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VapePenZone now provides UWELL’s unique pod system – Caliburn and disposable vapes – Gabriel. With innovative vape technology, strict quality control system, and exquisite manufacturing, UWELL, transcending national boundaries with ingenuity, achieving excellence with service, has become one of the top brands in the global vape market.

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Uwell (the Shenzhen Uwell Technology Co.) is one of the world’s biggest vape brands. It’s famous for its UWELL Caliburn series, Crown series and so on. It was founded in 2015 by creative and intelligent Chinese engineers. It’s mainly focused on creating the next-gen vaping ideas and products for all the vapers worldwide.

Innovation and user experience have been UWELL’s passions from the beginning. Since UWELL’s establishment, it has been committed to technical exploration to give its users top-quality vape products and high-quality life.

UWELL is a good vape brand. With innovative vape technology, a strict quality assurance system, and elegant production, UWELL, transcending nationwide limits with ingenuity, attaining quality with service, has turned into one of the top brands in the international vape market.

We have gone through tons of satisfied customers and their reviews and seen how their customers recommend UWELL Caliburn. And all of that proved the reliability of the famous vape brand UWELL.

UWELL Caliburn is one of the most popular and trustworthy brands for pod vapes. They’re famous for a reason – their Caliburn vapes with the best quality.

What would surprise you is that you don’t have to spend a lot to get an excellent vape. UWELL specializes in making vapes. They’re trying their best to satisfy every customer, both product-quality-wise and price-wise.

And that means, if you’re a vaper or considering to give your lifestyle a bit switch, you won’t regret choosing UWELL Caliburn. You can order them at home, during work or when you’re travelling just on your phone.

Let’s look at some reviews by customers to see if it’s a great brand.

It’s the very first disposable vape series that UWELL ever made. The Gabriel has four different types, which are UWELL Gabriel Equal (1.5ml), Peace (5ml), Respect (7ml) and Freedom (12ml). With all the sweet tasty fruity flavours, it will be trending very soon.

Most pod system vapers love UWELL Caliburn vapes for many different reasons. And different type of Caliburn vapes all have their advantages. I’ll mainly introduce some of the best UWELL Caliburn vapes:

Type of UWELL VapesCoil ResistanceLiquid CapacityBatteryOutput WattageNicotine LevelCharging Port
UWELL Caliburn A20.9ohm2ml520mAh15w/Type-C
UWELL Caliburn AK20.9ohm2ml520mAh15w/Type-C
UWELL Gabriel Respect 7ml500 mAh 20mg/ml (2%)Type-C
UWELL Gabriel Freedom 12ml500 mAh 20mg/ml (2%)Type-C

If you already have one UWELL Caliburn product, here are some tips for you as a Caliburn owner, click to know more.

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A Using Manual Of Uwell Caliburn

The Caliburn pod system is simple to use, fill, and charge, and very small, light, and compact. If you’ve learned so much about the device and you bought one, you may find that you don’t know how to use it. Here is a manual guide of the Uwell Caliburn or the Uwell Caliburn compatible starter kit.

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Quality product. Same as in the description. Would get again 👍👍

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Hallie S.

Love it

6 months ago
Sarah Morales

Good cartridges

6 months ago