RELX Infinity 2 Pod (Pod Pro 2) – Ruby Raspberry



Ruby Raspberry blends zesty wild berries with cool menthol. The vibrant raspberry is accentuated by a sweet menthol finish.

Note: Each package contains 1 × single RELX Infinity 2 Pod

*The number 2 refers to the Infinity II, not the two packaged pods.

Compatible Devices 👇

RELX Infinity 2 Device


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The RELX Infinity 2 Pod, often called the RELX Pod Pro 2, is a specially designed pod for the 6th generation of RELX vapes.

What makes it unique? It’s not just for the 6th generation (Infinity 2) but also perfectly fits the 4th (Infinity) and 5th (Infinity Plus or Phantom) generations. One pod, multiple devices!


  • For RELX Infinity, Infinity Plus (Phantom), Infinity 2 Device
  • Genuine Guarantee
  • Nicotine Strength: 30mg/ml
  • RELX Pod Pro 2 E-liquid Capacity: 1.9 ml


Meticulously crafted, this RELX Pods melds advanced technology with a user-friendly design, offering vapers an unmatched experience. Dive into its stellar features:

  • Adjustable voltage: Water-drop-shaped metal to enable voltage adjustment function on Infinity 2.
  • Leak-proof design: Thickened and enlarged silicon plug to improve new user experience.
  • Versatile Compatibility: Seamlessly integrates with the 4th (Infinity), 5th (Infinity Plus or Phantom), and 6th (Infinity 2) generation devices.
  • Optimized Design: An ergonomic structure that minimizes leakage and ensures a consistent vaping session.
  • Cutting-Edge Atomizer: Cotton/Ceramic atomizer for an optimal flavour profile and a satisfying throat hit.
  • Extended Battery Life: Designed for longevity, especially when utilizing the Eco Mode.
  • Diverse Flavor Options: Catering to every palate, from rich and bold to light and airy.
  • SmartPace Safety: Integrated functionality that informs users to promote moderate vaping.
  • Eco-Conscious Materials: Crafted with the environment in mind, embodying RELX’s commitment to sustainability.

What is the difference between RELX infinity and RELX infinity 2?

Features & SpecsInfinity 2Infinity
Pod Capacity1.9mL1.9mL
SmartPace FunctionalityYesYes
Charging Duration27min45min
Battery Capacity440mAh380mAh
Charger TypeUSB Type CUSB Type C
Battery IndicatorYesNo
Power AdjustableYes (Green-Eco, Blue-Smooth, Purple-Boost)No

FAQ About The Ruby Raspberry RELX Pod Pro 2

What flavor is RELX raspy ruby?

RELX Ruby Raspberry blends zesty wild berries with cool menthol. The vibrant raspberry is accentuated by a sweet menthol finish.

Which devices are compatible with the RELX Pod Pro 2?

RELX Pod Pro 2 is compatible with RELX Infinity, Phantom (Infinity Plus), and Infinity 2 Device.

How many cigarettes in a RELX pod?

A RELX Pod approximately gives you 400-600 puffs, equivalent to 40-60 cigarettes.

Can RELX Infinity use other pods?

RELX Infinity can use the RELX pod pro and the pod pro 2.

How long should a RELX pod last?

A RELX Pod Pro is equivalent to 3 packs of cigarettes. If you typically smoke a pack a day, the pod will last about 3 days. However, its longevity can vary based on individual vaping habits and frequency of puffs.

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