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what is vape mouth

What Is Vape Mouth?

How much do you know about vape mouths that come into direct contact with your mouth?

Here’s what you need to know about vape mouth that you can’t afford to know. Understand vape mouth to better choose the right vape mouth for you!

The Basics Of Vape Mouth

The vape mouth, located at the top of a vape, is pivotal in the device’s functionality.

It forms the essential connection between the vaper and the vape, significantly transmitting the produced vapour to the vaper’s oral cavity.

Various shapes and materials of vape mouths can lead to diverse impacts on the vaping experience, yielding different effects to varying degrees.

The Shape Of The Vape Mouth

Typically, the shape of a vape mouth can be divided into narrower vape mouths as well as wider ones.

A narrow and elongated vape mouth usually constrains the air, demanding greater suction during inhalation and potentially enhancing the sensation of a throat hit.

Moreover, narrower vape mouths may generate relatively less vapour due to the limited air.

Conversely, broader vape mouths enable increased air passage, frequently leading to heightened vapour production and a gentler vaping encounter.

These are particularly apt for novice vapers and those pursuing voluminous vapours.

Different Materials For Vape Mouth

Vape Mouthpiece
Plastic vape mouthCost-effective, lightweightSusceptible to heat
Metal vape mouthSturdy, durablePotential discomfort touch
Glass vape mouthPreserves flavour, premium appearanceFragile
Ceramic vape mouthHeat-resistant, durableHigher cost
Silicone vape mouthComfortable, flexibleSlight flavour influence
Acrylic vape mouthHeat-resistant, varied designsFragile

Different materials will have a slightly different impact on the smoking experience. Here are six common different materials of vape mouths. You can choose according to your personal preference.

Plastic vape mouth

Plastic vape mouths are highly prevalent, and their affordability is the primary factor behind their popularity.

Plastic vape mouths are notably lightweight, though they do come with a trade-off of being relatively brittle.

Extended exposure to elevated temperatures can potentially result in the deterioration of plastic vape mouths.

Furthermore, certain inferior-quality plastic vape mouths may also influence the vaping experience by impacting the taste when using a vape.

Metal vape mouth

Comparatively, metal vape mouths are significantly more resilient than their plastic counterparts, offering a robustness that withstands inadvertent drops without fear of breakage.

Nevertheless, it’s essential to understand one inherent feature of metal—its efficient heat conductivity.

Extended use of a metal vape mouth might facilitate heat transmission from the vaping device to the metal vape mouth, resulting in a mildly warm sensation.

Likewise, if a metal vape mouth has been unused for a period and is then re-engaged, you might notice it feels cool, potentially causing a minor sensation of discomfort.

Glass vape mouth

Glass vape mouths offer a crystal-clear, high-quality look without impacting the vaping flavour.

However, glass is a delicate material, so you need to handle it with care, particularly as broken glass vape mouths can present substantial hazards.

Ceramic vape mouth

Ceramic vape mouths incur a slightly greater expense, yet they deliver a host of advantages:

  • They offer the same level of pristine vapour quality as glass vape mouths.
  • The material boasts exceptional elasticity and remarkable durability.
  • They exhibit superior resistance to high temperatures.

Silicone vape mouth

Silicone vape mouths are pliable and comfortable, making them suitable for prolonged vaping sessions while maintaining their shape.

Nonetheless, they might have a subtle influence on the flavour profile.

Acrylic vape mouth

Acrylic vape mouths resemble plastic ones, yet the former surpasses the latter in terms of heat resistance and durability.

Acrylic vape mouths come in various colours and designs, contributing personalized touches to vapes and retaining a lightweight and comfortable characteristic.


And with that, we wrap up today’s vape knowledge session.

We trust you’ve grasped the concept of a vape mouth and have identified the vape mouth type that resonates with your preferences!


Are all vape mouths the same?

No, there are many different materials and shapes of vape mouths.

Do you need a vape mouth for the vape?

Vapers need to use a vape mouth to vape. The vape mouth is responsible for delivering the vapour from the vape into the mouth of vapers.

How does vaping affect your mouth?

Vapes that contain nicotine could potentially contribute to teeth grinding, increasing the likelihood of cavities and cracks in teeth. Furthermore, vaping could result in dryness in your mouth.

What does a vape drip tip do?

Vape drip refers to directly dripping e-liquid onto the coil and wick of a rebuildable atomizer or dripping atomizer (RDA). Vape drip allows vapers to have greater control over the flavours they experience.

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