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Relx Pods Review Part-2: How To Keep The Pods Flavour Better?

Last week, we wrote a blog to teach vapers how to keep the pod’s flavour better. This week, we will tell you other ways and finish this topic. By the way, these ways are not only suitable for Relx E-Cig but also used for the Juul vape pen or other vaping brands. 

All the ways, we listed, are collected by the vapers’experience and the suggestions, given by our professional team. we hope these will become the good reference material in your vaping journey. Now let’s begin our blog.

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Select The Right Coil For Your Relx Vaping Device

The kind of coil you select has a substantial part to play in just how much flavour you obtain from your Relx e-cig. Personal choice has a big component to play, however, some general rules can aid you to obtain the best Relx flavour.

First of all, top-coil clearomizers are ending up being less popular for a factor. These have the atomizer head at the top of the central stem and also depend on the wick to saturate the e-liquid up against gravity. As a result, they don’t wick effectively, and also the flavour you obtain from them is usually inadequate.

Bottom-coil coils like the fifth-generation of Relx offer substantial improvements. These make gravity help you, with the coil located at the bottom of the main stem so that the wicks do not need to draw the e-liquid approximately the coil.

The next step up in terms of general performance is mase-shaped airway. These are containers that sustain coils under the E-liquid.

A fantastic instance of this is the fourth-generation of Relx. When utilized with reduced resistance coils, these notably boost vapour production and also flavour in comparison, and also the flavour can be much better in some cases also.

The important factor is the bore of the atomizer head. The fad towards bigger bore coils results in more airflow through the coil as well as can lower the flavour because of this. So in many cases, it’s much better to choose a sub-ohm storage tank with a smaller sized birthed coil, preferably. These coils (and the tanks using them) are frequently advertised as supporting mouth-to-lung hits.

However, these aren’t always very easy to find, so devices with smaller birthed coils like the Nautilus — despite the fact that it isn’t sub-ohm– are still often better when it involves flavour.

For numerous flavour-chasing vapers, though, rebuildable atomizers provide the ultimate experience. It’s a bit much more hands-on, however, if you’re comfy with making your very own coils, they’re absolutely worth considering. They provide a degree of modification over your vaping experience you can’t get with any other tool.

If you want to obtain actually technical, there are lots of particular coils you can try to maximise the flavour you get. It’s a deep rabbit hole, but also for serious flavour-chasers it’s one you should think about diving into. By the way, if you like to study the inner structure of Relx, you must like to read more passages about the feelm technology of Relx 

Select A Narrow Hole Dripper 

You could not think the drip suggestion you utilize influences the flavour you get, however it does. The trend with contemporary tanks as well as atomizers is in the direction of larger-bore (i.e. wider) drip tips. This produces an airier vape and benefits awesome vapour as well as cloud production.

Similar to air movement settings, however, this isn’t perfect for flavour. If you get a tank or atomizer that comes with a wide-bore drip tip, try switching it for a narrower-bore one to enhance your flavour.

There is some disagreement on this point, yet in general– and based upon first-hand screening– thinner drip tips do boost flavour. It will not have as large an impact as your primary airflow setup, yet it does make a difference.

Keep Your Relx Vape Pen Clan

You wouldn’t make use of a plate for a curry and afterwards consume your treat off it after that (or at the very least I wish you wouldn’t). If you care about flavour, you need to carry this principle over to your wicks.

The straightforward truth is that fresh coils and tidy wicks produce a better flavour. The only problem with home plate example is that rinsing your wick or changing to a new coil after every modification of flavour is a little excessive. The core lesson is still valid: juices taste better from fresh wicks, coils and storage tanks.

You do not need to rinse your coil or alter it after every flavour adjustment, yet after a day or two of use, the taste will begin to endure. Sometimes washing pre-made atomizer heads extends their life expectancy and also boosts the flavour.

There’s a detailed area to teach vapers not to do 5 things when using Rolex vape, yet the standard approach is basic. Just disassemble your storage tank, wash the components in hot water as well as provide lots of time to completely dry. Leaving your atomizer heads till the wicks are entirely dry is essential (24 hrs is generally sufficient), so it’s an excellent suggestion to have another head to utilize while it’s drying.

If you utilize rebuildable atomizers, you can transform your wick conveniently, so doing it with every adjustment of flavour is more practical. Eliminate the old wick, fire your coil (without a wick placed) to dry it out, await it to cool down and afterwards put the brand-new wick.

Keep Your Relx Vape Pen Clean
Relx Pods Review Part-2: How To Keep The Pods Flavour Better?

Fix The Relx Pods Vaper’s Tongue

Your arrangement is just part of your flavour experience. You are the various other parts of the equation, and the biggest trouble you might face is “vaper’s tongue.” Various things can cause this, yet it’s most convenient to understand as a sort of “flavour tiredness.” The flavour of your juice seems to shed its punch after expanded usage, and you might also battle to take pleasure in various other similar-tasting juices as well.

There are lots of services to this issue, but the most basic is to alter to a new flavour. You can also smell fresh coffee beans, beverage water or even draw a lemon to reset your taste buds as well as defeat vaper’s tongue. We also introduce 9 ways to fix Relx pod’s vaper’s tongue

Keep your Relx E-juice in the right ways

Your e-juice itself may be to condemn. Properly keeping your e-liquid is essential, since the flavourings can degrade with poor storage space. Keep your juices far from warm as well as light, as well as reduce their direct exposure to open-air to maintain them in excellent problem.

Some juices additionally benefit from “soaking.” This resembles how red wine ages with time as well as boosts in flavour– permitting your juice to age can truly highlight flavour notes. There are numerous approaches to soaking, but they all have 2 usual components. The majority of soaking includes leaving the juice in a great, dark area and also sometimes shaking the bottle. The other major theme is allowing your juice “breathe” (for short durations) by opening up the cap.

Steeping isn’t needed for every single juice, however, as well as the results may not constantly be what you were expecting. However, if you want the best flavour, it’s something to attempt.


These pointers should help you enjoy the flavour of your e-juices a lot more, yet there is a whole lot more to flavour chasing than this. There are tons of various strategies to try, heated discussions about the merits of various coil setups, and a huge assisting of personal preference to deal with.

Simply put, this message will establish you down the right course, yet you’ll have to stroll the staying distance to your individual flavour-chasers paradise on your own. Just follow your tastebuds, and do not obtain lost in the clouds.

Finally, we hope you learn somethings in this blog. It is not the hard thing to keep your Relx pods have better flavour. The measures mentioned above just the small parts in our daily vaping. Just pay a little attention, we can enjoy a better vaping experience. 

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As always, if you are new here or like this blog, please be sure to hit subscribe to stay up to date with our latest blogs. See you next time.  

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