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HQD disposable vape brand has become a giant in the vapour market. Discover HQD’s e-juice option of disposable vape pens, and already charged e-cigarette with fantastic taste, known for zero-leaking and conveniently easy to use.

Among the most prominent disposable vapes on the market, HQD vapes are based on what the users enjoy and the income created.

With all these new popular devices appearing, you can trust HQD Disposable vapes for the best genuine testimonials and the best disposable vape prices as well as discount rates.


3.0 ~ 12.0 ml

Salt Nic

50 mg/ml (5.0%)


600 ~ 4000


400 ~ 950 mAh



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Showing all 9 results




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HQD Vape Review: Cuvie Plus

HQD Vape Cuvie Plus Review: The Trending Vape

Still using Puff Bars? You need an upgrade! In this HQD Vape Review, I’ll introduce you to the most popular disposable – HQD Cuvie Plus. We’ll talk about the user experience, the HQD flavours and how I like it. Click in to find out more!

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Latest Reviews Of HQD

Jennifer K.

Truly fantastic service thank you

1 week ago

The rainbow twist flavour tastes like candy 🌈 🍭

2 weeks ago
Image #1 from Liz

Fantastic bundle and value for money, we were stoked and can't wait to try out our new vapes! Thank you!

3 weeks ago

How do you use HQD vapes?

HQD disposable vapes are really easy to use. All you have to do is open the bundle and puff on the mouthpiece. Those are the only actions required to enjoy these vapes, making them suitable for people utilizing them briefly to give up smoking cigarettes.

Is There Nicotine In HQD?

There is nicotine in HQD disposable vapes.

How much nicotine is in  HQD vapes?

  • HQD Cuvie Plus is at a 50 mg/ml (5%) nicotine level.
  • HQD Super is at a 50 mg/ml (5%) nicotine level.
  • HQD Cuvie Air is at a 50 mg/ml (5%) nicotine level.

How Many Hits Are In A HQD vape?

It depends on which type of HQD disposable vapes you have.

  • Super has 600 hits or puffs;
  • Cuvie Plus has 1200 puffs;
  • Cuvie Air has 4000 puffs.

How much are HQD vapes?

  • Cuvie Plus is at $24.98.
  • Cuvie Air is at $42.98.

Where To Buy HQD Vapes?

Here at VapePenZone.com, you can get the most popular HQD vapes!

The HQD disposable vape has all the features one expects to see in a disposable vape. It is portable, easy to handle and use, and has plenty of flavours from which to choose.

Quite a few disposables reviewed on this site do not have any tobacco flavours, but the HQD does. It speaks well of this company that they did not leave any of these flavours off the menu when considering that many vapers are former smokers.

What does HQD vape do?

HQD vapes are a series of disposable vape devices that have a built-in battery from 400 to 950 mAh and from 600 to 4000 puffs which is equivalent to from 1 to 10 packs of cigarettes and deliver a smooth and satisfying vaping experience with each pod containing 3.0 to 12.0 ml of 5% nicotine salt e-liquid.

HQD vapes provide you with a healthier lifestyle. The flavours and strong throat hits are the reason why you should choose them.