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Warning: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Vaping With Nicotine Salt – It Must Be Fun

What Is Nicotine Salt?

Nicotine salt is just another kind of Nicotine. A lot nearer to Nicotine in its natural state, they are obtained with various procedures of pharmaceutical pure Nicotine that is made use of in all e-liquids. The better known RELX pods are also made with Nicotine salts.

To place it merely, Nicotine salt e-juice makes it feasible to get e-liquids with an extra acidic PH level. Especially, the vape is less “aggressive”, and the hit on the throat, is much softer when you vape. In addition, the nature of this type of pure Nicotine would likewise enable faster adaptation.

The very same holds true with the contrary effect. You can get the Nicotine salt that will make your vape harsher on the throat. Although, this is much less typical. The bottom line of the intro of Nicotine salt was to decrease that kick in the rear of your throat. Vaping high Nicotine in freebase e-liquids can be fairly extreme.

If the Nicotine salt rate interests you, VapePenZone has a large selection of Nicotine salt e-juice.

Nicotine Salt Pros And Cons


  • Strong Flavour

Many vapers commonly favour nicotines because they do not alter the taste of e-liquid like freebase can. This is as a result of their distinction in focus.

Nicotine salt e-juice is much better considering that it supplies smoother vapour than freebase pure Nicotine.

  • Lasts Longer

Nicotine Salts have higher stability than freebase Nicotine, permitting them to last much longer in the bottle.

  • MTL Vaping

MTL, or mouth to lung, refers to a vapour hit that aids you to accumulate the vapour within your mouth momentarily prior to you inhale it right into your lungs. Nicotine e-juice appropriates for MTL vapers due to the fact that it does not emit large clouds of smoke, permitting them to obtain the influence they want in smaller sized, extra focused quantities.

  • Beginner Vapes

If you’re new to vaping, Nicotine salts are really easy to use. Nicotines are made to deal with low-power, smooth, lightweight, as well as user-friendly electronic devices, making them great for grab-and-go portables. An example is the disposable Nicotine salt vape, of which the IGET vape is very popular.

  • Concealed Vaping

Nicotine e-juice is perfect if you wish to stay under the radar for your vaping because they do not give off large plumes of vapour or require huge, clunky-looking makers. You will not scent like an ashtray if you place your little vaping kit in your pocket or bag.

Nicotine Salt Fifty 50


  1. Cartridges or pods are not universal
  2. Closed systems carry a minimal choice of flavours depending upon the device
  3. Not for high wattage gadgets or sub-ohms
  4. Not all Nicotine salt makers will supply a series of Nicotine strength
  5. Not for cloud chasers
  6. Flavours might not be as obvious contrasted to high power level devices
  7. Throat hit can still be harsh to some at high pure Nicotine toughness. You might need to play around with the nic stamina to obtain a throat hit you delight in
  8. Battery life may not last as lengthy contrasted to a high powered device
Nicotine Salt Blvk

Is Nicotine Salt Safe?

An ordinary e-liquid or an own made e-juice varies from a Nicotine salt e-juice by the fact that benzoic acid is included in Nicotine salts, implying that they are no less or a lot more risk-free than the freebase Nicotine-based vape juice.

According to WHO’s a program on the safety and security of the chemical, the consumption of greater than 5 mg/kg of body weight each day is unsafe to your health and wellness.

This indicates that an ordinary individual – 150 extra pounds (68 kg) – individual must not exceed 345 mg of Nicotine each day – which is possibly not possible to vape this quantity in a day.

Does Nicotine Salt Expire?

All vape juice will certainly run out, provided enough time. There are several variables that can impact exactly how rapid any e-juice will certainly run out.

First of all, Nicotine salt breaks down extra slowly than freebase Nicotine does. This is due to their chemical nature as a salt rather than a base. Nonetheless, e fluids without any Nicotine do not need to stress over Nicotine degrading in all.

Next, the taste of the vape juice will additionally impact exactly how fast the e-liquid spoils. Some flavours weaken faster than various other tastes. Typically, fruit and also flower tastes shed their strength and change before facility flavours as dough or custard do.

This may cause modifications in the flavour accounts which, while not strictly unpleasant, can be disappointing. Visualize if you picked up a container of Packed Lemon Bar, expecting a sour lemon treat just to discover a slightly tangy smoke of pastry!

While Nicotine type and flavour may not be something you have complete control over, you can take actions to make any kind of e-juice last longer. Heat, agitation, light, and also exposure to air can all make your e-juice weaken quicker.

Nicotine Salt Juice

Nicotine Salt VS Freebase

We can quickly contrast the vital differences between freebase and Nicotine salts to decide which is finest for you.

Nicotine Salt Details

  • Will contain Benzoic or Citric acid for optimising
  • Rapid soaking up in the bloodstream
  • Still smooth in greater dosages
  • Restricted flavour complexity
  • Constricted cloud manufacturing
  • Matches the mouth-to-lung vaping strategy
  • Possibly more expensive by volume
  • Available in the greatest pure Nicotine strengths
  • Optimum for novice vapers and also mixed customers
  • Works ideal with reduced power electrical power tools
  • Can attain cigarette-like Nicotine hit with much less e-liquid
  • Longest shelf life as a result of slower oxidation

Freebase Nicotine Details

  • Includes no additives
  • The slower soaking up in the bloodstream
  • Becomes harsher at greater dosages
  • Optimum flavour complexity
  • Larger cloud manufacturing
  • Fits both direct-to-lung as well as mouth-to-lung vaping strategies
  • Usually cheaper by volume
  • Readily available in the lowest Nicotine strengths
  • Optimal for vapers with reduced pure Nicotine demands
  • Functions ideal with higher power electrical power tools for many effective vaping
  • Potentially more e-liquid required for a cigarette-like Nicotine hit
  • Shorter life span because of quicker oxidation
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