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Will the Abrupt Ban On Vaping Affect?

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now many overseas countries are also misled by this information. India recently banned vaping. The move comes a day after New York became the second state to ban vaping.

It’s time to stop sharing the bloody people dying in the US over vaping.

This is not a VAPING PROBLEM, the more you share it the more traction the media gets on pushing anti-vaping propaganda. It will really affect vapes.

In the US Idiots are using synthetic cannabis-like spice, k2, and shit to make these carts they are selling mostly in black markets online. Genuine sellers of THC and CBD vape juice are Normally made from their own product and NOT outsourced unless they are an authorized reseller.

Interesting to see how many lives weed has taken, then look at the statistics of how many deaths synthetic Cannabis has killed in the past 5years alone.

At my workplace, I’ve told the majority of everyone that I have started trying vape pens which everyone is really supportive and encouraging. The check-in and congratulate me every day I’m tobacco-free.

Well, recently with all this news going around about the recent deaths caused by vaping..a colleague passed me her phone which had a news story on the dangers of vaping/e-cigarettes. Before I even had a chance to respond, my colleagues were responding with how bad cigarettes are, how costly they are, the chemicals in no longer inhaling and how vaping is no way near as harmful as cigarettes.

It was a proud moment.

I repeat this IS NOT a vaping problem and it needs to be fixed. And beg there is no influence in the vape market.

From Jordan River King & Nicholas Purser

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