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DANGER! My Vapes Almost Caught Fire!

Morning all,

It is important to be aware of your vapes battery, juice, leaks, etc. No matter carry or store if you do not treat correctly your equipment, the consequence that causes finally is unimaginable. How to Travel With Your Vapes? ➡

So today I just wanted to share with you all a vaping incident that I had last night.

We were in the middle of dinner and I started to smell something sweet like juice. I had re wicked earlier in the day so I thought I had just got some juice on the table or something so didn’t think much of it.

Next thing the whole kitchen/dining area had started to fill with vape/smoke! I jumped up quick as a flash and one of my mods was auto-firing! I grabbed the mod and the RDA was so hot, it burnt out of my fingers (didn’t care) so I ripped the battery out. 11 Vape Battery Safety Tips You Should Know ➡

My wife asked me why did that happen? I was like I have no idea?! I keep my mods in this organizer and all I could think of was that it was leaning against the side and was firing. But then I thought that can’t be it or it would have been firing earlier.

So I pulled my vapes all apart and juice had leaked between the fire bar and contact on the 510 and must have completed the circuit causing it to fire!

I’m normally so vigilant at keeping them clean for this very reason! I normally pull them apart and clean them at least twice a week, for some reason I have missed that one! Just very lucky it happened while I was awake, god only knows what could have happened! It got so hot that the coil melted!

It scared the absolute out of me, I was so worried that the battery was going to vent!

So I just wanted to put this up as a reminder to be very vigilant and MAKE SURE your vapes everything is nice and clean and remove batteries before going to bed! 11 Vape Battery Safety Tips You Should Know ➡

I would consider myself a well-experienced vaper so it just goes to show that it can happen to any of us.

Be safe and happy vaping!

From Neil

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