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Watch Out For Fake IGET Bars

Watch Out For Fake IGET Bars

Recently, fake IGET bars have flooded the market. IGET respectfully asks vapers to be vigilant!

Caution Against Fake IGET Bar

IGET strictly declares that no upgraded version of IGET Bar has been released yet, and the so-called upgraded versions of IGET Bar in the market are all forged products.

To ensure your rights and the safety of vaping, please make sure to choose the regular channels to buy genuine IGET Bar.

Once you find fake IGET Bar vapes, you can contact us by clicking the button below.

How To Recognize A Fake IGET Bar?

IGET states that it does not currently manufacture IGET Bars with charging ports and that a charging port exists on the fake IGET Bar bottom.

Please note that all rechargeable IGET sticks sold on the market are counterfeit.

In addition, IGET emphasizes reminding consumers that the shell pattern of fake IGET Bar is made of stickers, so please be careful when buying.

IGET Bar Real VS Fake
Real VS Fake IGET Bar

You can also verify the authenticity of the IGET Bar through IGET’s official authentication website.

Dangers Of Fake IGET Bar

The materials and manufacturing processes producing fake IGET Bars are not strictly regulated. They are highly likely to cause adverse effects on the human body.

The risks of vaping these imitations include but are not limited to dizziness, nausea, allergic reactions, and may even involve cardiovascular problems.

Where To Buy Genuine IGET Bar?

VapePenZone is officially licensed by IGET and offers an authenticity guarantee and authentication service for every product sold.

Vapepenzone is committed to providing you with the best service experience and the ultimate vaping experience!

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