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Puff Bar Disposable E-cigs Review

Today we are going to go ahead and do a review on Puff Bar, give you a little idea of what they are like. I’m excited to try these, I tried one earlier, and it was freaking awesome, but we’re going to have that Blue Razz, Watermelon, and the Cool Mint flavours to be tried for you guys this time. 

Puff Bar, STIG, Fogg… Disposable e-cigs look to be a rising trend in the vaping industry. These small devices are meant for single-use, and once the battery dies, or if it runs out of a liquid, you just threw out the entire device as a whole. The main selling point for these devices mainly pertains to cost and simplicity. 

The idea of a disposable e-cig isn’t new. We first saw STIG entering the market around mid to late 2017, but only now is it starting to gain some excellent traction. We saw the introduction of disposable tanks last year with products, but it doesn’t seem like it was fully caught on yet. Now the overall idea of a disposable e-cig is simple, and you open up the packaging, vape on it and when either the battery dies, over the coil is dry, you throw the entire device. When it comes to disposable e-cigs, I’d say the top three in terms of popularity would be the STIG by Vgod, the Fogg, and the Puff Bar. However, I would say the Puff Bar is getting the most traction right now. 

Puff Bar Disposable E-cigs Review | VapePenZone Australia Vape Shop
Puff Bar Disposable E-cigs Review | VapePenZone Australia Vape Shop

What Puff Bar Looks Like 

The Puff Bar stands at 96mg (3.7″) and is 6mg (0.2″) throughout. The type aspect looks like a great deal of various other non-reusable vape pens. The Puff Bar has straight sides, and there is no noticeable mouthpiece, neither are there other parts of the gadget that protrude. It is a structured style.

All the essential parts of the tool are housed in the plastic exterior. The outer shell is composed of the flavour, the Nicotinematerial, and also a “Puff” logo design at the contrary end of the arrow.

The colour system of it corresponds to the flavour of the pod– yellow for Pineapple Lemonade, blue for Blue Razz, white for unflavored– yet the whole device is one, intense shade. There is no hull to remove, as well as there is no billing port to charge the battery.

What’s in the Puff Bar Box

Each Puff Bar comes sealed in a cellophane wrapper that comes packaged in a box with a flip-open top. The package additionally has a tiny seeing home window, so the shade of the device sticks out from the exterior.

Users must eliminate the wrapped gadget as well as unseal the secured cellophane wrapper to access the disposable e-cigs.


The Puff Bar includes an internal 280mAh battery that powers the device for approximately 200 or 300 smokes relying on use practices. The battery is not rechargeable, as well as once it is done, customers can throw the tool. There are some records that the battery runs out before the e-juice runs out; however, that was not the situation with the ones we obtained for review.


Inner 1.3 ml e-liquid pod that is not refillable. All the gadget’s elements are incorporated right into the development of the device, and they are not obtainable.

A curious vaper can burst the shell to learn what is within, along with discovering a method to re-fill the shuck of use up any remaining fluid. With all the problem that takes, they would undoubtedly be far better off, however, just obtaining a brand-new electronic cigarette.


The stated puff of the whole system is up to 300 puffs – no word on whether it could exceed that range or if the tool falls short before getting to 200 puffs. Also, with numerous tastes to choose from.

Using the Puff Bar

The Puff Bar is incredibly user friendly. Customers require only to get rid of the gadget from its covering by tearing the top off of the wrapping. They get the device, and also it prepares to vape. The battery is air-activated, so users require to pull on the mouthpiece to start the vaping process. There are air consumption vents on the base, which is what pushes the vapour out from the mouthpiece.

When the device begins generating poor-tasting vapour or no vapour at all, then it is time to dispose of it. There are no indicator lights or various other systems to show much battery power or e-juice is left, so individuals can vape up until they can not vape any longer.

The Puff Bar is an average, mouth-to-lung device that gives delicious vapour. The draw resistance is loosened with all the air coming into the tool, yet there is no way to control the airflow.

Cool Mint

A cool mint tastes like that is extremely cold. That is a lot of colds, but that’s it that’s exactly what they said it was, it’s definitely fresh mint. That is definitely hitting really well, too. And that’s where you’re pulling your air through, that is awesome. It is an excellent little disposable there, that coolness taste just like a kind of like a mint chewing gum, or something like that. 

Blue Razz

so let’s come in blue raspberry, really excited to try this one. You will not be disappointed at all. Blue-raspberry is precisely what this tastes like, that is awesome, these puff bars are freaking sweet so far, really great hit off of that, productions right. I think anyone’s going to enjoy buying one of these, impressive little devices. A smallmouth to lung they’re, still a great flavour, I mean that is an excellent flavour for such a compact little disposable puff bar. 


Let’s try the watermelon. The same thing, soft-touch red, showing you that it’s watermelon friendly. Let’s shoot that dizzily little, mouse alone hit they’re, definitely watermelon. Getting that good Nicotinethroat hit, but it’s not too much, it’s not unbarring, the fresh mint is keen on the throw, try the menthol or something that’s in there. It’s packing a little bit more punch than these two right here, however, the flavour is outstanding on these, and I recommend anybody that I mean right out of the box, these things are perfect. Recommend this to anyone. I say this is an intermediate-advanced whatever amateur vapour can pick one of these up and if you’ve got to have that Nicotinefix this is the way to go. I’m sure there are more flavours right now. Hitting like a cigarette, it’s pretty good, and then if you go for it, again, great hit and the taste is always there. So I highly recommend these cloth bars to anyone, especially if you’re not huge into mods or even pod devices, this is definitely for anybody, you want to try something different I highly recommend these. They’re entirely worth what they say, they are, in my opinion, and again that is my opinion. However, I can’t get over the fact that the flavour and these disposable specifically taste that good. I mean this blue raspberry is freaking amazing. that’s a puff bar that’s a blue raspberry puff bar

Prices for Puff Bar range anywhere from 15 to 20 AUD and they last for about 250 to 350 puffs, roughly the same amount as your typical pod. Now for the record everything mentioned in this video is dollars because it seems like there’s one person in every single blog going why is it so expensive I can get it for way cheaper. For the record, there are some benefits. For example, the simplicity of a disposable e-cig makes it great for beginners as they don’t need to worry about e-liquid our coils or anything like that. 

But before we end off, I would like to ask what your views on Puff Bar disposable e-cigs are. Have you tried Puff Bar before? Do you want to get a free one to try? Let me know by leaving a comment. Refer your friends to visit Vapepenzone, and try to get a free Puff Bar disposable e-cig! If you are new here or like this blog, please be sure to hit subscribe to stay up to date with our latest blogs. As always, we will see you in the next blog.  

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