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Why Did You Start Vaping?

Hey, how’s it going guys, this is Vapepenzone – Vaping Online Vape Store again,

I’ve been smoking for 25 years now and it’s costing me close to $200 a week or $10k a year.

I’ve tried patches and meds to quit numerous times in the past and I have failed.

I’ve decided to give vaping a go and placed my first order several days ago and keenly awaiting my delivery to hopefully begin my journey on becoming smoke-free.

I’ve ordered just a couple of very basic vape pens kits which I’ve seen a few people on here say are nice and easy to use, compact and didn’t really look for any bells and whistles so yo speak, suitable for beginners.

The thing I have noticed is it seems vaping has become more of a hobby opposed to an alternative to smoking. Many vapors love to share large collections of devices, juices, mods, etc and like a group of like-minded hobbyists trading ideas unlike say an RC car group or the like.

I may be completely wrong and please correct me if I am but would be interested to actually see the reason you guys on here why you start vaping? Is it to help quit smoking or save money or are you doing it because you find it fun or cool?

Do You Spend More Money on Vapes?

Just an observation that made me curious is all.

From Chris Fitzgerald

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