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Warning: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

What Is Doubler Vape? Can It Make The Flavour Taste Better?

Hello, everyone! Welcome to visit the blog post via our VapePenZone Online Shop! Have you heard of Doubler Vape? Or Do you know What is doubler Vape? I guess many of you have only heard a little about it but have never looked into it. But that’s okay, this guide will tell you a little bit about the Doubler Vape! Here we go!

What Is Doubler Vape?

What is doubler Vape? An Infinite Vape doubler is a bottle half-filled, with double-strength focused E-Juice. This enables you to add your pure Nicotine to our E-Juice at your wanted levels. All doublers need to be thinned down before vaping. Doublers are created to make it easier for people to add pure Nicotine to their e-liquid. These bottles come half-filled, yet the flavour is dual concentrated (for this reason the name doubler).

You generally wouldn’t vape the materials of a doubler without adding an unflavoured pure Nicotine base to the bottle. This is since the flavour would certainly be as well solid as well as not the means the juice producer meant.

A doubler or solitary bottle appearance similar, as well as the only distinction, is that a doubler will consist of half a container of fluid whereas a solitary will certainly be loaded to the top.

what is doubler vape

What Does Doubler Mean In Vaping?

What is doubler vape meaning? Doublers are made to make it simpler for individuals to include Nicotine in their e-liquid. These bottles come half-filled, yet the liquid within is dual-focused (hence the name Doubler).

These e-liquids are created to be combined with further active ingredients before vaping. You do not vape the materials of a Doubler without adding an unflavoured Nicotine base to the bottle. This is because the flavour would be too strong as well as not the way the juice supplier planned.

The Doubler container is combined with this Nicotine base to the desired strength. Nicotine calculators are readily available online to aid with these computations. If there is any type of ‘gap’ leftover in the bottle after adding Nicotine, this should be filled with unflavoured base active ingredients Propylene Glycol (PG) and also Vegetable Glycerin (VG). Only as soon as this container has been loaded is it all set to vape.

What Is Doubler Vape? Can It Make The Flavour Taste Better? | VapePenZone Australia Vape Shop

What Is The Difference Between Ready And Doubler Vape?

A Doubler or Singler bottle appearance is the same – despite the very same tags – as well as the only difference is that a Doubler will certainly have half a container of liquid whereas a Singler will be filled up to the top.

Those that are intending on using a Doubler must acquire a container of unflavoured Nicotine base from an abroad vendor. At this stage, Nicotine is not regulated available.

Because of the laws concerning Nicotine, you are not able to acquire e-liquid including pure Nicotine from ann vendor however clearly numerous ex-smokers like to vape with pure Nicotine.

The trouble with adding unflavoured pure Nicotine to a 0mg bottle of e-juice is that it will likely weaken the flavour of the juice.

Doublers resolve this trouble by permitting an unflavoured pure Nicotine base to be added to the bottle without compromising on flavour.

What Is Doubler Vape? Can It Make The Flavour Taste Better? | VapePenZone Australia Vape Shop

If you’re still confused, think of a doubler as resembling cordial. To make a glass of cordial you require to add water to dilute the fluid before it’s ready to consume alcohol. With a doubler, although we do not utilize water, the fluid demands to be weakened before use. We don’t include water to doublers yet it’s the same principle.

Note: Please do your research study before buying a bottle of unflavoured pure Nicotine but we recommend that the Nicotine toughness must be no greater than 24mg.

How Do You Use Doubler Vape?

After you learning What is doubler Vape, but how to use it? All you need to do is top up your doubler container with your Nicotine remedy. When you include your pure Nicotine remedy to your doubler the final pure Nicotine stamina will certainly be cut in half.


If you bought a 50ml Doubler and you have imported a 24mg/ml pure Nicotine service.

Take your 50ml doubler (25ml of double toughness E-Juice) and also include 25ml of your Nicotine solution. Just top the bottle up.

Currently, offer it a shake and also you have the complete bottle prepared to vape. The last degree of Nicotine will be 12mg/ml.

What Is Doubler Vape? Can It Make The Flavour Taste Better? | VapePenZone Australia Vape Shop

If you would like to know more about Nicotine vape juice, then these two articles we recommended earlier are well worth reading, and after reading them, you will better understand Nicotine e-juice.

1. What is Nicotine vape juice made from?

2. A guide to vape juice Nicotine

How Do You Make Easy Mixed Nicotine?

There are generally two caps on an e-liquid container, an outer cap and an inner cap (with a nozzle). We must remove the inner cap to add Nicotine to the bottle. This can be challenging as they’re rather limited to guarantee an excellent seal, we do have a device available that makes it much easier though, you can find it below.

You will need to get rid of some flavoured e-liquid to fit the Nicotine base in. Always use separate measuring syringes for entering into contact with the pure Nicotine base and the flavours, making use of the same syringe for both will result in contamination of the pure Nicotine base.

Very carefully attract the correct amount of Nicotine right into a determining syringe as well as include it in the bottle of flavoured e-liquid. Once the pure Nicotine base has been included, change the bottle caps tightly and shake intensely for several minutes. This action is crucial as we have to ensure that the pure Nicotine is mixed right into the e-liquid extensively. Dispose of the used syringes, these are single-use things.

Once the Nicotine has been mixed, leave it to choose 1 day. Before including any type of e-liquid in your atomiser, offer the bottle a shake.

Last, if you like our article, please bookmark it and share it with your friends. If you have any advice or idea about What is doubler Vape, please leave a comment and let us know by return, we will check it in time and make adjustments to ensure that we provide you with better content.

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