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Vaporesso Xros Review: Upgraded Device With Adjustable Airflow

This is a Vaporesso Xros review. This passage will introduce the Vaporesso Xros in 4 aspects: Specifications, Cartridges, Performance and Battery.


The Xros is a refillable pod vape from Vaporesso. It bears similarity to the recent wave of Uwell Caliburn-inspired devices, however its brushed SUS304 stainless-steel body provides it with a more tough and contemporary aesthetic. The Xros has an 800 mAh inner battery as well as includes both draws triggered and also push-button procedure. The cartridges hold 2 mL of liquid and utilize 0.8 and also 1.2-ohm mesh coils.

What establishes the Xros apart from the rest? Last however not the very least, the Xros makes use of USB Type-C fast charging.

The Xros has a whole lot of taking place in terms of features. At the end of the day, it all comes down to performance as well as simplicity of usage. The real inquiry is, did Vaporesso just out-do Uwell? No spoilers! Maintain checking out to figure out.

This device was sent out courtesy of Vaporesso for the function of this evaluation.


  • Cartridge capacity: 2 mL
  • Well-developed Mesh Coils
  • Charging: Type-C 5 V/1 A 
  • Battery output: Max 20 watts
  • Clampodtop filling
  • Dual firing mechanism
  • 800mAh Built-in Battery
  • Adjustable Airflow
  • Compact Design
  • Twin Firing Mechanism
  • Visible Pod


  • 1 x Xros battery
  • 1 x Xros 0.8-ohm shuck (2 mL)
  • 1 x Xros 1.2-ohm shuck (2 mL)
  • 1 x Type-C USB cable
  • 1 x User manual
  • 1 x Warranty card
  • 1 x Reminder card
  • Develop top quality and layout

The Xros considers in at around 54 grams, with a full cartridge installed. The Xros is still small enough to slip into the smallest pockets.

I truly like the overall style of it. I got the cleaned stainless-steel variation, which showcases its aesthetic appeals. I locate it to be extremely attractive with in spite of its barebone appearance, which I appreciate. It appears to be like a slightly larger and also extra intensified Caliburn, that’s made of steel instead of plastic. There is a subtle Vaporesso logo laser etched at the end of it. I actually like the black version, as well as a few of the various other eye-catching shade choices.

The cartridges protrude out on top, which makes them extremely easy to keep an eye on. The Xros also includes the Axon chip to offer a plethora of safety and security securities.

Lastly, the airflow can be adjusted on the back of the gadget by moving the control toggle. I needed to dig my nail in a little bit and drag the stopper over to either side. It’s pretty easy to change. When you set it, it stays in place actually well. The AFC toggle allows you to go from a ventilated direct lung draw, to a tighter and also extra restrictive draw. Extra on that later on.


The cartridges on the Xros have a sharp and also boxy layout. The mouthpiece is made from a glossy black PCTG product as well as they’re calling it “clamped design”. There are currently two husks offered for the gadget, 0.8 ohms and also 1.2 ohms, and also both utilize mesh coils and cotton wicking. On the within the pods, on the bottom, there are four layers of silicon to stop leaking. Until now, I’ve been making use of the Xros for a few weeks and I have yet to see a solitary decrease leakage out. Actually, I haven’t even seasoned much condensation whatsoever, which is quite ridiculous.

When you remove the clamped mouthpiece, the fill port is shielded by little flaps, which is said to help keep the interior pressure of the Poding. The dropper simply slides right through and allows you to fill it usually.

I evaluated the 0.8-ohm cases making use of normal 3 mg e-juice and the 1.2-ohm ones with 30-50 mg pure Nicotine salt. I got an excellent week out of them with the nicotine. Usually, that would be just typical. Considering exactly how several refills I got out of it, that’s actually good. I was refilling it at least two times a day for over a week, so I was quickly able to run concerning 15-20 mL through them.


The draw is adjustable using the airflow toggle. There are 3 air slots. Wide-open, you obtain an even more of a restrictive direct lung draw. With 2 holes open, it’s still restrictive, but not significantly different. On the tightest setup is where you can actually begin getting an MTL draw, however, it’s still a bit on the airy side. It’s quite comparable to the make use of the Caliburn. If you mistakenly hold the device the upside-down, you can unintentionally cover up the air holes with your hand, so be mindful of that when utilizing the Xros. You might not have the ability to hold it the way you hold various other similar tools.

I really did not really experience much of a substantial throat hit. I attempted the 1.2-ohm cartridge making use of 50 mg nicotine on the tightest airflow setup– still nothing. If that’s what you’re after, the Xros is probably not the one for you. However, if you’re choosing taste, that’s another tale. The taste is exceptional. It actually seems to be a bit more extreme compared to the Caliburn. In addition, I haven’t got any type of dry or burned hits with the Xros whatsoever, which is a beautiful thing.

In terms of vapour manufacturing, the Xros puts out a wonderful cloud. I would associate that to the reduced resistance of the mesh coils and the rise in airflow. For a pod system, it gives a little bit more than ordinary vapour manufacturing. The temperature level is instead cool, yet obtains substantially warmer as you cut down the airflow setting. The pods sure do a great task at cooling down the vapour on the 2 broader airflow configurations.

Regarding dripping goes, I have not had to handle any. The Pod stays bone dry to the last refill. Its silicon securing system appears to be working also. The only issue I experienced was some small spit back after filling up. Simply ensure to fill up the pod slowly as well as meticulously. If you remain in a rush and also fill it also body, it can possibly cause spit back concerns if you overfill it.

The initial set of pre-production coverings offered me some spit back, but it was dealt with on the final edition run, which is wonderful news. It’s revitalizing to see that Vaporesso took my feedback as well as improved the pod layout within only a couple of weeks.


The battery life is 800 mAh, which is a great deal more than the 520 mAh of the Caliburn. That’s remarkable, particularly taking into consideration that it’s not that much larger. It’s adequate power to get me with a lot of the day, especially with 30-50 mg nicotine as well as the 1.2-ohm coils. When I make use of the 0.8-ohm coils with 3 mg Nicotine, it doesn’t appear to last a complete day. That’s due to the fact that I often tend to take larger and also more constant puffs with reduced nic, as well as the 0.8-ohm coils are a bit more power-hungry than the 1.2-ohm ones.

They declare that it charges in under 45 minutes. From my experience, it actually charged a bit quicker, but there was probably still some power left in the battery. The Xros likewise does passthrough charging, so you can creep in as many smokes as you want while it’s still billing. When the gadget is billing, the LED will blink red. When fully billed, it lights up environment-friendly.

The Xros uses the same LED colour system as the Caliburn, which is rather practical. Eco-friendly implies it’s completely loaded. Blue is about 50% and also red ways get to the charger! (Those are just my estimates, they don’t define the actual percents.) The corresponding colour lights up when you vape.


Sturdy and also well-built

Sleek and modern layout


Flexible air movement

Easy to monitor fluid levels

No dripping whatsoever

Draw/button activation

Quadruple leakage security

Nice taste

Extremely simple to fill

800 mAh battery

Type-C charging


The Xros produces a truly good taste, the cartridges do not ever before leakage, and also it has flexible airflow! It likewise has a trendy modern-day appearance and also feels like it is constructed to last. As a benefit, the coverings are very visible, something a great deal of various other manufacturers have been sleeping on lately (for whatever reason).

If you shut off the air movement sufficient, they both offer a comparable draw. Generally, they are similar in performance but the Xros puts out a bit extra power and supplies much more convenience, with its airflow adjustability and also a little reduced ohm coil alternatives.

If you’re looking for a more challenging striking, a lot more savoury as well as a sturdy version of the Caliburn, the Xros is all that and also a bag of chips. I still enjoy my Caliburn, however, I believe Vaporesso might have a serious shot at “catching the crown”.

Exactly how do you really feel concerning the Xros? Leave me a comment below. If you want to buy Vaporesso XROS, please feel free to place an order in Vapepenzone. Here is the $5 off coupon special for you to try Vaporesso xros, please take your time and we will dispatch your orders in 24hrs! Click HERE to get the code NOW.

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