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DIY Your Own E-juice in 5 Steps

Today we’re gonna learn how to make our own e-liquid. 

We have shared a lemon-flavored receipt that is easy to complete for beginners: DIY Vape Juice: Share My Lemonade Recipes

Step 1

Find a highly-rated recipe online. You can head over to some website and find some, or we will try to update some with you.

Step 2

Buy the necessary materials to make the e-liquid, such as vegetable glycerin, or VG propylene glycol, or PG, your additive. A 0.01-gram scale, a bunch of bottles stock up on these, and of course the necessary flavorings from the recipe that you found. 

Step 3

We need to calculate the recipe. Most people use E-liquid Recipes or All The Flavors.

The first thing you will see on All The Flavors is a section to input your additive values, so make sure you’re inputting the correct values. Then you will move on to the finished batch section where you will input the values, where you while you’re a liquid to be finished at. Then you will input the flavor names and percentages from the recipe that you found into the calculator. Once you are all finished press “Calculate”. 

Step 4

We will now measure our ingredients using the scale that we purchased. Take those grand values that we have and measure accordingly for each ingredient. Don’t forget to measure your VG, PG, and additives.

Step 5 – The Last Step

We’re just gonna shake the solution very very well.

And finally, you can enjoy your new delicious and very cheap and affordable e-liquid that you created yourself!

Enjoy yourself!

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