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Juul Battery: How Do I Do To Use Safety? 

Juul is the hot vaping brand. More and more vapers start to take care of their battery in Juul vaping device. By the way, if you want to know why Juul popular, pls, click here to learn more

Recently, It seems the battery of Juul vape pen become a hot discussion. Many customers sent E-mail to us asking how to protect their battery. To be honest, we just offer VaporCave™ starter kit. However, our starter kit is 100% compatible with the JUUL. Many customers said they couldn’t find out the differences between them. 

Today, our blog talks about the VaporCave™ starter kit issue. If you buy the Juul vaping device, this passage can be a reference for you. 

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Juul Battery: How Do I Do To Use Safety?  | VapePenZone Australia Vape Shop

What Is VaporCave™ Starter Kit? 

VaporCave™ is a new vaping brand. Its starter kit is 100% compatible for Juul vaping products. Of course, both of them have some differences. These differences mainly focus on appearance and charge way. We continue to improve our starter kit just for the better vaping enjoyment for our vapers. 

what’s more, we also have compatible pods for Juul. More than 20 flavour offer to customers. Most of them are different from the Juul pod flavour. We take a safe formula to make our pods. In this base, we try our best to keep the price to be cost-effective. All our effort just for your vaping experience.If you want to know more details about the Juul pods, pls click here. 

If you are tired of your Jull or want to change a vape brand, pls list our vape device into your consideration. We not only offer good products but also excellent after-sales services. 

Now, pls move to the next part. Most of the suggestions are base on the feedback of our customers and our technical team give much professional advice.

The Suggestion To Protect Your Battery Of Vaping Pen 

Vape batteries are not like your remote-control AAs: they are a lot more effective cells that require to be handled carefully. If you possess a regulated vape mod that is powered by batteries such as 18650s or 20700s, this overview is for you.

Keep reading to figure out the basics of battery safety, however, bear in mind that this is not a mechanical mod safety guide; for that, you will certainly require a strong understanding of Ohm’s law and much more details than what can be covered in this beginner’s guide.

Keep Wraps Of VaporCave™ Vaping Pen Undamaged

Constantly make sure that the covers of your batteries are in pristine problem. If you discover a nick on the battery cover, the risk-free point to do is to re-wrap it. Battery covers are affordable as well as really simple to put on. If you do not have covers, visit your regional vape shop. A lot of stores will cover your batteries free and also it won’t take greater than some mins to do. Take A Look At Dash Vapes’ video clip on just how to rapidly and quickly rewrap your batteries

Utilize The Right Batteries.

It is very important for protecting your batteries. Some batteries are much better for low wattage vaping, others are much better for sub-ohming, and others are not expected to be used for vaping in any way. When selecting batteries for your mod, make sure that they are available in the proper specs. Do not just check out the numbers on the wraps, as those are commonly deceptive. For more information, examine our ideal vape batteries pages. If you use the wrong batteries to your vaping device, it will be damaged. What’s worse, it may cause a fire disaster. Therefore, pls, bear this point in mind, not only for yourselves but also for others.

Juul Battery: How Do I Do To Use Safety?  | VapePenZone Australia Vape Shop

Use Professional Battery Boxes

When not in use, never leave the battery in your pocket or bag. Obtain some affordable plastic battery instances rather, as unprotected batteries could short circuit when they come in call with metal objects. This might create your battery to vent as well as potentially explode.

Watch Out For Imitations Battery

Fake batteries are sadly a thing, with the big three (Sony, Samsung, Panasonic) being one of the most typically counterfeited brands because of their higher price tag. Always acquire batteries from respectable suppliers, as those will go out of their method to make certain their batteries are originals. Therefore, if you think that the battery in your Juul vape pen has any problems, pls contact the professional after-sales team. Don’t repair the battery by yourselves. 

Even when making use of a battery charger, having your batteries billing unattended is never a good suggestion, specifically overnight. Although extremely rare, battery chargers are digital tools and failings are not unusual. Always keep an eye on your billing batteries and put them in battery situations when you are not around. Overcharging will not only damage the battery itself but also affect the life of the Juul vaping device. To keep your vaping longer, pls, bear this point in mind. 

Make Use Of A Committed Battery Charger

Billing your batteries directly in your mod is feasible with most gadgets nowadays, however, it’s constantly much safer to make use of a committed battery charger. A basic battery charger can cost much less than a 60 mL bottle of e-juice! Tipping up a little bit in price will certainly include functions such as battery information and also health and wellness monitoring. 

Do Not Over-drain Your Batteries

Ideally, attempt to not entirely drain your batteries– lithium-ion batteries tend to shed more capability the better you allow them to release. Most mods will certainly come with some form of battery level sign. Taking your batteries bent on charge before they are drained pipes will prolong their life, i.e. the number of cycles you will be able to leave them.

Prevent Extreme Temperature Levels

Vape batteries can tolerate reduced as well as high-temperature levels, yet you wouldn’t desire to test their limitations. Higher temperatures will stress your batteries, making them age much faster (or even vent), while cooler temperatures take a toll on battery ability. If you feel your batteries hotter and hotter during charging, pls stop charging immediately. Give some time to your battery and let it cool down. Therefore, when your battery is charging, pls pay a bit attention to it.

Usage Wed Batteries

If you are making use of a mod that takes more than one battery, always use the exact very same batteries (as an example, a pair of Sony VTC5s) as well as keep them married, i.e. utilize them in pairs as well as constantly with each other– it’s a risk-free method. This will certainly guarantee that the cells get the very same number of charges/discharges and also assist delay discrepancies in capability and performance.

Replace Old Batteries

Batteries are just great up to a specific amount of cycles (full fee to full discharge). Lithium-ion batteries will certainly begin shedding capacity and also a strength when made use of extensively for long periods. If you pick up that your battery takes less time to release, simply replace it. Also if you haven’t noticed something unusual, change your batteries after 6 months to a year, depending on just how frequently you utilize them. However, we don’t suggest you change your battery by yourselves. Because you are not familiar with the inner of the vaping pen. It is very easy to damage another part of the vape pen. If you feel any problems for your battery, pls contact your after-sales team. They will give help to you.

Reuse Old Batteries

When changing old batteries, always recycle them as opposed to throwing them away. A lithium-ion cell can quickly short-circuit in the wastebasket, which is a major hazard risk. In addition to that, reusing batteries are good for the environment. Keep an eye for battery disposal boxes as well as follow safety instructions when recycling your old batteries.

In conclusion, we hope such a suggestion will give you help. Although the battery problem in Juul vaping journey is just the small one, you give to receive a good return if you do a good job to protect it. Many customers share their vaping experience to us and we note that the vapers who pay attention to their battery get little trouble with their vaping device. Therefore, we think you must take care of your battery. 

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