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President Trump Expected to Ban Partially Flavored Juul Pods

Happy 2020 everybody, thank you for still being here in the New Year. This is Vapepenzone – Juul Pods Online Vape Store again,

today I want to share a piece of quick news with you,

The Trump administration is expected to ban some flavored vaping products, the Juul pods may be influenced the most. The Food and Drug Administration(FDA) has yet to come out with an official advisory– but more information will likely be released later this week. And how will it effect the Juul pods didn’t know yet.

Previous vaping bans have always been a matter of great concern to each of vapors if you care about that you can click on the blog for details: Should 250,000n Vapors be Worried About Nicotine?

Jackie Defusco spoke to local vape shop owners about what products a potential policy change could impact.

President Donald Trump appears to be backing off a sweeping ban of all flavored vaping products. It’s angering some public health organizations like the campaign for tobacco-free kids. They said in a statement that only a total ban can end the worsening youth e-cigarette epidemic and stop companies from addicting kids. 

“We have to protect our families. at the same time, it’s a big industry, we need to protect the industry.” Trump said. (Related: A Weak Voice For the Legalization of Vaping)

Less than two weeks after raising the legal age to buy tobacco products to 21… The administration is expected to announce a federal ban on non-refillable, flavored vaping pods. That includes products like Juul pods, that are popular among teens. The ban is not expected to impact open tank systems, like those usually sold in vape shops. 

“We’ve already restricted youth access by age-21, it just went into effect. Now on top of that, they’re going to go ahead and ban flavored pod products. So it is pretty excessive but at least they show that they identify the products that the teens use versus the ones that the adults are using.” David, one of the local vape shop owner said.

The threat of a total flavor ban… that would only leave menthol and tobacco… has already impacted local vendors. 

“We’ve had to significantly reduce our manufacturing of e-liquids.” 

The owner of vapor, Grady(42) says a sweeping ban would put them out of business. But only prohibiting flavored pods would have a minimal impact. 

“With a ban on Juul pods, you’re probably looking at somewhere in between a 10 to 15 percent decrease in sales. It’s not something that’s going to hurt us and it will be something that will be overcome by people who are wanting to stay off cigarettes with vaping products.” Grady said.

A recent order from the FDA could still force many flavors off the market. Manufacturers are now required to submit extensive applications to show their products benefit public health. 

“The testing for even a single product is over a million dollars, so us being a small vape shop, we don’t have the million dollars to actually complete the PTA testing,” David said.

But the Juul compatible pods may not be affected, we will continue to pay attention to this matter.

Again – If manufacturers fail to complete this pre-market tobacco application – They will be forced to take untested flavors off the market. The applications are due in May 2020. –Though Nelson says ongoing lawsuits against the FDA could change that.

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