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Do You Think Juul Pods Should Exit Then Market?

Do you assume Juul pods should be carried out the Australia market provided we don’t completely comprehend the health effects? Under the Vaping Crisis, will Juul pods go out of? Today let’s take a look at what the professionals in vaping & smoking say.

Do You Think Juul Pods Should Exit Then Market?

Michael J.

Should Coca Cola be pulled off the marketplace offered we don’t ( at least not entirely, thoroughly, and also without a doubt of mistake) completely recognize the wellness repercussions? Please allow me to make an analogy before saying Juul pods &.

Provide me with the power of 9 hundred million dollars of federal government money each year for twenty years to squander on building a horror campaign aimed at Coca Cola, and also I bet I’d have a reasonable shot at getting it managed.

Naturally, the “Tobacco Control” folks (aka “Anti smokers”) have typically simply focused on cigarette smoking over those years of MSA repayments. Today that they’re seeing their money stream endangered by vaping they’ve quickly adjusted by wearing brand-new outfits as well as becoming Antivapers.

Despite having that cash behind them, they were having a tough time convincing people to fear the clouds that were made up vapor, whose likely “danger index” arrays between absolutely no as well as possibly 1/1000th as “harmful” as thinned down bits of tobacco smoke – which itself. According to the EPA and also ACS numbers at QQQ EPA 1992 Report PDF: Respiratory Health Effects of Passive Smoking: Lung Cancer And Other Disorders and also ACS American 0.3% Nonsmokers Lifetime LC Rate, one would need to inhale in today’s well-ventilated smoking-allowed work areas for over 80,000 hours (40 worker-years) before sustaining even one extra possibility in a countless lung cancer cells years additionally right into the future!

However, points have altered: we have now (autumn of 2019) seen dozens of deaths taking place from straight vaping as well as thus potentially posturing a risk from the usually insane principle of “used Juul pods or other vaping products.” The catch right here is that the “risk” appears just to happen if the vaper concerned is vaping underground market cannabis vaping fluids that have had Vitamin E Acetate added to them as a production cost-cutter. The concept might seem foolish to anybody accustomed to what’s in fact in the routine vaping ingredients made use of by about 99.999% of vapers. And also even sillier to anyone acquainted with the vital duty that dilution of dosage in such points plays, but it will be utilized as a tool versus vaping generally.

Should Juul pods be carried out in the Australia market because of anxieties for either vaper themselves or others? No. Say goodbye to so than the Meerschaum pipes in the screen rack at a tobacconist’s shop be seized by raiding SWAT teams since “pipelines” are understood to kill methamphetamine addicts!

It is NOT the vaping DEVICES that are killing individuals … it’s a compound that some vapers are taking into them, a, extremely, extremely little fraction of vapers, as well as a compound that likely only exists in vape fluids because some federal governments continue to insist that THC/marijuana/cannabinoids need to stay unlawful.

They are setting up a Prohibition-type atmosphere for Juul pods(and, naturally, when Juul is successfully targeted, after that, all various other vaping tools) will only make matters worse. Remember: when Alcohol Prohibition was ended, the issue of people consuming alcohol methanol-tainted alcohol and coming to be essential “Blind Drunk” for the rest of their lives additionally finished.

The Moralists, Controllers, and also Greedy currently following up their attack on smoking cigarettes with an opportunistic campaign against vaping must have their funding tugged as well as be detested by anyone decent.


We do not comprehend the “repercussions” of anything in our everyday lives that have struck the marketplace recently, since the only means to make trusted long-lasting research, is to let a population that is huge sufficient, utilize a product for adequate time.

This includes things such as new food colorings as well as chemicals, cellphones as well as WI-FI radiation, and also brand-new medicines.

Despite this, we do not ban those products right now, not a minimum of until some measurable degree of damage is verified gradually (Yes, some medications have been taken off the shelves years after they were first launched), because those products only struck the marketplace after we can be moderately confident that they are secure, with short and also medium-term trials– the only ones that can be reliably done before we launch stuff to the general public.

Why should the Juul pods, or any other e-cigarette, already considered by the public health care system in the UK as a cigarette damage reduction device, be any kind of various? Is the UK’s NHS trying to ban e-cigarettes? No, they are promoting their sales at public medical facilities, to urge also extra current smokers to make the button, therefore helping them quit cigarette smoking. So why will Juul pods an exception in Australia?


We do not apply that believing to any other item on the market, including some that are recognized to be highly harmful, so why would we do that especially when it comes to Juul pods or any other vaping items?

The FDA (and also other regulatory authorities of medications) routinely concerns marketing authorizations for medicines that are understood to be highly poisonous. The risk-to-benefit proportion is taken into consideration to be weighted sufficiently to the benefits side to warrant the item being enabled. In some cases that function out fine, and also in various other cases, the product is taken out from the market years later on since it is found to be as well toxic.

If it were called for to verify the lasting safety of every new food and also every brand-new item that is presented, then all innovation would promptly cease.

One ought to think about the context. Asprin is offered in grocery stores in the UK, without prescription. Around 3000 individuals a year die in the UK as a result of taking aspirin. Do we ban aspirin? No, yet we do put cautions on the bundle inserts and also limit the amount that you can purchase one-time in the hope that the message makes clear that it’s not an entirely harmless item.

If we do not restrict an item that is known to create actual deaths, after that why would we limit a product – Juul pods, that thus far is verifying to be instead much safer than aspirin?


No, not, since Juul pods allow QUITTING SMOKING WITHOUT SUFFERING – and we know the consequences of cigarette smoking quite possibly indeed: illness and death to AT LEAST 1/3 of all those who smoke longterm– maybe even closer to half!

If you’re ALRIGHT with all that illness and fatality, then I think outlawing something that remedies it appears reasonable.

We did not know those smoking cigarettes created all that until individuals did it for DECADES – yet clinical evaluation is A LOT more advanced now than in the very early 20th century, which implies we can make a SCIENTIFIC EXTRAPOLATION that with the ABSOLUTE ABSENCE of health hazards in vaping, it’s EXTREMELY UNLIKELY to have any unfavorable consequences, even with longterm use. This is EXACTLY what the Royal College of Physicians said, that also LONGTERM vaping is not likely to go beyond 5% of the threats of cigarette smoking. 

You really should recognize what you’re speaking about before talking nonsense in public.


No on numerous levels, do you count on flexibility? In a complementary culture, innocence is thought till tried and tested guilty. Second, we will certainly never totally recognize the health repercussions of anything. Whatever is poisonous, the dose makes the toxic substance. If we took the preventive principle to its ultimate verdict, everything would certainly be outlawed. 

Life has to do with the threat, and it’s up to each individual to determine what dangers they agree to take. What we do understand is that they go to the very least 95% much safer than standard cigarettes. At this point, Juul pods Australia should not exit.

Do You Think Juul Pods Should Exit Then Market? | VapePenZone Australia Vape Shop

Will Juul Pods Go Out Of Due To The Vaping Crisis?


Vaping is 1,000 times healthier than tobacco cigarettes. If the government doesn’t ban cigarettes, they sure as heck have no reason to ban Juul pods.

And also with all these states legislating Marijuana, exactly how the heck can you protest vaping as an option to tobacco use? All those negative stories are pure NONSENSE, spread out by people that just wish to promote themselves. The firms that make e-juice frequently have their juices examined and confirmed by independent laboratories.

Currently, if you want to be anti THC and also anti-CBD, that’s various. Do not lump my vaping in with the people who are taking in points made with Marijuana.


I don’t believe they will. It’s a bit tough to claim. As a nicotine tool, I wish not. Juul pods are one of the better ones for cigarette substitute. I might not have changed without a nicotine system. I attempted. Difficult. I did not also recognize that that’s what I had until I read something about salt pure Nicotinegadgets as well as speaking to my 19-year-old kid about it. I told him it seemed like a scary thing as well as he said to me that’s what I was using. He made fun of me. My youngsters do that usually. I’m a bit behind the current division in some cases.

Anyhow, I believe both the Vuse as well as the Juul, are unique items, and they offer an excellent function. I wish they stay in an organization for a first extended period.


Most likely not, as Juul is part had by Altria Group (long cigarette). Altria Group bought a share in Juul for 12.8 billion US in December 2018.

My wager, in 5 years 80% of the vape market will be possessed by massive cigarette business/ shares within huge companies like Juul. It will not shock me if Juul is ultimately bought out entirely by Altria Group. So Juul’s market will only grow bigger, Juul pods will not decline!


No, I genuinely do not assume so, due to “hardcore cigarette smokers” switching to Juul pods to stop smoking a great deal as well as it allegedly aided some people for that.

However in reality, of course, it has had made a “vaping situation”, particularly with teens. And also Juul wouldn’t be the just one that has been utilized, even preferred by utilizing of teens, various other vapes like, smoke bar, scoring air, use alto, these are a few others that have been prominent use from teens.

To conclude, in my viewpoint, Juul pods won’t go out of Australia as well as it has been targeted. Because it was “targeting younger target market”, allegedly by the particular flavors they provided, the essential things are other vapes likewise have various and perhaps much better tastes that target teenagers and also such.


Possibly they will. If they face lawsuits over the problems, some had from utilizing their product; it could make them declare bankruptcy. Nonetheless, what they should look into is what is triggering the illness. I’m inclined to think that it has something to do with what vaping juice has. I’ve been vaping for almost two years, and it was the only thing that aided me to stop smoking after 50 years. I simply have USP food quality glycerin with a pure Nicotineadditive, although I can’t say Nicotine is a good idea. I have not had any type of health problems; however, I can breathe much more comfortable than when I was smoking cigarettes.


Juul will undoubtedly need to be filed a claim against over a billion dollars to be put out of business because Juul is such a big and rich firm, it would undoubtedly be tough for individuals to sue the firm as well as win. If the federal government closed down the Juul firm, individuals that liked the business would come to be crazy and despise the government. So the possibility of Juul shutting down is probably 20%.

What do you think about Juul pods &? Flavour ban, illegal, teenagers…What do you think of these controversies? How to balance vaping and those problems? Don’t forget to subscribe to our blog, join the Vapepenzone vaping community, and discuss the latest news with all vape lovers!

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