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2021 AU Vape Mail Ban: How To Deal With?

The vape mail ban that we have been facing in 2020, the TGA or the therapeutic goods administration here has handed down its decision. How they’re going to re-regulate nicotine in June 2020. Greg Hunt the absolute currency for the health minister, planned to ban outright and ban the importation of liquid nicotine for use in e-cigarettes.

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Background Information On’s Vape Mail Ban

If you’re just joining us for the first time on this sort of topic,ns haven’t been able to buy e-liquid with Nicotine in them ever. It’s always been legal. It’s been part of the section 7 poisons act, so you can’t sell or supply Nicotine. But we have been able to import add it to ourn e-liquids and quit smoking now. Greg Hunt proposed banning the importation completely back in June and he was met with a fair bit of push back.

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We got 70,000 signatures within a week and everyone said this no way, and then they went well hang on. Actually, we’ll maybe look into this and make a decision by January 1st. Then comes a select committee to take submissions from the general public on their opinions, on what they should do. They have made their decision and they’ve abandoned the idea of banning Nicotine completely for importation. But they have implemented a prescription system or they will be implementing a prescription system as of October 2021. You will be required to have a prescription to import Nicotine for use in your electronic cigarettes now. You can see what people are saying at TGA.

We don’t know how they’re going to regulate this are they going to stop packages at the border. And then if you don’t have a prescription to provide, they’ll find you. But as of right now, you can still import your Nicotine as you always have without a prescription.

USPS Vape Mail Ban

The USA Post Office has in between now as well as April 27, 2021, to produce its judgment for restricting vape mail. As soon as USPS has actually announced its judgment, it will no more ship vaping products. At the extremely latest, this will certainly be April 27.

It was announced by UPS and also FedEx that they would certainly also be transforming their policy to not ship vaping products. Please note, this is strictly an inner plan decision by UPS and also FedEx, they can lawfully still carry vaping products.

Electric Tobacconist will be collaborating with specialist providers that can collect the required grown-up signature on distribution.

A Constant Battle On Vape Mail Ban

As of October 2021, if the TGA’s new regulations uh come into effect you will be required to have a prescription or face hefty fines now we have lost the battle, I suppose well kind of I wouldn’t even say lost the battle. Because we were facing an outright ban of importation and we haven’t got that thanks to you guys rallying up and hitting your politicians. Also a lot of people donating to organizations like Legalized Vaping we have been able to mobilize. And get something changed and get something back in terms of avoiding complete catastrophe and that would have been an outright ban on importations. 

It’s still a long way to go in this war it hasn’t turned out, quite as nicely, as we would have hoped.  But it could have been much worse, so please remain optimistic and remain angry and fired up. Because between now and October next year. We have a really good opportunity of getting this not overturned or reversed because the TGA is independent of the government. 

They don’t have to listen to what the government says unless legislation comes in and this is where you come in between now and October, if the federal government brings in legislation that legalizes Nicotine for sale at vape stores then the TGA will have to reverse this regulation or not bring it in.

Responding To’s Vape Mail Ban

So what we need to do right now is contact your federal members, if you’re ann resident or you’re just , please contact your federal member of parliament and tell them you don’t want to have to go and get a prescription.

Why should you have to jump through hoops to quit smoking when you can go to any service station corner store deli or supermarket and pick up a bunch of cancer sticks with no prescription and nothing. But an absolutely disgusting the TGA wants to make people work harder to quit smoking than they do to smoke, it’s really obvious this report that they’ve handed down if you have a look at it you can see. They’re citing information and health reports from places like Ireland and around Europe. They’re completely ignoring all of the UK’s findings there’s no mention at all of the royal college of physicians in there.

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There’s no mention of how the NHS in the UK fully supports vaping and encourages smokers to take up vaping. They’ve completely ignored all of that and they’ve cherry-picked all of the studies and all of the bits of health information from places that suit their agenda. They never wanted us to have legalized Nicotine here, they never planned on making this easy for smokers to access they always had their agenda and that was to restrict vaping as much as they could in Australia.

They cherry-picked whatever they liked out of these studies and they ignored all of the real evidence from places like the united kingdom.

We know it’s corrupt, but we do have a very good chance of avoiding having this prescription system come in at all. That is if you guys contact your members of parliament, so please contact them, tell them I shouldn’t have to jump through hoops to access Nicotine. I shouldn’t have to try harder, not to smoke than I do to smoke. 

Ways To Deal With’s Vape Mail Ban – TGA

It’s ridiculous, it’s a nanny state approach to tell them that you’ve been vaping and that if you have to do this prescription system, it may force you back to smoke a cigarette and tell them above all. If you tell them that you won’t be voting for them, you won’t be supporting any politician that supports them. The TGA’s decision to restrict Nicotine to a prescription system, because it’s an election year.

These are listening more than ever to what the public has to say you have the power. We’ve already avoided a really bad situation through people power and we can do it again if we get motivated. The TGA doesn’t have to listen to what the government says unless legislation is brought in and guess who the government has to listen to.

The people who vote for him, it’s really simple. We vape we vote to tell your politicians that because they’re worried about getting re-elected and they have to listen to the people that vote for him. So tell him you want to see nicotine, not with a prescription, you want to see a UK style system brought in. Where you can access Nicotine at vape storage rather than having to go to the doctor pleaded with them.

Do Your Part For’s Vape Mail Ban

Why you want to quit smoking via vaping and then go and show your prescription to get your Nicotine from overseas. Get on the phone and tell them right now, because they’re already aware of it. Scott Morrison is already aware that people care about this issue. Because it’s already getting blown up on Twitter and in phone calls and emails to various politicians. 

So keep it up if you haven’t let your politician know then what are your bloody doing get on there and do it. Because we have a very good chance of getting this reversed through the government bringing in actual legislation.

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Otherwise, the TGA will just get to do whatever they like and we go ahead with this prescription system. You’ll still be able to get your nicotine, but you have to go through extra hoops and it’s not gonna be easy for those that can’t access a doctor readily.

It’s not gonna be easy for those that doctor maybe disagrees with vaping what if your doctor says I don’t like vaping, maybe he’s ill-informed, maybe he doesn’t know about the benefits that the United Kingdom is talking about. He’s been hearing all of this bad press and phony study stuff what happens then how are you going to access these products then. So please guys get onto it and do your part because this isn’t overall right.

To some extent, e-cigarettes can help us quit smoking. Don’t lose hope most importantly and don’t go back to smoking cigarettes. Because that’s what all of this effort seemingly is designed to do get those big tobacco sales back up and get you coughing wheezing and smelling like an ashtray all over again.


  1. San Sun Lay

    Ever since I’ve got on this vape pen I have given up on smoking. This product is a must to help smokers quit! Thanks to vapepenzone, i feel more healthy and has stopped buying cigarettes. I hope our government will not banned this. It will Kill us by going back to smoking!

    1. I’m so happy for you that you’ve quit smoking successfully! We are always here for smokers like you used to be whenever they decide to quit smoking. Also, we as vapers should stick together and make a difference showing them that we’re not gonna give up that easily. Thank you so much for your trust and support! We’ll try out best to keep our work going and better.

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