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Your Juul Compatible Pods Do Not Work? How to Fix It?

I know we all hate it when you get your Juul compatible pods finally, but you found that they do not work. Or when you play tricks and hit off your Juul, and then you think you can get a burst and stay, you get juicing your mouth, but it just like the worst taste and worst feeling. So today, I’m going to show you guys how to fix those non-working pods and how to prevent or stop your pods from spreading juice.

Why Juul Compatible Pods Do Not Work?

1. Slight oil leakage.

2. Poor contact between device and pod.

How to Fix Non-working Juul Pods?

1. If it is slightly oily, wipe it off with a paper towel or towel before you insert it into your Juul device.

2. If the pods do not work in the machine, it may be the touch problem. Please polish the electrode pad with fine sandpaper to remove the rust layer, and then lift the electrode pads by 1CM. Please refer to the picture below.

Your Juul Compatible Pods Do Not Work? How to Fix It? | VapePenZone Australia Vape Shop

Above can solve the most problems that podsdon’t work. If it still doesn’t work, it may be caused by oil leaks from pods.

Why Juul Compatible Pods Leak?

1. Puffing aggressively at the mouthpiece;

2. Squeezing or biting the podsas you puff;

3. Pressing the wide aspects of the Juul compatible pods while you insert it;

4. Excessive humidity or temperature changes;

5. Altitude changes drastically (since pods containing Nic Salt are imported from overseas and need to fly for hours on the plane).

How to Prevent Juul Compatible Pods From Leaking?

1. Don’t leave it standing in one position for a long time, or leave it in the pocket, the purse, the bed, somewhere where it’s just sitting. 

2. Please don’t leave it in the car where it is going to get extremely hot or extremely cold.

3. Don’t use a fast-charging block for any pod device, use anyone amp or lower

How to Stop Juul Compatible Pods From Leaking?

A slight leak from the pod is very normal. Assuming your pod has a slight leak, please follow the methods or instructions described in this article to use or repair it, and then you can continue to use them.

1. Try puffing more gently.

2. Loosen up your mouth on the mouthpiece.

3.vicinity your fingers on the outer edges of the hard plastic mouthpiece as you click into location.

4. You just take the pod and you can shake it. but really most of not like you can see those bubble in there right now. but here’s the best way middle finger thumb, like three or four times, get them right out every frickin time, not a single bubble in that bitch. It will get smoother hits and everything.

5.If your pods leak from the bottom.

All you guys need to do is get your refrigerator and put the pod in the freezer for about 2.5-3 minutes. And then pull it out. And that’s going to freeze it, just enough to where the liquid gets thick, and it’s going to have a couple of air bubbles in there. Still, once that happens, if your Juul pod is leaking from the bottom, so whenever you pull it out, whenever like you’re charging your Juul, if you do that and you find your pod-like covered in juice, all you need to do is that just put it in their freezer for about two or three minutes, and that should work. That’s a pretty easy fix, you need a refrigerator, or freezer, or cooler, anything with cold temperatures. It makes sense, once you guys do that, your Juul pod should not leak anymore from the bottom, and there you go no more leaky Juul pod. 

6.If your pods leak from the top.

To begin, remove your pod from your device, once you got that, you want to remove the black part from the pod itself. And then nurture issue to issue pop out. And then what you want is the two little white pieces in there. And those are the cart itself, so when the cart gets wet, you will get it in your mouth. Now what you want to do is grab your paper towel. It just makes you have no juice on the stuff. So get a tweezer, and what you want to do is grab these two count pieces. Once you get them out, grab your paper towel, you push on to it. Take all the juice off. Once you get that done, what you want to do is just put it back in. And then you want to do the assembly to the next one. The final step is putting back on the mouthpiece onto the pod itself. Before you put the power back on, you want to get your paper towel and wipe off the pod itself. Wipe off all the liquid on it, like wipe around the pod itself. Once you get that done, what you want to do is numb put the mouthpiece back onto the pod, and then grab your Juul click it back in and take a hit, and it hits better already.

More information about Juul pods: Top 6 Juul Pods Q&A

The reason why your Juul compatible pods leaks are always because it’s the pod itself, but if the pods have no problems, sometimes your Juul device is also probably the issue. So we also show you how to fix your Juul.

Sometimes the leak of the pod will not only slip out but also, flow back into the device and stick to the inside of the device or the battery, which will cause the Juul device to stop working. So what you should do to fix your Juul device? This means either a couple of napkins and then a key to take out the battery from the Juul, nine times out of ten the reason why the Juul pod leaks are because of the Juul itself, but the other time it’s in there because you have I’m juicing your battery. I’m going to show you how to fix that. So you’re going to take a key, or whatever you have. Push the cells in the back, once you pop it out, or you want to pull it out, it can come out to the point where it’s like the whole batteries in your other hand. But um you’re going to have juice around your entire array, and on the top around the silicon piece. You have juice all around there. You’re going to do take some rubber or silicon piece out, clean under where the claw, where the two parts of metal. And then clean the battery itself because there sometimes will be juice around it. And once that’s done, you can either put it back from the bottom. But I usually just put it back in from the top. 

Some people’s Juul even if you have the pod in it, it’s charging, and it might be all fully charged. But if you put the pod in, and then it won’t like to recognize it, and it won’t turn on, or anything like if you use it, it won’t turn on. So here is an excellent way to fix it. I usually use this method, and it works. So basically, what I did first is got something pushed out the battery, and you can see a little metal piece in the battery part, you just put pressure to squeeze the bit. And then before you put it back in, just put the pods on it to touch the connections. As you can see, the pods touch it, make sure the light turns on. And make sure the pieces go with the silver, goes in with the dot. And also you have to have the rubber piece on. Just keep that on there, and then don’t push it in hard, just push it slowly, and also to make sure like you got like cleaner hits, just put it like the wooden lost. They don’t push it in too much, just keep it flush, do that then the green light turns on. 

More ways to fix vapes: Vapes Leaking And Spitting: How To Fix It?

Do you know how to fix your pods now? And About the Juul compatible pods or Juul refillable pods, do you have any other questions? If it still doesn’t work, please contact our professional support team, we are glad to hear your problems and help you to solve it.

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