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FEELM Technology – RELX Vape Review

Hey, how’s it going guys, this is Vapepenzone – Relx vape Online Vape Store again,

today we’re going to be talking about the Relx vape and the Feelm technology in it. Let’s learn together what feelm is and what RELX feelm inside does.

It is a Relx review. 

The Relx Vape has the FEELM technology installed in it. That Technology is basically a ceramic wicking block that’s got a flat, thin piece of metal over the top of it. I saw a demonstration of it at ECC this year, and it’s made by smores, the company that owns vapors… Oh, I’m not sure if a presser owns this or not, or if they’re just using their FEELM Technology, but if you’re interested in it, I would check out the FEELM website.

So I have taken a look at the packaging of Relx vape kit. It tells you everything you’re gonna get. You will get one device, it’s gonna come in multiple different colors. Two Pods. Battery capacities 350mAh. It comes with a mint-flavored pod, it’s 1.8% Nicotineso that would make it 18 milligrams. 

So let’s go ahead and dive into the package. So you got your Relx device, your Relx pod goes in the top, charging port on the bottom. Feels like it’s aluminum, feels nice though I like the coating on this for sure. The slot is super deep but as you can see in there you got your contacts and magnets down inside.

Next up you got a micro USB charging cable, it’s got that nice metal braiding to it, and then you got your pod. I’m not gonna use this Mint one though I’m gonna use one of the mango ones that I’ve bought. And then you got this little card that talks about condensation on a plane, all kinds of good stuff, basically a little manual. 

Cheers wait, your replacement pod packages are gonna look like they come with three in a pack, I got Mango and Lemon tea Relx pods. They are color-coded depending on flavor, and if you could see down inside there, that is where your FEELM Technology is. Okay, so you got your little ceramic block and then your metal FEELM On the top of that. They are longer pods, but they hold more liquid than most of these prefilled pods do. So it’s only fit in one way that shape kind of slants down and so does this, so they go in. And there are magnets on the bottom so they pop in.

It looks a little bit bulkier than the Juul, but not by much you know. Relx vs Juulwhich is better? Rounded shape, it feels like it’s a little bit wider and a little bit longer, but still definitely pocketable. And there is the mouthpiece which I actually really like, it’s one of the more comfortable mouthpieces out there when it comes to pod systems. 

Okay, so let’s go ahead go up top. We’re gonna vape a few of the different flavors and we will talk about it. 

As far as the little light goes, it will light up when you’re vaping. And then when your battery gets low, it starts blinking at you fast and so on, and so forth so it doesn’t have a bunch of battery feedback, but it’s kind of in line with how the Juul is, when you’re charging it, that light does go on; and then when it’s done charging, it goes off. 

The mint takes a warmer vape, just better than the Juul. Relx vs Juul please click here. The lemon tea is also pretty good. All of them, the tea and the mango, all have just a hint of cool to them, just a hint of mint or something to them, which does help the throat head as well. I like a fruity mint when it comes to these pod systems, not so much what I’m doing, like subong babying, stuff like that, but when it comes to these pod systems, I like it, because it kind of gives me more of a throat hit, it’s a little more satisfying. 

I’m impressed with the FEELM Technology inside of the Relx vape, which seems to give off a lot of vapor and the draw activation, seems to kind of it hits faster if that makes sense, as opposed to some of the other draw-activated devices.

FEELM Technology in the Relx vape seems to give you more vapor a little bit faster. Yeah, the Relx is a winner to me over the Juul, and some of the other prefilled honestly. 

And I’m impressed by it as far as battery life goes, expect to see it close to the Juul, if you’re using this all day every day, you might want to get two batteries and have one charged for you. If you’re just one of those pod system users that uses this when you go out, when you go to work or when you’re out driving, you don’t want to bring a full-size system or whatever, then the battery will last you all day.

Build quality feels really really nice. I like the way that these pods have magnets on them, they click down in place really really well. It’s a good-looking pod system I think. And a big pro to me is the mouthpiece, really really like the mouthpiece on this. 

As far as cons go, the only thing that I would have loved to have seen and maybe they’re coming out with this I have no idea is prefilled pods with this FEELM Technology inside. I love the flavor I get off of these, I love the amount of vapor I get off of these, it hits fast. But with me, I would personally rather refill pods and use my own liquids in them. 

I am sure that I’m going to continue to use the Relx vape. I think I like the mango, the best out of all of them. 

I think it’s a fairly new kit with a FEELM Technology, it’ll be interesting to see if there are more and more devices that come out with it, I believe that there’s a FEELM disposable or something like that, too. If you want to learn more about the FEELM Technology, or you want to purchase one of these Relx kits, feel free to shop in Vape Pen Zone. We will share more new Relx pods flavor and kits with you. 

Okay, let’s end it there guys, that about wraps it up until next time, thanks for reading!

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