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how to zero vape

How To Zero Vape? 6 Ways To Quickly Help You Stealth Vaping

As a trending new thing, vaping is still not accepted in public as smoking. In this situation, zero vaping, or stealth vaping, is a way to balance your vaping demand and the public rules.

So, how to zero vape? Here are some ways from Vape Online Global:

  1. Choose the proper e-liquid
  2. Choosing a mini compact vape
  3. Adjust airflow settings
  4. Exhale strategically
  5. Use zero vaping skills
  6. Carry a personal air purifier

Can’t wait to find out how to stealth vaping? Then, keep reading to learn more!


This guide is for vaping beginners who want to learn about stealth vaping. But we suggest you vape in a designated area or private place rather than do so publicly.

This guide aims to help you stealth vape without bothering others, but it does not encourage vaping in public areas such as hospitals and planes.

Why Should I Need To Zero Vape?

There are several reasons why someone might choose zero vaping:

  1. Public restrictions: Vaping and smoking are usually not allowed in public. Stealth vaping is a way to balance your needs and public prohibition.
  2. Unnecessary attention: The vapour will attract some attention and cause unnecessary misunderstandings and disputes.
How to zero out your vape
Here are the 6 detailed solutions for how to do a zero vape.
Choose The Proper E-Liquid
  • Using high PG e-liquid: E-liquid with high PG concentrations will result in less vapour and stronger throat hits, which makes it easier to achieve stealth vaping.
  • Use nicotine-free or low-nicotine-concentration e-liquids: They can produce smoother throat hits and less invisible vape clouds and prevent your possible coughing during stealth vaping.
  • Avoid aroma-irritating flavours: Flavours with blackberry, cherry, and strawberry aromas are more attention-grabbing than those with light menthol or tobacco notes.
choose right e-liquid to zero vape
Choosing A Mini Compact Vape

A small bar-shaped vape is easier to hold in your hands and be hidden from others.

Taking the IGET Legend Vape as an example, it is well-suited to this criteria. With a compact size for hand-holding, it is easy to achieve stealth vaping.

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Adjust Airflow Settings
  • Some vapes with adjustable airflow settings, such as IGET Goat Vape, allow you to switch the air intake to control the amount of vape cloud.
  • For some mod vapes, you can also restrict the airflow strength to achieve stealth vaping.
Exhale Strategically
  • Control the vaping speed and depth: Take longer and deeper exhalation and slow down the vaping speed.
  • Practise Mouth-to-Lung Inhales: Inhale the vapour into your mouth, then inhale it into the lungs to achieve stealth vaping.
Use Zero Vaping Skills
  1. Put your thumb by the cartridge and put the other side of the vape into your palm to hide the battery indicator.
  2. Turn your body at the right angle so that your hand completely covers the vape and does not face other people.
  3. Take a small puff of the vape, and don’t exhale so fast.
  4. Hold the vapour in your mouth, then to the lungs for 8-10 seconds.
  5. Play a shirt trick if you can’t keep the vapour for so long. Lower your head and exhale inside your shirt to let it absorb your vapour.
use zero vaping skills
Carry A Personal Air Purifier

If conditions permit, vapers could bring a personal air purifier to clear the vape cloud quickly.


Then, above all are the ways to zero a vape. However, we still recommend you vape in private areas but not public.

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How do you hit a zero vape?

Here are the steps to achieving a zero-vape: Cover the vape, turn away, take a smaller puff, hold the vapour in your mouth but not exhale, and keep it in your lungs for 8-10 seconds.

How do you zero a vape without coughing?

Zeroing a vape without coughing requires 6 skills.

  1. Take smaller puffs
  2. Inhale longer and deeper, and exhale slowly
  3. Reduce the nicotine concentration
  4. Reduce the heat
  5. Don’t vape for too long
  6. Drink enough water

How do 0% nicotine vapes work?

A 0% nicotine vape also contains Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycol, and Flavours for throat hits, vape clouds and taste. They are the same base of nicotine-based vapes and nicotine-free vapes.

How do I change my vape to zero nicotine?

You can buy nicotine-free vapes to stop taking nicotine. Or you can start from a lower nicotine concentration and steadily change to zero nicotine.

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