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What Do People Think of Your Vape Pen Use?

Hey, how’s it going guys, this is Vapepenzone – Vape Pen Australia Online Vape Store again,

in the most time when I went to clubs and vaped in the smoking area, I actually got positive responses and people interested themselves.

But sometimes the amount of hate I get publicly whilst Vaping is bloody ridiculous.

Went to the club last night and was out in the smoking area …. dirty looks/glares at me, people see me using a vape pen and start coughing as if it’s gonna kill them, had a worker (lady) picking up ashtrays ask me to grab the ashtray for her even tho she could have got it, I did and then she glared at me every time I saw her, the amount of just general hate I copped last night made me leave the smoking area just wanting to cry and went home early.

How harmful is Second Hand Vapor for Bystanders? >>

Some people are so shit…we don’t go around doing that shit to people that still smoke. You have no idea what people are going through so be kind…

Vape pens changed my life for the better and I feel compelled to defend it from ignorant plebs who follow bullshit social media negativity. But did I try to preach to her about the dangers of the cigarette she was puffing on?

From Jess Tully

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