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  1. Service was easy and fast, the vape on the other hand isn’t cooling and doesn’t taste or smell anything like cherry. I would expect it being called cherry ice to have any kind of cooling and taste or smell like cherry but unfortunately it doesn’t..

  2. flavour not the best

  3. Quality product swift delivery 👌

  4. Very good taste

  5. This is not exactly my favourite flavour but smooth

  6. Nice mint flavour and a good draw. But it’s a bit sweet for me.

  7. Nice, but a little too sweet

  8. I still have yet to revive my order

  9. These work pretty good although take a bit to get going or u need to draw a bit harder than the re usable ones.still a good choice for a disposable.

  10. Quick and fast delivery. Stock not very good though

  11. Havnt tried this flavour

  12. purple one recommand

  13. Too sweet

  14. not my flavour but if you like sweetness that is for you!

  15. wasn’t a big fan of the flavour

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