what is ghosting vape

What Is Ghosting Vape?

Ghosting Vape, synonymous with the Ghost Inhale technique, is a captivating phenomenon within the realm of vaping, showcasing the artistry and skill of vape enthusiasts.

This unique technique involves inhaling the vapour into the mouth, exhaling it as a dense cloud, and skillfully retracting it back into the mouth, creating a mesmerizing disappearing act.

The Ghost Inhale Technique

The Ghost Inhale is a distinctive vaping technique that unfolds in several stages.

Vapers begin by taking a substantial puff from their vape device, drawing the vapour into their mouths without allowing it to reach their lungs. The vapour is then exhaled as a thick, billowing cloud.

The highlight is the vaper, who retracts the cloud back into their mouth, making it vanish.

The Artistry of Ghosting

Ghosting Vape is not merely a technical feat but a form of artistic expression among enthusiasts. The technique requires precision, control, and a deep understanding of vapour dynamics.

The allure of the Ghost Inhale lies in its ephemeral nature, captivating onlookers with the skilful manipulation of vapour.

The Science Behind Ghosting

The science of Ghosting Vape involves a nuanced understanding of vapour properties. The technique relies on the vapour’s density and the vaper’s ability to manipulate it effectively.

As the exhaled vapour expands, the quick inhalation creates a low-pressure zone, causing the vapour to retract rapidly. This interplay of pressure and vapour dynamics is key to the ghostly disappearing act.

Ghosting Vape has inspired various artistic variations within the vaping community.

Vapers commonly perform modifications such as the Double Ghost Inhale and the Ghost French Inhale, which combines the French inhale with the Ghost Inhale for an impressive display.

Community Impact and Recognition

The Ghosting Vape technique has gained recognition and popularity within the community, often featured in social media platforms and events.

Vape enthusiasts showcase their mastery of the Ghost Inhale, fostering a sense of camaraderie and skill-sharing among the community.


Ghosting Vape, epitomized by the mesmerizing Ghost Inhale technique, transcends the ordinary realms of vaping into a captivating art form.

As vapers continue to explore and refine their skills, the Ghosting Vape phenomenon persists as a testament to the creativity and innovation within the vaping community.

Ghosting Vape FAQ

How to do the ghost thing with a vape?

To perform the Ghost Inhale, inhale a large hit and hold it in your mouth. Then push out a ball-shaped cloud with your tongue and quickly suck it back in.

How does Ghost vape work?

In vaping, there is a trick called “the ghost” where the vaper holds the vapour in their mouth before releasing it.

Some more advanced tricks require inhalation directly into the lungs, and the better the vaper pulls the vapor into their lungs, the better the tricks will turn out.

Are Ghost Vapes safe?

At Ghost Vapes, we ensure that every vaporizer meets industry standards for safety and performance through thorough testing procedures, including inspections, temperature checks, and regulatory compliance.

How many puffs does Ghost vape have?

The number of puffs depends on the e-liquid capacity of the vape and your vaping strength.

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