use RELX or any other e-cigarettes. 

So, I hope this post helps you with your concerns or worries about switching to RELX. And if you’re in Australia, and decide to give it a try, don’t wait, click RELX to shop for some RELX products right now!

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