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My Personal Journey of Vape Pens

Hey, how’s it going guys, this is Vapepenzone – Juul Online Vape Store again,

today you just reading a quick blog on my journey from a tobacco smoker to a vape pen vapor, and how it’s changed my life for the better.

My journey started about three years ago, I decided that I was going to give up smoking, and I went through every possible way to try and give up smoking. I did cold turkey or did the patches, that did the pills, that did the hypnotherapy… I did everything to try to give up smoking, but I just couldn’t. I kept carrying back every opportunity. 

So obviously I have a really bad Nicotine addiction. I look on the internet to buy some cheap vape pens, which you can actually do and found from all these US and Asia sites, that sort of thing that shows there are vape pens, and all of these testimonials from people saying, hey they saved my life in there. And I get all of my addiction fulfilled without any of the harmful effects. 

So I researched, and researched and researched, I’ve got lots of products from all around the world. I tried them out and I found the ones that I thought were the closest to the smoking experience. I researched what PG, and VG, propylene, glycol, and vegetable glycerin, and harmful effects, and Nicotine, and what actually Nicotine does or doesn’t do.

And basically I’ve come up with a concept that I think works just right for me. I am now a vapor rather than a smoker. I still have my Nicotine addiction, but I don’t have any of those harmful effects of second-hand smoke and the ashtrays, and the smell one, and all of those cancer-causing chemicals and the tobacco cigarettes. So I’m very comfortable being in a vape pen vapor, it’s working for me and for everyone around me.

Disposable Vape Pens

The first thing I did is, I went and tried the first which was like when you go from being a tobacco smoker to learn vape pens maker, because you’re into the habit of tobacco smoking, you want it to look a lot like, you know the cigarette that you used to in the vape pen world. So when bought these disposable vape pens first.

They look like they feel like they’re almost the same weight after a little bit longer, but they even have a little red light that goes on the end. And it feels like you’re smoking, and it looks like it’s smoking, so you don’t feel like you’re still at smoking, and it’s taking a little bit Nicotine in there, so you still go well. I can do this forever and I did that for about two or three months with the disposables, and these ones have got a built-in battery and an atomizer, and some vape pen juice in here all built-in all one unit. And when you run out of battery or runs out of liquid in here, you just throw it, just put it in the bin. 

That was my first thing a couple of months I was on this. 

RechargeableBattery,Cartomizers or Carts

And then I realized that there’s a cheaper way to do it, you can actually buy a rechargeable battery, and buy cartomizers or carts. You can buy own packets so you could just replace these and keep the batteries which were the cheaper alternative, and that looked a bit like still cigarette look alight, still in the same shape or form, but this time you could unscrew the bit like that, you’d buy in packets of father for 10, and batteries you would just recharge regularly. And whenever you actually ran out of power, you’ve recharged it. Whenever you run out of this, you just grabbed another one out of your packet and pumped it back in the same experience. Yep, some experience still works well and did that for about almost a year, they look perfect. 


But once again as I went through researching more and more, I found that most of the people that now become vapors rather than smokers, recognize that there may be even a cheaper way to do this, and also give you more variety. And because you mail a vapor rather than a smoker, it doesn’t even have to look like a cigarette anymore, so you start. 

So I went and found some things called vaporizers, which is sort of like the first step in the mods, and they look like pens or textures. And within these vaporizers which don’t look like an electronic cigarette anymore, you can basically refill them. You know, open them up and you put some e-juice it’s called, from the little bottles and you just fill them up. A little little clear opening so you can see how much you’ve got in there. Exactly the same as the cigarette look-alike that you can refill the juice. so before you had a disposable one, we threw the whole thing out, then you had the one with just the cartomizer section which you threw out when it was done, and now you go to these vaporizers where you don’t throw anything out, you just keep refilling this tank, you keep recharging this battery and have a little button on them that turns them on and off. more vapor, too. And also you recognize that you can change the liquid that you put in, you can grab different flavors that you like, the Nicotine strength is whatever suits you. I use the 2.4 or 24 milligram which is one of the higher Nicotine levels because I’ve got a high Nicotine addiction. But a lot safer, not easier to use and you just refill these. and I did this for another six months also, and then went okay from now I’m a vaporizer not a smoker anymore. 

Now using these vaporizes, so I’m a vapor, not a smoker if I use these vaporizers, and I’m now filling them with e liquids. I now need to do this you know once a day also, and I need to charge these batteries once a day or once every couple of days. 


And I thought there’s got to be another way so then you go into the world of things called mods. So you then start getting big things, don’t have to be this big, but they have a battery section, which has your rechargeable batteries in the back of it, just a normal battery. Still, get in there. In mods, you can determine the amount of voltage or wattage in the little windows. Tells you what they are, 4.8 or 4.0 I think that was. And then you have the tank, and fill it to whatever level you want. And then of course where you go and you fill this up with a whole lot more. 

A lot more vapor, a huge amount of vapor. And you can really feel it in your throat. 

So it’s sort of like I guess it’s like almost like a hobby, you’ve put a lot of energy and money into tobacco smoking in the old days, and then you went into the vape pen world, and I really like the way that it was just like smoking, but safer. And then once you become a vapor, it’s almost like a hobby. You know like, you’re a railroad hobbyist or you collect things, or whatever you start getting these mods, you start matching mixing and matching the batteries, and the tanks, and the juices, and lots of different flavors, and colors, and Nicotine levels, and basically you end up getting something that you really like. but of course, anyone can live and work. 

At any different stage in this journey, you can stay with the disposable, you can go to the carts that you replace them and recharge the batteries, you can use these vaporizers because they’re nice and neat, and lots of different colors and you know, fashionable colors that sort of anyone you go right up to the mods where you’re getting tremendous amounts of vapor, and you can just keep mixing and matching all this stuff.

So that’s pretty much my journey. I think it’s all been based on an original need to give up smoking, but it’s ended up being just another interest in my life. Please try any one of these different types of vapes along the way, you can just stick with the disposables, or you can go all the way through to the vape pens, mods, whatever suits you and whatever flavor you like, and whatever Nicotine you’re like sure. but for now this is really working for me and I no longer smoke. 

I’m a vape pen vapor, thanks for reading.

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