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Do Your Parents Support You in Vaping?

Hey, how’s it going guys, this is Vapepenzone – Vapes Australia Online Vape Store again,

yesterday one of my friends told me that despite he educated his parents about how much safer vaping is compared to cigarettes, how common vape is, they still in all their wise ways would rather he smoked, saying and he quote “that shit you vape is all unknown chemicals I’d rather you just smoked honestly”. Despite he tried everything and tells them they still believe they’re right. Oh boy.

Yep, that’s pretty normal because they think we are biased toward vaping and they know better because they are parents, right? They have our best interests at heart in the end, even if misinformed…..

I believe that many people around us do not understand e-cigarettes. Actually, my mom also did not believe with me before but then she had a lot of issues the last year with her chest and her doctor recommended a vape pen, has now been on it 6 weeks and loves it.

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That’s fantastic honestly. I’m glad she changed her tune! And my mum also search many vapes information, introduced her friend to giving vaping a go, how interesting right?

From Sara

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