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Uwell Caliburn vs JUUL, Which One Wins?

JUUL vs Caliburn, which one is better?

Hey, guys today we’re gonna be talking about Uwell Caliburn vs JUUL, and which one is better? And we’re gonna list a couple of topics, the topics are gonna be:


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Size comparison. As you guys see, the JUUL is the more slim and sleek device, and while the Caliburn is bigger, it’s to support its bigger battery. But for size-wise, we’re gonna go with the winner as the JUUL. Because you could sometimes vape it with no hands, actually just sticking in on your tongue or the lip.

JUUL Size: 9.5 ×1.5 cm

Caliburn Size: 11 × 2.12 cm

Caliburn vs JUUL: Size – JUUL Wins

Uwell Caliburn vs JUUL, Which One Wins? | VapePenZone Australia Vape Shop
Uwell Caliburn vs JUUL, Which One Wins? | VapePenZone Australia Vape Shop


The pods for the JUUL are 0.7ml while the Caliburn pod is 2ml. So the Caliburn does go ahead and get the win. For that one you know, refillable and way bigger pod, while the JUUL pods are not refillable, they do come prefilled. You could refill them, but I’ve had experience with them, so I don’t recommend doing that. And the Caliburn pods are refillable as well, so the Uwell does get the win, for the pods the way they’re set up.

Caliburn vs JUUL: Pods – Caliburn Wins


The JUUL does have good flavor, while the Caliburn and the vapor production is awesome, and it tastes really good. We’re going to spit back, there’s no spit back in the JUUL unless you’re room filling up high, then you’ll probably get some spit back, but stock pods they really won’t give you any spit back. But the Caliburn does give you just a tad a flavor of on your tongue and lid for something like I’m just a little bit of liquid spills out, which could be a bad thing.

Caliburn vs JUUL: Flavour – JUUL Wins


Vapor production for the JUUL was made off four small clouds of discrete smoking, maybe for smokers trying to quit. While the Caliburn way more main production, but way better flavor as well. Now the Uwell does not leak whatsoever into the pods, it’s a beautiful pod as you guys are seeing right now. And on top of that, I’ve been vaping on it for three days, refill them and these things are working like a champ. Now for the JUUL, The JUUL does leak a little bit, but it’s mostly because I don’t know why it’s just the pod systems the way they set up, they just leak a little bit out of the bottom. The Uwell wins.

Caliburn vs JUUL: Vapor Production – Caliburn Wins


The battery lasts all day for my JUUL, while the Caliburn lasts me roughly about yesterday and last me till about 1:30 p.m., which is about seven hours of chain vaping, which is pretty good, but not better than the JUUL.

Caliburn vs JUUL: Battery – JUUL Wins


Overall the JUUL is more convenient because you could buy pods early anywhere. After all, it got so popular. But the Caliburn is pretty good too, cuz you know, if you’re traveling, you could just travel with three pods, just to be super safe and you know just bring your liquid, and you’re good to go you know, that’s all you have to do. So that’s a tie it depends like if you’re the type that doesn’t like to prepare, the JUUL is more convenient.

Caliburn vs JUUL: Convience – Caliburn Wins

The Last

From the above aspects, JUUL and Caliburn can be said to have their own merits. But the biggest difference I have to mention is the pod and the airflow control. First of all, the Caliburn provides two activation methods. You can use blowing to activate automatically, or you can control the airflow through buttons. Secondly, Caliburn pods are available for filling. Each pod can be filled multiple times, which is more environmentally friendly and costs less. In terms of these two improvements, Caliburn has more advantages.

We try to go ahead and buy the pod system out of my pocket you know, stock to go ahead and give you guys an honest review. I’m in saying this, the Uwell is a must cop one of the best pod systems. But I think JUUL is still one of the best in the pod system.

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