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Ecigs & Planes – Flying With Vapes, How to Travel with Relx Vape?

Hey, how’s it going guys, this is Vapepenzone – Relx Vape Online Vape Store again,

Today get something a little different, let’s talk about how to fly with Relx vape or other vapes when you go travel?

Recently there’s a lot of emails and questions that if you are going on a trip,  what about your batteries, what can you take on the plane in your checked luggage, in your carry-on luggage, can you bring the Relx Vape for example, or other countries? Yes, you can absolutely.  

We also briefly mentioned this issue: Are vape pens allowed to carry on planes? 

I’m about to head off in an hour to London and head over to Birmingham. Obviously I’ve done quite a few trips in the last 12 months to many sorts of vape events. South Africa, the UK, the US, New Zealand, so I got a bit of experience with traveling and vaping. so I’m gonna cover a few things as to what you can travel within your carry-on, what needs to go in your checked, and obviously how you need to go about packing it and that sort of thing. A bit of a guide if you will on traveling with your vape gear. 


So for starters, let’s start with batteries. In terms of airline rules and regulations, all of your batteries must go in your carry-on luggage, no checked luggage for batteries all right. They want your batteries in your carry-on so that if something was to ever overheat and start a fire, they can get to it in the cabin without it being down in the checked bags. So I make sure that you’re 18 650s, you’re 21 700s. All of you removable batteries or if you’ve got internal battery devices, take those in your carry-on. Now I haven’t experienced any restrictions in terms of how many batteries I’ve taken on a plane, I’ve taken 10 plus 18 6 50s, these days are mostly 21 700s. So I basically keep all of mine in a nice little zip pouch, and inside of that I then got them paired up in a little rubber carrier, now you can use the plastic, PVC carriers you can use these silicone ones. Whatever you put them in making sure your batteries are in a holder so that positive and negative terminals are covered and you don’t have anything moving around and creating a short or something like that. So I’ve got on this trip four stacks, four stacks of two, so I’ve got a total of eight batteries with me on this trip in a little case there. If you’ve got things like a camera, GoPro or a drone, you’ll need to take your batteries out of your devices and put them in your carry-on luggage, again not in your checked on. 

A side note: your drone needs to go in your checked luggage, you cannot take a drone in carry-on luggage, you have to take the drone batteries in the carry-on luggage, but you can’t take an actual drown in a carry-on, that’s got to go into your checked luggage. Batteries in your carry-on, drones in your check. Vape Battery Safety Tips You Should Know >>


Now in terms of vape hardware, the actual apparatuses, I think is the term. I generally go for mouth to lung pod little compact systems for my carry-on, yes, the Relx vape is the one, simply because I don’t want to be lugging around heaps of extra weight. If I’m taking two or three battery mods it’s gonna get heavy. When I’m traveling in airports to and from, I don’t really get a chance to go out and properly vape, I take my little pod systems because if I’ve got two or three flights to catch on a long travel trip, I might have ten minutes here and there to go and find a smoking area in the airport or duck outside and have a quick vape. And I want to get a Nicotine hit quickly, I’m not usually having a lot of time in between the traveling, so that’s why I go for the pod systems with some Nicotines and I take two or three that little pod systems in my pockets. My pods don’t even set off the metal detectors, I just leave this around my neck, walk straight through it’s no problems at all. 

So that’s just a personal choice, but as I said if you wanted to take a cloudy bigger box mode device, you absolutely can, I just find it’s easier you get fewer questions. These sorts of devices are very very familiar to airport security staff, so they’re not really going to ask you any questions about your stuff in your bag if you don’t have big tubes and big-box mods and stuff.


We’re going to talk about the liquids and the Relx pods, so it’s pretty simple with liquids. You just observe the standard liquid laws or regulations from the airlines. Some countries might be slightly different but pretty sure that most airlines it’s no more than 100ml bottle. So I’ve got a few little 30ml bottles of my Nicotine. Put those in a plastic bag, they want them bagged up in a ziplock bag. So put them in a Ziploc bag, chuck that in your carry-on luggage going through security you need to have it done like that, and that’s all I really need. For my main juice, obviously I’m gonna be baking some cloudy devices and stuff when I get there so I’ve got 100ml or 120ml bottle, and a couple of 60ml bottles. And the 60ml would be fine to take on carry-on, but I don’t need the weight and I don’t need to carry it around so I put that in my check bag. If you want to take lots of juice you can in your checked bag, I had some people email me saying coming into Australia how much juice I can bring, you could bring as much as you like. It’s personal use. There’s no real definition of how much personal use is, so if you liked abate 60ml a day and you’re going for two weeks, well then yes, you can take hundreds of MLS of juice in your checked luggage, no problems at all. 


In regards to Nicotine, again bring in as much juice with Nicotine and Relx pods as you personally safe it for you. The sale of Nicotine is illegal, the supply of Nicotine is illegal in Australia, but the possession in anywhere except Queensland, Beware of that if you’re going to Queensland there is a law that basically says no Nicotine at all, so if you’ve got a bottle and a cop stopped you and it says three milligrams on it, you can get done for that. So if you’re going to Queensland, just make sure that all your juice bottles don’t actually have a milligram written on them and you should run into any trouble. But if you’re going anywhere else, you can bring in as much juice with Nicotine as you like, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide… flying into those states, you can bring in juice with Nicotine no problems at all, and again how much you bring, it’s totally up to you. 


One thing I haven’t covered is your tools. So if you’re taking a build kit with you scissors, tweezers, clippers, wire and that sort of thing, obviously you can’t take scissors on the plane and your carry-on, so your tool kits need to go in your checked bag. That’s the other thing remember: tool kits, tools sharp objects, put that in your check, you won’t have any trouble putting it in there. 

The only other thing really to talk about is just a few countries that I am aware of where vaping is going to be a problem for you. And those two that I’m aware of are Singapore and Thailand. 

Singapore, no-go! You can’t vape in Singapore, if you’re passing through the airport and you’re not going out of the airport, I believe that you can have that gear with you, but I have heard of people running into trouble in Singapore having their gear confiscated and you’re even facing up to about a five thousand dollars fine. So if you’re going through Singapore, I would suggest putting all your vapes in your checked luggage. If it’s going in your checked, you shouldn’t have a problem with it. If you’re just passing through because you’re not leaving the airport, you’re not going through customs, so anything in your checked luggage, you should be fine going through Singapore if you’re not staying there. If you’re staying in Singapore, well you’re pretty much up the shit creek you can’t vote there.

The same with Thailand. If you’re gonna go to Thailand, again a French lady got done with an e-cigarette she ended up spending a few nights in jail and getting deported and Acosta about eight grand in legal fees. Don’t vape in Thailand! It’s not worth it, you’re fine going through the airport but outside the airport, be aware that they are pretty against it and they will find you and confiscate your gear. Every other country I’ve been to, every other Airport I’ve been to, no problems at all. Dubai, Doha… these sorts of places… I’ve been to South Africa, Durban, Johannesburg… no issues over there. Obviously New Zealand no problems, no problems in the UK, no problems anywhere in the United States, flying into whether it be the east coast or the west coast, I haven’t had any trouble there but um…there are a few countries that are against it. So apart from that dickheads, it’s pretty common sense just abide by the news, the airlines’ laws… whatever they’ve said on, they’re out you know, policies regarding batteries and liquids. Because that’s really what that gear is. It’s batteries and it’s liquids, they don’t really care about what they do, they care about the batteries and the liquid. 

Above is some of my travel vaping experience. Do you travel with Relx vape or other kits before? If you have these experiences or any questions, feel free to leave a comment!

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