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how to refill a Vuse

How To Refill A Vuse Vape: A Step-by-Step Guide

Hey, if you’re feeling a bit lost with your empty Vuse Vape pod, don’t sweat it! I can help you refill a Vuse without any hassle.

Here is a step-by-step guide showing you how to refill a Vuse Vape in a few minutes.

  1. Prepping your Vuse device
  2. Opening the cartridge or pod
  3. Filling with e-liquid pod
  4. Reassembling and waiting

Just follow my way to get your Vuse fulfilling again! Let’s get started!


Vuse is a well-known brand in the vaping industry, recognized for its sophisticated technology and sleek vape designs. It is popular with both experienced vapers and novice vapers.

Vuse Vape consists of these models: Vuse Alto, Vuse eTank Mini, Vuse ePen, Vuse ePod 2, Vuse Pro and Vuse Go. All the models, except Vuse Go, are refillable by changing a new pod replacement.

Finding a compatible and affordable e-liquid pod can be a hassle. However, Vuse offers matching pods at a moderate price to simplify your vaping experience.

To shorten the guide description, we could take the Vuse ePod 2 Vape model as an example to show you how to refill a Vuse Vape.

Understand Your Vuse Model

Before you learn how to refill a Vuse, you need to understand a Vuse.

Different Vuse Models And Their Design

Vuse Vapes consists of 6 models: Vuse Alto, Vuse eTank Mini, Vuse ePen, Vuse ePod 2, Vuse Pro and Vuse Go.

They are all pod vapes that are rechargeable and refillable. In addition, the Vuse Alto and Vuse Pro allow vapers to vape while charging.

The Vuse ePen, Vuse ePod 2, and Vuse Pro are successive generations, with the Vuse ePen being the first, followed by the Vuse ePod 2, and then Vuse Pro.

  • Vuse eTank Mini: The Vuse eTank Mini features a top-fill system for easy refilling of e-liquids and a simple coil replacement mechanism.
  • Vuse Alto: The Vuse Alto pod is prone to serious leaking issues when attempting to refill it with e-liquid.
  • Vuse ePen: The Vuse ePen Vape pods have a dark tint, making it difficult to monitor e-liquid levels.
  • Vuse ePod 2: The magnetic connection on the Vuse ePod 2 Vape securely holds the pod in place without leaking or spitting back.
  • Vuse Pro: It shares all the same features with the Vuse ePod 2 Vape but more lighter.
  • Vuse Go: Non-refillable
5 models of Vuse Vapes

Refillable VS Non-Refillable Pods

Among the pods, there are differences between refillable pods and non-refillable pods.

Literally, all the Vuse pods but Vuse Go can be refilled with e-liquid from other brands.

However, we don’t recommend purchasing e-liquids from unofficial or third-party sources and refilling it into the pod.

E-liquid from other brands may not be suited to the pod since their viscosity, nicotine strength and flavours are all different from the Vuse.

Gathering Necessary Supplies

After knowing the basic differences among the Vuse Vapes, let’s take the ePod 2 vape as an example and start our guide. Here are some necessary processes you need to prepare before knowing how to refill a Vuse.

Selecting the Right E-Liquid

When it comes to refilling a pod, you should choose the right e-liquid that suits your vape device and your vaping habit at the same time.

There are 3 Factors to consider: 

  • Viscosity: The viscosity of e-liquid would influence the wicking and vaporizing efficiency, changing your vaping experience.
  • Nicotine strength: The nicotine strength of e-liquid mainly affects the throat-hits strength.
  • Flavour: Choosing the right flavour could satisfy your vaping experience at most.

Here’s a tip of my Vuse vaping experience. Choosing the matching pod e-liquid from the official website would be most suitable for refilling a Vuse ePod device.

selecting the right e liquid

Tools for the Refill Process

To learn how to refill a Vuse, you need to prepare some tools:

  1. Syringes
  2. Small funnels
  3. Paper towels
  4. Other useful tools.

It should be highlighted that maintaining cleanliness during the refilling process ensures the purity and quality of the e-liquid, resulting in better vapour production.

Keeping things clean can improve the quality of vapour produced by heating e-liquid.

The following steps are the process of how to refill a Vuse.
Prepping Your Vuse ePods Device
  1. Stop inhaling and wait until the white LED light is off, aiming to protect you from the risk of electronic shock.
  2. Removing the pod from the device: Tear down the mouthpiece and pod from the device.
Opening The Pod

Generally, the pods can be rotated down easily. Watch out for your rotating strength and be careful not to splash the e-liquid.

In case of some special designs, you should prepare a pair of pliers or scissors to open them.

Not touching the e-liquid is for your body’s health, clothing cleanliness and purer vapour while vaping.

After you’ve opened the pod, set aside the rubber seal or stopper in a clean place

opening the Vuse pod
Filling With E-Liquid

Here comes the most important step: Filling the pod with the e-liquid.

If you select pods directly from Vuse or authorized dealers, simply uninstall the old one and install the new one without any refill concerns.

However, if you choose to buy pods from other channels, you should carefully follow the instructions.

To avoid overfilling, you can use a syringe and a small funnel to drop the e-liquid in the pod.

There are 2 warnings for your refilling process:

  1. Don’t pour down the e-liquid in a second: It is to avoid the e-liquid spilling and prevent your hands or clothes from becoming dirty.
  2. Don’t drop it too fast: If you drop the e-liquid too fast, it will cause extra bubbles to be generated in the e-liquid and affect the wicking efficiency.
  3. Monitor the liquid level: To control your refilling speed.
  4. Syringes and small funnels could be used to control the speed of refilling.
filling Vuse with e liquid
Reassembling And Waiting
  • After the refill is done, you should assemble the pod and device.
  • Seal the pod tightly to prevent e-liquid leaks.
  • Then, you should set it aside and wait a few minutes for proper wicking. In order for optimal vapour to be produced through the use of e-liquid, it is imperative that the liquid fully permeates the vape wick.
  • You can wipe the leaking e-liquid by using paper towels.
reassembling and waiting

Potential Issues And Troubleshooting

While learning how to refill a Vuse, you should also understand these potential issues and troubleshooting steps.

1. Leaking Pods

Vuse Pod leaking is usually a result of extreme temperature, high air pressure, loose tightening and wrongly matched pod.

Except for proper preservation, the right way to refill the Vuse ePod is also essential.

When you refill the Vuse, you should keep your pace slow and watch out for bubbles.

Choosing pod replacements directly from Vuse Global or its authorized dealers can prevent this situation effectively.

2. Burnt Or Unpleasant Taste

Burnt or unpleasant taste in Vuse Vapes can result from 2 reasons:

  • Overfilling: It would cause the e-liquid to leak and even run out. So you should control the refill speed.
  • Improper wicking: The Vuse Vape wick would make it difficult to absorb the e-liquid if used immediately after refilling, thus leading to dry hits and a burnt taste while vaping. So, wait a few minutes after assembling to ensure the e-liquid penetrates the wicking material totally.

Refill Safety And Best Practices

There are a few safety tips on how to refill a Vuse:

  • Ensuring cleanliness: It protects your body’s health and ensures clothing cleanliness and optimal pure vapour.
  • Storing e-liquids away from children and pets: Although accidentally touching to skin does no harm to the human body, accidentally ingesting the e-liquid would cause serious results.
    • Incorrect use of high-density e-liquids, especially without proper vaporization, could cause a burning sensation in the throat and potential damage to the vocal cords.
    • More seriously, it would damage your stomach functions since the e-liquid is hard to digest.
  • Checking the remaining: If you feel a burnt taste while vaping, it is probably running out of e-liquid. You need to tear down the mouthpiece and check the e-liquid remaining by the transparent appearance of the pod.


Based on my vaping experience, I suggest purchasing the official pod replacement from the official website.

Purchasing a matching pod from the official website will ensure that you enjoy the most compatible experience possible! The disposable design prevents you from messing up your clothes or e-liquid.

Using official pod replacements can also be viewed as environmentally conscious since it reduces waste and minimizes the need for frequent cleanings.

Just follow our guide on how to refill a Vuse Vape, and you will obtain the best vaping experience.

If you want more information about Vuse Vapes or Vuse ePod 2 Vapes, welcome to visit our official website vapepenzone.

FAQ About How To Refill A Vuse

How many times can I refill my Vuse cartridge or pod?

Taking the Vuse ePod 2 Vape as an example, you can refill its pod about 7-10 times.

  • The e-liquid of it approximately equal to 275 puffs, which can be used for 1-2 days.
  • With multiple charging times, the battery could support 12 months.
  • And the coil would be worn out in 7-21 days.

As a result, it could refill 7-10 times literally.

Multiple refills can cause the coil to wear out and result in less flavorful vapour. Additionally, purchasing replacement pods can become costly compared to investing in a new device.

Our recommendation is to consider purchasing a new vape after 3 to 4 refills, which aims to optimise your vaping experience.

Is there a warranty issue with refilling my Vuse cartridge?

If you follow all the instructions and use the official cartridge replacement, there are probably no warranty issues.

But if you choose to refill in your own way and use the pod from other channels, it would cause leaking risk and lessened flavours.

How do you refill a disposable Vuse?

We don’t recommend refilling a disposable Vuse Vape, but there is an unofficial guide.

  1. Dissembling the device and tear down the cartridge.
  2. Use a dropper to add e-liquid to it
  3. Seal the cartridge tightly
  4. Assembling the Vuse device

Does Vuse have refillable cartridges?

Yes, most of the Vuse except for Vuse Go are equipped with refillable cartridges. All you need to do is to change a new pod.

If you are confused about how to refill

Is it safe to refill Vuse pods?

Ensuring following the instructions, it is safe to refill Vuse pods. But there is also a leaking risk in refilling the Vuse refillable vape.

Can you refill Vuse with juice?

No, Vuse pods are not refillable with juice as they only allow for e-liquid or so-called e-juice refills.

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